My Hidden Wife is Sweet - Chapter 861 - No Movie

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Chapter 861: No Movie

Dressed in a professional suit, Qin Man gave a present to Gu Weiwei.

“Happy birthday.”

“Thanks.” Gu Weiwei took it and sincerely thanked her.

Honestly speaking, she had not expected that Qin Man would come, nor that she would bring Qin Lv and Meng Ruya with her.

Qin Lv looked at the beautiful girl in front of him and his heart surged. He had forgotten what he was here for.

It was not until Qin Man pushed him that he said, while holding the present he had prepared, “Happy birthday, Mu Weiwei.”

Mrs. Fu had heard about the conflict between Qin Lv and Mu Weiwei from Fu Shiyi, so she went over and took the present from him.

“Why is this child so rude, why doesn’t he call her Aunt?”

Qin Lv smiled awkwardly but did not call Mu Weiwei Aunt.

He Chi gave Fu Shiyi a thumbs up and said with a smile, “Your mother is so amazing! Qin Lv is so angry that he almost vomited blood.”

“Why is he so angry? I already told him that she is my sister-in-law.” Fu Shiyi snorted.

After Qin Man and Qin Lv gave her the presents they had brought, Meng Ruya also did so unwillingly.

“Happy birthday, Weiwei.”

“Thanks.” Gu Weiwei smiled.

Mrs. Fu asked the servant to put away the presents and urged everyone, “Come in and take a seat, I will check with the kitchen, and we will eat when the food is ready.”

Qin Man glanced around the room and said curiously, “Why is Fu Hanzheng not here for your birthday?”

“He was on a business trip and something happened, so he wasn’t able to make it home.” Gu Weiwei smiled.

Hearing the words, Qin Man started to scold Fu Hanzheng unhappily.

“It is too much for him to be absent at such an important time. He is so busy with work that he has no time to spend with you.”

“Master has so many things to deal with, how can he just stay by her side and do nothing?” Meng Ruya said casually with a smile.

Gu Weiwei smiled but said nothing. Before she said anything, Qin Man threw a look of displeasure at Meng Ruya.

“Stop being jealous, you won’t be able to do anything.”

Fu Hanzheng had looked her in the eyes for so many years but he was still getting married to Mu Weiwei, what was she being jealous about?

She had asked Qin Lv to come with her alone, but Meng Ruya just had to come with them and make a fool of herself.

Meng Ruya bit her lips and said, “I will go and see if Aunt needs any help.”

She had tried so hard to drive Mu Weiwei out, but she had never expected that she would return with Fu Hanzheng one day and that she would lose her place here.

“Weiwei, Fu Hanzheng is a workaholic and it is boring to marry him,” Qin Man said as she patted Qin Lv, who was standing next to her and whispered to Gu Weiwei, “If you really regret it, you can consider our Lui.”

“Hey, Sister Qin Man, what are you trying to do here?” Fu Shiyi rushed forward when he heard her.

She was trying to steal away his brother’s girl and replace his brother with her nephew, just because his brother was not around.

Qin Man squinted at him. “What are you so nervous about? You and your sister-in-law are in a lot of gossip together and yet your brother did not kill you.”

Sigh, she shouldn’t have returned home late, otherwise how would she have allowed Fu Hanzheng to steal Mu Weiwei away?

Gu Weiwei looked at Qin Lv and then turned to face Fu Shiyi.

“Take care of them, or do you need help?”

What Qin Lv was obsessed with was the original Mu Weiwei.

And she was no longer that Mu Weiwei.

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