My Hermes System - Chapter 428: Son

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Chapter 428: Son

Children, elderly, husbands, wives– just people. Van had been hiding in the shadows and alleys for almost 2 hours now trying to scout their supposed enemy; but as far as appearances go…

…this was probably the most peaceful-looking society that Van had seen so far.

They looked so careless and carefree that if Van were to wreak havoc, then he could probably kill all of them. Of course, these were still World Eaters– their military might be completely different.

"Let's go there! Let's go there!"

Van then squinted his eyes as he looked at a small girl, pulling her mother and pointing at the numerous shops that were lined up on the street. The mother only smiled back, shaking her head as she didn't let her daughter go.

"..." Little trickles of lightning emerged from Van's eyes as soon as he saw this. They truly were just living normally– not even caring that they were about to trample on trillions of lives. Should he really just kill them all? But if their military force responds and he dies– Athena and the others would surely lose hope.

And so, with a short breath, the trickles of lightning that emerged from his eyes slowly faded with a shake of his head. Since he was already inside and his presence here seemed to not have yet been detected, then he should probably try to find their weakness.

Their Achilles' Heel, or so Athena would call it. He owes her at least that from all the teaching and advice she told him while they were in bed.

His first priority was finding Cleric Adimus, Rechiel's father. From Diniel's memories, these people do not seem to care about their children that much– but from what he had seen and was seeing so far now that he was here… it wouldn't seem that wasn't always the case.

His only problem now was where to start his search– there were more than a dozen lights inside the Vessel; more than a dozen planet-sized… whatever these planet-like things are. Would he need to search each and every corner for him? How long would that actually take–


And before Van could finish his thoughts, a slight rustle whispered behind him, making him move behind a dumpster.

"How many times do we have to throw all this food away!? Can't we just keep them?"

"I told you, life doesn't work that way."

"..." Van slightly leaned his head to look at the two people; wearing something akin to a chef's suit.

That's right– he probably needed to blend in first. And so, with that in mind, Van suddenly disappeared from his spot. But before the dumpster behind could finish trembling, he was already back.

The black armored suit he got from Vivati, now covered by some sort of white layered robe.

"..." And with a small sigh and a gentle sway… Van stepped out of the alley. Even though he had white hair, he shouldn't stand out that much as surprisingly, the majority of the people adorned a similar hair color– mostly silver.

But still, he could not help but take in a small gulp as he started walking around the street… inconspicuously. Or at least as inconspicuous as he could– still, almost everyone he passes by glances at him; some even blatantly staring at him even from behind.

"...Fuck," he whispered. Was he already discovered? Van then tried to return one of the gazes, only for them to wave at him and smile.

"..." Van could only wave back and smile in response, causing the smile on the stranger's face to widen even further. Perhaps… they were just friendly?

"Whose child is that?"

But soon, the people's whispers reached his ears.

"I wonder how much the parents paid to get something like that?"

"But… there's a scar…"

"Probably training to be a crusader."

"W… wow, that's like winning the gene lottery, isn't it?"

"..." Van slightly furrowed his eyebrows; why does it feel like they were talking about him like some kind of… dog.

"...Maybe Bishop Beizos's child?"

"You might be right… he and his wife are in the city right now."

"I heard a rumor they got one a few years ago… it makes sense. They're the only ones who could afford a child like that."

"..." Van could not help but blink a couple of times from all the information that was suddenly flowing to him. Athena was right– espionage was one of the most important things in war. But…

…there was a way to take this to the next level, Van thought as he returned one of the gossipers' gazes.

"The child's approaching us! What… what do we do!?"

"Just act natural, just act natural!"

The two women then waved at Van, the edges of their mouths trembling uncontrollably as they tried to hold their fake smiles.

"Hello," Van then let out a small smile as he stood in front of the two, "I'm… a bit lost, maybe you could help me?"

"Why… yes, of course… of course!" One of the women slightly stuttered as she looked back and forth between her friend and Van.

"Can you tell me… where the venue is?" Van then meekly said– trying his best to awaken his lying skills that had been lying dormant for a long time now.


"My father told me I could roam around while he was busy but… I lost my guards," Van then said, the insides of his eyebrows slightly raised. Although he hated his short stature and young looks, there were sometimes still benefits to it.

"Your… father?"

"Uhmm…" Van then slightly leaned closer to the two as he ever so slowly whispered,

"Bishop… Bezios."

"!!!" Almost all of the pores on the women's skins opened up; Van's words, a chill traveled all the way through their bones.

"We…" One of the women then took in a small gulp, "We were actually on our way to the hotel. We… maybe we can go there together?"

"...We were?"

"Shh!" The woman quickly covered her friend's mouth.

"Really?" Van then smiled, his white hair slightly fluttering with the wind, "Thank you!"

Of course, espionage wasn't this easy– there was a price to pay. And for Van, it was listening to the two babble about things in their daily lives. He would try to ask questions that would be helpful to him, but they always seem to make everything about themselves.

And so, Van just listened to his own breaths as he tried to look around the scenery around him. He was expecting some sort of bizarre place where everything was controlled with technology…

…But for them to just walk for more than an hour and not even ride a car– it would seem they were even more independent from technology than Vivati's planet. And it wasn't just these two women– the number of cars that Van had been seeing was of a limited number.

Was that some sort of choice… or is there something more to it?

And so, finally, after almost another hour, they seemed to have reached their destination, with even more useless information in their mind. The building was tall as it was grand, with most of the walls made of glass and some kind of black metal.

"We're here! Would you like us to come with you inside!?"

"Perhaps we could meet with Bishop– where is he?"


The two women could not help but look everywhere as the child they were escorting was suddenly no longer to be found. The only thing they could do was wallow in regret as they lost the chance to talk to one of the richest persons in the entire Vessel.

As for Van, he was already inside– he entered as soon as the door opened to escape the two gossiping but somewhat lovely madams.

"What can we do for you… sir?"

Van was still scouting the place and looking at the fancy interior design of the hotel; his gaze, however, was quickly disrupted as a woman carefully approached him– and seeing as she was wearing the same clothes as some of the people, she probably worked in the place.

"Hello, can you tell me where my father is?"


"Bishop Bezios."

"Your father… is Bishop Bezios!?" The woman's eyes became slightly wide, but returning to their original size after just a single breath, "You… are you his daughter?"

"...Daughter?" Van could not help but blink a couple of times as he looked at the clothes he was wearing. Could it be… the robes he was wearing were for women?

"I'm his son," Van then quickly said as his eyes twitched.

"O… oh, I apologize," the woman bowed several times, "Your father should be… in Hall 2 right now."

"Hall… 2?"

"Yes," the woman nodded, "You could wait inside his room if you want to?"

"..." Hearing the woman's words, Van could only blink a couple of times. Everything seemed to be… falling into his lap– should he start getting worried? But still, after a second of deliberation, he nodded.

"Sure," he muttered, "But please don't tell him I am here, I…

…want to surprise him."


"Hm…" Van was now looking at his reflection through the large open window. For everyone to look at him like he was some kind of… rare creature even though their hair colors were the same.

He shouldn't look so out of place, should he? Was it because Vivati braided the sides of his hair?

"..." Or was it because of his eyes that were almost glowing? Maybe he should–

"I told you, it would be the Pontiffs who get to decide what to do to the planets again!"

And as Van was busy looking at himself, the door to the room opened.

"We need to get one so we could– Who?"

"Are you Bishop Bezios?" Van then slowly turned around to look at the bald skinny man that entered the suite. And considering the two men behind him suddenly rush to cover him, it could be none other than Bishop Bezios.

"What are you doing in my room?" And even though Bishop Bezios's tone was quite flustered, he still seemed to stay relatively calm behind his guards, "Who… are you?"


…your son."

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