My Fusion System: Fusing a Thousand Chickens at the Start - Chapter 473 - The Next King

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Chapter 473: The Next King

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“It is over, Watson. Do not forget what you said to me! I do not have high expectations. Just make ten starlight-tier weapons for me,” Sidi said to Watson after noticing King Landhar III and Sylvan had left.

Watson’s mouth twitched. Ten starlight-tier weapons were insignificant. Even if he had the fusion system, creating starlight-tier weapons would require a significant amount of resources.

Sidi stretched her arms and flew back in midair as if she could see through Watson’s thoughts. “Watson, by defeating King Landhar III, I assisted you greatly. Ten starlight-tier weapons are nothing in comparison to my efforts! I also have a question for you, Watson. Why didn’t you remove King Landhar III right away? Instead, you reinstated him. Don’t you intend to murder him?”

“Miss Sidi, you should have heard what I said. If I kill King Landhar III now, everything he did will be blamed on me, causing internal strife in the Holy Dragon Kingdom. The Holy Dragon Kingdom will also treat me as a sinner. That is not what I am looking for.”

“No, Watson, you don’t get what I am saying. That is not the question I wish to pose” Killing someone does not always imply destroying their body. Taking over a person’s body, as I did, is the same as murder. You have something within you that can completely transform King Landhar III into you. Even if you do not do that, you can still control King Landhar III with spiritual control magic. So why didn’t you?”

Sidi was skeptical. King Landhar III would become Watson’s follower as long as Watson was willing and the system fused them. He would never have the opportunity to turn the tables. When King Landhar III left with Sylvan, there was a spark of ambition in his eyes. He did not appear to be convinced that Watson had defeated him.

Allowing the enemy to live was a terrible mistake. When the enemy grew up, they would plan their attack. Watson appeared to be a very wise man. He would not have been able to defeat King Landhar III if this had not been the case. Why would such a wise man abandon King Landhar III?

Watson remained silent in response to Sidi’s question. He raised his eyes to the sky. The sky had returned to its original state. A few white clouds floated through the blue sky.

“Miss Sidi, you are correct. Initially, I intended to seize control of King Landhar III. The reason I did not do so is probably that I still have some things to figure out.

In Sylvan’s general direction…

Sylvan’s eyes were filled with conflicted emotions as he held King Landhar III’s shoulder. He had not seen the man in front of him in over ten years. Even though his strength and status had improved ten years ago, his figure had become much thinner, as if he had been under too much pressure over the years.

‘Avril, if I had known that man was like this now, I would have encouraged you to leave the royal city and join me in the Elven kingdom! Alternatively, simply abandon King Landhar III. That would be beneficial to both you and me.’

Sylvan sighed inwardly. His mind flashed back to the scene of him and Avril arriving in the royal city for the first time more than ten years ago. Avril was the Princess of the Elven Kingdom, and he was Avril’s older brother. However, he was nothing more than a guard hired by the Elven King to protect Avril. In name, the Elven King had accepted him as his foster son.

He remembered it being summer when they first arrived in the royal city. Petals were falling from the sky, and he, Avril, and King Landhar III met for the first time among the falling flowers.

His thoughts came to a halt when he heard the voices of those around him. The voice of King Landhar III came from the side. “We have arrived, Sylvan! You are gripping my hand too tightly. Can you unwind a little?”

When Sylvan turned around, he discovered that they had reached ground level. Many ordinary-looking people were on the streets, staring at him and King Landhar III with fear in their eyes.

A small group of guards appeared in front of King Landhar III. They knelt on one knee in reverence. “We did not get to you in time to ensure your safety, Your Majesty. It is due to our carelessness. Please penalize us.”

“It is His Majesty and the border count, Sylvan! He has not been to the capital in a long time. What is he doing here? Was he the one who launched those troops into the sky?” Someone recognized Sylvan and began to whisper on the side of the street.

“It is simply not possible.”

“If Sylvan had brought those troops, he would not be walking alongside His Majesty now. Instead, he would have direct control over His Majesty. After all, Sylvan and His Majesty have never gotten along! There were also dragons in the sky. Sylvan could not have commanded the dragons, no matter how powerful he is, right?”

“Let’s wait and see how His Majesty explains it to us. We have no idea what just happened in the sky. His Majesty must be aware! His Majesty told us that the gods were fighting over the kingdom’s faith. But it now appears that things are not so simple.”

“If it is just between the gods, why did an army of over a million soldiers appear in the sky after the gods attacked? Angels, the sea folks, and the dragons were among them. What brought those races into contact with the Holy Dragon Kingdom and the gods?”

Under the puzzled gazes of the crowd, King Landhar III first smiled gently and reached out to assist a few guards who had approached him to beg for forgiveness. He said, “It is not a problem. The fight was too intense. If you go there, you will all perish. I do not hold it against all of you.” Then he took a look around.

“Please be assured, everyone. Nothing has changed from what I previously declared. The gods had battled for faith in the Holy Dragon Kingdom. Only Sidi, the Goddess of Shadows and Potions, and the time traveler god, who did participate in the battle, survived! Because many people died in that battle, including the Dragon Knights’ captain, Julius, and the Campbell family’s genius, Augustus. My two children were also killed in that battle to protect me.”

As King Landhar III finished speaking, the corners of his eyes moistened, and a sorrowful expression appeared on his face.

“What? That battle claimed the lives of His Majesty’s children. His Majesty is the father of four children. Who was killed?”

When everyone in the room heard that, they all looked shocked.

“They were my eldest and second sons.”

Following King Landhar III’s explanation, the audience’s expressions became even more shocked. The first and second princes had died. Initially, those two princes were strong contenders for the kingdom’s throne. Only the third prince was qualified to inherit the throne then, excluding Princess Kiana. Of course, if King Landhar III kept his promise during the match, Watson’s name would be added as well.

However, everyone knew that King Landhar III’s promise was only a verbal promise. After all, allowing an outsider with no bloodline to inherit the throne was not very realistic.

The kingdom’s future appeared to be dominated by the third prince. Originally, the first prince was the oldest and most experienced of the three. He was also the most likely heir to the throne, while the second prince was wiser and had the most followers. Those two princes were thought to have the best chance of inheriting the throne. The third prince lacked the strength and experience of his brothers. Unfortunately, the situation had changed.

Many noblemen were among the passers-by on the street, and they were thinking about the situation. Then, they heard King Landhar III said, “I had established the seven gods in the kingdom to prevent a repeat of the previous Demoness Church, as well as the expansion of the theocracy caused by only one god! But now I have discovered that changing from one god to seven did not make much of a difference. Those gods still wanted to interfere with the kingdom. As a result, I decided to eradicate all beliefs of gods in the Holy Dragon Kingdom. I want to get rid of all the churches. Rather than believing in the gods who would bring the kingdom to ruin, it is better to believe in oneself.

“At the same time, Watson had brought a large number of troops to protect me and drive the gods away in order to turn the tide of disaster. I would like to give him a prize. I hereby declare Watson to be the next king of the Holy Dragon Kingdom, effective immediately.

King Landhar III’s voice was soft, but his words were like a cannonball striking the surface of the water, causing thousands of waves to crash.

His words had two meanings. The first meaning was that it was Watson’s army in the sky, whether the sea tribe or the dragons. While that was enough to make people fearful, Watson’s strength as the kingdom’s strongest genius was already terrifying. Who would dare to provoke such a genius?

The second meaning was that King Landhar III would abdicate and hand the throne to Watson. That was even more perplexing. Even though the Holy Dragon Kingdom had the third prince, King Landhar III would want to pass the throne to Watson. That was a little out of the question.

Everyone looked up at the sky, perplexed. Many people subconsciously swallowed their saliva when they saw the dragons still circling in the sky, as well as the sea folks controlling the waves.. They did not think it was impossible to figure out why King Landhar III made such a decision.

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