My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 1542 - Enemy of Women 2

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Chapter 1542: Enemy of Women 2

The men who came over with Li Xing’er’s group sized her up and said, “Isn’t that Movie Queen Mu Weiwei?”

“I heard that she is the rumored girlfriend of Third Master.”

“Third Master has got a new girlfriend, maybe she’s just an ex-rumored girlfriend?”

“You have not shown up for two years, what are you doing here? This is not an entertainment industry banquet.”


Li Xing’er snorted as she sized up Gu Weiwei.

“Mu Weiwei, if you are here seeking a sugar daddy, at least show something otherwise no one will notice you.”

When she asked her to come, she said that she did not need it.

Then she followed her here and snuck in somehow.

Gu Weiwei sized up Li Xing’er who was wearing a V-neck gown and said calmly, “Mrs. Wei, you look even more desperate than me.”

Li Xing’er gritted her teeth. She was not stingy about showing off her breasts, because she had given birth to a child.

But after what she said, it seemed that she was the one looking for a sugar daddy here.

“All the female guests here are part of a couple, and even if they are not part of a couple, they are from the invitees’ families. What about you? Who brought you here?”

“I came here by myself, why?” Gu Weiwei sneered.

Hearing these words, Li Xing’er threw a look at the socialites and ladies next to her and said sinisterly, “Keep an eye out for your husbands and boyfriends, ladies, don’t let them be seduced by some vixen!”

Hearing her words, all the women looked at Gu Weiwei warily.

She was dressed conservatively, but she was young and pretty. There were very few pretty girls like her in the entertainment industry, and she was the kind of girl that men liked.

So everyone felt threatened.

“Mu Weiwei is a Movie Queen, and she doesn’t need to be taken care of by someone like this, does she?”

“Even if Third Master dumps you, you don’t have to come here to find your next boyfriend, do you? The Fu Family are here too!”

“Get out of here now, or I will get someone to send you out.”


The noble ladies were all worried that this young and pretty girl would seduce their men.

Seeing her being ostracized, Li Xing’er added fuel to the fire.

“When she was dealing with Third Master, she got him to give her many resources, invest money in her movie making and help her get the Mu Family’s company back. Then she brought it over to the Fu Family; she is very capable.”

Hearing what she said, those madams became even more alarmed.

An older man called over one of the staff members of the club.

“It is a private banquet today, why is just anyone allowed in here?”

“This is a private place, and people who don’t know anything would think that it is somewhere else.”

“Hurry up, get her out of here, in case she ruins everyone’s mood.”


The staff was not the doorman, so he said to Gu Weiwei after hearing what the ladies said, “Miss. Mu, this is a private banquet and you may have come to the wrong place. Please leave.”

Gu Weiwei glanced at the women who regarded her as a thorn in their eyes and took out the invitation card from her bag.

“Did you come to the wrong place?”

The staff bowed and apologized after seeing the invitation card.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you were Mr. Zhou’s guest.”

The invitation cards were usually given out by the host, and the female guests were all plus-one family members of the invitees.

There were very few female guests with invitation cards of their own like this today.

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