My Senior Brother is Too Steady - Chapter 732 - Sit In Fangcun Mountain, Bodhi Waits for the Monkey to Come

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Chapter 732: Sit In Fangcun Mountain, Bodhi Waits for the Monkey to Come

“Bodhi, what do you think about the demons?”

Beside the Heaven Mending Spirit Stone, the gray-robed old Daoist priest stood with his hands behind his back and asked via voice transmission.

Li Changshou, who was disguised as the “Void Bodhi”, stood behind him. He maintained the bow posture that the disciples of the Western Sect often used. He held his hands in front of him and leaned forward slightly. At that moment, he hummed softly and said,

“I don’t dare to say anything. I’ll follow the Heavenly Dao’s orders.”

There were actually some risks in communicating with the Dao Ancestor and the will of the Heavenly Dao.

The biggest problem was that he could not expose too much information. If the Dao Ancestor caught any clues and said that he knew too much, he would have to flip the table in advance.

It was unstable.

Since he had already come this far, he had to wait for a 98% chance of winning.

The gray-robed old Daoist priest fell silent. He gently pushed with his palm, and the fog in front of him instantly turned transparent. He could see the beautiful scenery of the valley and the gentle slope below.

He could also see a demon ape tribe taking root and reproducing there.

“Bodhi, you once worked with the demons. Do you think these demons are still useful to the world?”

Li Changshou was rendered speechless.

Is the biodiversity of the Primordial World really not important?

Let’s get down to business.

“I don’t dare to answer such a difficult question. Only the Heavenly Dao can think about it.”

The gray-robed old Daoist priest smiled and said, “Forget it. You are ultimately cautious. You should still remember the Heavenly Dao’s taboo, right?”

Li Changshou hurriedly lowered his head and bowed.

“Ah, it’s ultimately a difference in ideals,” the gray-robed old Daoist priest said. “I originally liked him very much and gave him the most care. I pointed out the direction for his Art of Equalization. It was even to the extent that he had explored the perfected realm of the Great Dao that should not be controlled by living beings. However, this also harmed him. He felt that he had already jumped out of the Three Realms and did not enter the Five Elements. He also wanted to ask for orders for the living beings and insisted on letting them stand above the world. He said that if there were no living beings, it was meaningless for the world to exist. How arrogant. The world is the world. It is not destroyed because of living beings, nor does it exist for living beings.”

Li Changshou chuckled in his heart.

It was a brilliant method to win people’s hearts.

That sentence was naturally said by the Dao Ancestor. It seemed to be explaining the greed of living beings, but in fact, it was just confusing.

Although the world existed forever, living beings had the ability to overturn the world.

If the Heavenly Dao or the Dao Ancestor did not stop him, the Three Pure Ones could already refine the wind, fire, water, and earth again and open another world.

The irreconcilable conflict between them was the selfish desire of the Heavenly Dao. Li Changshou wanted to erase that selfish desire, which was the Dao Ancestor.

That was all he was worth.

Of course, he could not say that.

Li Changshou said in a low voice, “That person doesn’t know how to appreciate favors and missed out on a good future. It’s really a pity.”

“You’re not bad. You didn’t take the opportunity to scold that fellow.”

The gray-robed old Daoist priest chuckled and sighed.

“No matter what, the Three Realms have already taken that step. The world is already extremely stable. There are fewer variables in the world. Living beings can live in peace, and the Heavenly Dao is stable. Bodhi, there are still a few doubts in the world that have yet to be resolved. Are you willing to do something for the heavens?”

“Disciple! I’m willing to sacrifice my life!”

The Void Bodhi’s voice trembled slightly, but his Dao heart quickly calmed down.

The gray-robed old Daoist priest secretly observed for a while before smiling in satisfaction.

The cliff was silent for a while. When a breeze blew, the gray-robed old Daoist priest walked to the Spirit Stone and patted it gently.

“There’s a stone embryo here. It’s a creation of the world. It’s also the Heaven Nourishing merit of the Goddess of the human race. Now, it has gathered spiritual power that’s not inferior to the spiritual power of ordinary Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. A spiritual embryo would be born here. This spiritual embryo is the key to the prosperity of the Western Sect. Today, I will leave this key to you. Are you willing to teach this spirit embryo cultivation techniques to help him turn his spiritual energy into Dharma powers?”

“I’m willing.”

The Void Bodhi immediately agreed and said, “Thank you, Heavenly Dao, for your consideration for the Western Sect. If Teacher knows about this, I don’t know how he will be happy.”

“There’s no need to let him know,” the gray-robed old Daoist priest said calmly. “You know this matter.”

“Yes, I will definitely keep this matter to myself.”

“Very good. Tell me, how do you want to teach this Spirit Embryo? How do you want this Spirit Embryo to help your Western Sect prosper?”


The Void Bodhi pondered for a while. That indeed stumped Li Changshou.

Should I follow the train of thought of the Little Tribulation of the Journey to the West? Or should I analyze the situation of the spiritual mountain?

According to the former, he could obtain the recognition of the Dao Ancestor, but there was a risk of being exposed.

Therefore, Li Changshou said slowly, “I’m not too clear-minded. I’m slow-witted. Please tell me, Master.”

“Forget it.” The gray-robed old Daoist priest shook his head slightly. “Go to the northwest of the South Continent and find a Cave Abode. Name it Mount Fangcun and the Tristar Crescent Cave. Take in some disciples and impart teachings, they can be both humans or demons. When the spirit embryo is born, I will naturally lure the spirit embryo in the stone to look for you. At that time, you can just take in disciples and teach them with all your might.”

“Yes.” Li Changshou sighed in his heart.

Although it was safe to say he did not know anything, he had lost some small opportunities.

There was no choice. There were gains and losses. Everything had to be stable.

The Dao Ancestor seemed to be in a good mood, but he also seemed to have obtained a huge victory here. He had no place to share it with others, so he wanted to chat more with the Void Bodhi.

The gray-robed Daoist said, “Let’s take a walk.”

Li Changshou hurriedly agreed and followed behind.

However, in less than an hour, the gray-robed old Daoist priest gestured for Li Changshou to leave. Li Changshou heaved a sigh of relief. He lowered his head and bowed. He rode a cloud and left the Huaguo Mountain.

The gray-robed old Daoist priest looked like he did not know whether to laugh or cry. He shook his head with his hands behind his back and gave his evaluation.

“It’s very useful to be embarrassed.”

Moreover, Li Changshou left the Huaguo Mountain and immediately headed towards the South Continent. He found a suitable cave abode at the northwest of the South Continent and the border of the Aparagodānīya Continent.

He naturally had to do the missions given by the Heavenly Dao and the Dao Ancestor immediately.

At that moment, the Heavenly Dao was watching. Li Changshou did not dare to do anything. He only looked for a blessed Grotto-heaven and built a Daoist temple.

At the Tristar Cave Abode of the Tristar Crescent in the Fangcun Mountain.

He then selected seven boys and girls and kept two to three immortal cranes.

The Daoist temple was embedded in the mountain wall. It was a common Cave Abode structure. It had a Tibetan Sutra Residence, Punishment Hall, Disciple Residence, and a small dining hall.

The main hall held a memorial for the position of the world. A huge incense burner rose in front of the hall. Immortal fog lingered all day, making it seem like an immortal realm.

Then, Li Changshou followed the array formation in the Void Bodhi’s memories and set up a few layers of Bewitching Arrays, Confinement Arrays, and Spirit Gathering Arrays. They were all rather profound array formations. It was equivalent to telling the living beings who passed by that there were experts living there.

Next was the problem of taking in disciples.

According to his deduction, there was still some time before the monkey would be born. It was meaningless to take in disciples early.

At that moment, Li Changshou sealed Fangcun Mountain and strolled around the border of the continent.

After a few years, he returned to the Aparagodānīya Continent and took a trip to the spiritual mountain. He felt a strong sense of “exclusion”.

The spiritual mountain could no longer contain him.

Regarding that, the Void Bodhi smiled and did not say anything. He only bowed to the place where the Saint was in seclusion and turned around to leave.

The current spiritual mountain had already been ruled by the disciples of Chan School and Jie School.

Unfortunately, those who were not from the Dao Sect were still the teachings of the Western Sect.

Why did Li Changshou conclude that it was still early for the monkey to be born?

It was very simple. The Buddhist Sect had yet to be established.

Putting aside the part that the Dao Ancestor had influenced, the Heavenly Dao had its own rules. The stone monkey was the “messenger” of the prosperity of the Buddhist Sect. There had to be the Buddhist Sect first and then the monkey.

Therefore, the monkey must have appeared after the existence of Buddha.

When the destiny of the Buddhist Sect stabilized, the stone monkey would be born!

Compared to the monkey’s prenatal education, Li Changshou was more concerned about the Grand Supreme Elder’s attack.

At that moment, the Western Sect did not realize what was about to happen. Few people in the world had mentioned that the Grand Supreme Elder had captured Daoist Duobao.

Presumably, the Grand Supreme Elder was “modifying” Daoist Duobao. As for how much he could modify, Li Changshou could not figure it out.

Although this matter was important, the Grand Supreme Elder was not heartless.

Although the Grand Supreme Elder was usually reserved, as the incarnation of a Saint, he was extremely dignified wherever he went.

In fact, the Grand Supreme Elder was very kind. He would never reject the requests of his disciples.

As the strongest refiner and alchemist of the Primordial World, the Grand Supreme Elder shouldered the “logistics” of the entire Ren School alone. From the Nine Revolutions Golden Pill to the Little God-Slaying Spear, Li Changshou naturally could not do without the support of the Grand Supreme Elder to have the strength to challenge the Dao Ancestor today.

Now, the Dao Ancestor did not dare to touch the Grand Supreme Elder casually. It indirectly proved that the Grand Supreme Elder was rather terrifying.

When Teacher Taiqing went to the Purple Cloud Palace to fight the Dao Ancestor, he did not recall the Grand Supreme Elder.

In fact, the main reason was very simple. The Grand Pure One’s main body was already powerful enough. With the Grand Supreme Elder and the Grand Supreme Elder, he could suppress the Dao Ancestor, who had long been restrained by the Heavenly Dao.

The difficulty of this matter was that he could not strip the Dao Ancestor from the essence of the world. If he killed the Dao Ancestor, he would have to reopen the Primordial World. All living beings below the Golden Immortal realm had to die.

There was no room for maneuver.

That was also an important reason for Li Changshou’s existence.

It was just like the step of stuffing an elephant into the refrigerator. As long as Li Changshou could open the refrigerator door and “strip the Dao Ancestor from the essence of the world”, he did not need to do anything.

Of course, Li Changshou would not place his hopes on a “hope” that had not been completely confirmed. He had also prepared a few trump cards of the Battle Dao Ancestor.

He wanted to use all his means to minimize the impact on the world and minimize the casualties of the living beings.

Gradually, the Void Bodhi’s empty Great Dao reached a bottleneck again.

Li Changshou did not go to the trichiliocosm to travel. Instead, he used Fangcun Mountain as a circle and began to walk in the five continents of the Primordial World.

He would stroll around the town and disguise himself as an ordinary Golden Immortal to visit some Dao Sects in the Middle Continent. Then, he would use the name of the Dao discussion to obtain some books from the three sects of the Dao Sect.

He naturally did not lack these manuals, but he lacked the Void Bodhi.

In order to cultivate both Dao and Buddhism and improve his strength, he had to put on an act.

After a few decades, the Void Bodhi broke through again.

After his understanding of loneliness deepened, he looked at the Great Dao of Reincarnation and suggested that there would be a new reincarnation after nirvana. His Dao realm increased again.

Vaguely, the Void Bodhi was already in the position of the second expert of the Western Sect.

Wen Shu and the other Western Sect powerhouses seemed to feel threatened and secretly made a move to attack “Void Bodhi”.

In the Primordial World, the name of Patriarch Bodhi began to spread. All kinds of flattery and killings made Patriarch Bodhi become an existence on the same level as the Saint who led the Western Sect and was once the Saint Zhun Ti.

The Void Bodhi could not return to the spiritual mountain.

Li Changshou really did not expect Wen Shu to be so scheming.

He was a ruthless person. He would pay more attention later.

He took the opportunity to stay at Fangcun Mountain for a long time. He decided to reveal Patriarch Bodhi’s name and cut off all contact with the spiritual mountain.

He was carefree and waiting for the monkey to come.


In a beautiful palace on the mountain peak of a certain immortal mountain in the Heavenly Courts,

The God of Fortune, who was dressed in a red robe, sat by the bed and leaned against the slightly bulging abdomen of the Goddess of Golden Spirit. He held the wine pot and was a little drunk.

The Goddess of Golden Spirit held a book and read it quietly. She was much gentler than before she became a god. She had to be “several times”!

Zhao Gongming smiled and said, “Madam, how much longer are you going to be pregnant for? You should consider our feelings.”

“Hmph, endure it.”

The Goddess of Golden Spirit said calmly, “I can still give our child some benefits now. Why are you so anxious? Besides, I don’t want them to get involved in the Heavenly Courts.”

“What’s wrong with the Heavenly Courts? Isn’t it good?”

Zhao Gongming spread his hands. “Look, everything is very peaceful. The Immortal Palaces are operating normally. The Heavenly Courts managed the five continents and the trichiliocosm well.”

The Goddess of Golden Spirit thought carefully. “I just feel that they’re managing it too well. The Three Realms is completely operating according to the Heavenly Courts’ Heavenly rules. Everything is meticulous. It’s a little boring.”

“That’s a good thing.” Zhao Gongming sighed and said, “Even if Brother returns, we will follow this rule.”

“That’s different.”

Jin Ling looked up at the dome of the hall. Bright stars were shining there. She said, “I feel a little stuffy above my head. It’s not bright.”

Zhao Gongming could not help but be speechless.

He sighed dejectedly and raised his hand to tidy up the hair on his forehead. There was a hint of helplessness in his eyes.

“It’s fine as long as they live well outside,” Zhao Gongming said. “To them, this is the best ending. They can leave the Heavenly Courts and control their own fate. They can live happily outside the Three Realms.”

Zhao Gongming’s eyes lit up. The light kept flashing and he said warmly, “Perhaps when the two sides reconcile in the future, we will be able to meet them again. At that time, Second Sister would have two children and they would play with our children. How nice.”

However, Jin Ling said, “Reconcile? Impossible.”

“I’m just looking forward to it.” Zhao Gongming smiled and said, “No matter what, the world has to develop in a better direction. The Primordial World can still survive hundreds of years later. Just like the mortal world of the human race, after the war, the people would settle down and live in peace for a period of time. We should try to satisfy it. After all, there’s not much we can do now.”

“You.” Jin Ling chided and patted Zhao Gongming’s head.

She actually knew why her husband said that.

Her husband was actually persuading her not to have any thoughts of fighting because of the tragedy of Jie School. He wanted her to endure in the Heavenly Courts.

At that moment, they were both powerful immortals of the Heavenly Courts. They maintained the fate of the immortals of Jie School who were on the rankings and the legacy of Jie School in the world.

Due to their high cultivation levels, the Heavenly Dao could not interfere with their minds.

However, the Heavenly Dao used the friendship that Jie School valued the most to put layers of shackles on them, preventing them from moving.

The pressure on her husband was too heavy.

Jin Ling took the initiative to change the topic and asked, “Has Long Ji recalled anything recently?”

“No.” Zhao Gongming shook his head. “I secretly went to take a look. She was a little lost. She could not wake up every day and often cried. I feel like I’ve repeated the tragedy of Heng’e back then.”

“It’s fine.” The Goddess of Golden Spirit’s face turned cold. “What they lost will eventually be found. What the world has lost will eventually return.”


The power of the Heavenly Dao surged over, as if it was about to descend the lightning tribulation.

Zhao Gongming stood up and smiled as he cupped his hands in the air. The power of the Heavenly Dao slowly dissipated.

“Don’t say that.” Zhao Gongming sighed and said, “Let’s just focus on recuperating and living in the Heavenly Courts. Isn’t that good? What’s there to fight about?”

The Goddess of Golden Spirit did not say anything and continued to read the scroll in her hand.

Zhao Gongming scratched his head and sat back. He was a little lost in thought.

Jin Ling suddenly asked, “By the way, where did Eldest Senior Brother go?”

“I didn’t find out, but he should be fine.”

Zhao Gongming smiled and said, “After all, the Grand Supreme Elder is not an evil god.”

At the same time…

In the Tushita Palace.

Under the old tree that Great Daoist Master Xuan Du had slept for a long time, Daoist Duobao was wrapped in layers of Yin-Yang Eight Trigrams Dao runes. He looked at the manuals that had been piled into a small mountain in front of him and his face was extremely pale.

“Grand Supreme Elder, please give me a quick death! I dug out my Dao Realm!”


Daoist Duobao shuddered when he heard a cow’s moo.

He saw the green ox wearing a nose ring and lying on a pile of treasure mountains. It looked indescribably comfortable and peaceful.

Every time the nose ring flickered, a numinous treasure below would quickly dim. Daoist Duobao’s Dao heart would be scratched.

“Carry! Carry! Carry!”

Duobao smiled bitterly and patted his stomach, which had become much thinner recently. He continued to read bitterly.

Being the Sect Leader was too painful.

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