My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 860 - Marriage?

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Chapter 860: Marriage?

Mrs. Fu smiled and replied happily, “Hah!”

Then she gave her a hug.

“Oh yes, I brought the pictures.”

Gu Weiwei did not know what to say, so she brought out the pictures.

Mrs. Fu took them, glanced over the pictures and brought them over to Fu Shengying and the Old Lady, who were in the living room.

“They did a good job.”

“This one is not bad either.”

“This one is good, it has a very good background.”

The three of them put on their glasses and looked at the pictures one by one.

Fu Shiyi and Fu Shiqin had followed her to take the pictures, so they were not interested in seeing them.

Fu Shengying smiled at Mrs. Fu.

“In this picture, does this still look like your son?”

His eldest son, who had had a cold personality since he was a child, looked like a completely different person in the picture. His expression and eyes were so gentle that it was unbelievable.

“Not your son?” Mrs. Fu glared back.

It was because the girl he liked was different.

After the Old Lady finished looking, she threw a look at Gu Weiwei and complained to her, “See, I told you that you shouldn’t be in a hurry to get married. You are not even married yet, but he dares to not come home on such an important day.”

“Mom, what do you want to wait for?” Mrs. Fu objected instantly.

She had been waiting for them to get married, and Weiwei was already in a bad mood because of Hanzheng’s absence. If the Old Lady kept urging her to slowly get married, she would be very anxious.

Gu Weiwei chuckled and said to the Old Lady, “It is not that he doesn’t want to come home, but that the plane can’t take off. Of course, their safety is more important.”

“When he is back, you must deal with him,” Old Lady said.

Fu Shiyi chimed in. “That’s right, if he doesn’t come home on such an important day, will he still get married?”

He Chi, who had just entered the room, interrupted them when he heard them talking badly about Fu Hanzheng.

“Yes, he is too arrogant this time.”

Gu Weiwei glanced at them and warned them.

“You two stop talking, otherwise I will tell him when he comes home.”

“Sister-in-law, we are trying to defend you!” Fu Shiyi got frightened and tried to defend himself.

Gu Weiwei no longer felt disappointed after listening to them.

But he had never broken his promise to her before, yet he didn’t come home on such an important day and the phone call ended with a simple “Happy Birthday”.

What had happened or was it true that because they were getting married, the birthday celebration was no longer that important.

Fu Shiyi and He Chi were just complaining about Fu Hanzheng when the servant came in and said, “Miss Ruya, Miss Qin Man and Young Master Qin Lv are here to celebrate Miss Weiwei’s birthday.”

“Please invite them in,” Mrs. Fu stood up and said.

The servant soon returned and brought Qin Man and Qin Lv into the room, together with Meng Ruya who used to visit the Fu Family.

He Chi, who had just poured himself a glass of red wine, whispered to Fu Shiyi when he saw the two women, “Damn, what is going on?”

“My brother has nothing to do with them, what is so strange about it?” Fu Shiyi squinted at him.

“It is not a big deal, but if anything happens, this birthday party will become a disaster,” He Chi whispered.

Qin Man was the girl the Old Lady and Fu Shengying liked, Meng Ruya was the girl Mrs. Fu liked and Qin Lv was Mu Weiwei’s ex-boyfriend that she had pursued previously.

It was a good thing that these three people weren’t still tied with Fu Hanzheng and Mu Weiwei, otherwise the birthday party would have been very lively.

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