My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication - Chapter 334 - The Yellow Emperor’s Prophecy, Setting Free

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Chapter 334 - The Yellow Emperor’s Prophecy, Setting Free

Chiyou's 80 brothers were so excited.

How could they not know Xuanyuan's prophecy back then, when they had been kept here for 5,000 years? They had been waiting for it for 5,000 years.

"Who is he, Brother Duanxiu?"

The 80 brothers stared at the gray-haired elder with fiery eyes.

"It's him." The gray-haired elder pointed at Ling Jiu.

Chiyou's 80 brothers looked at Ling Jiu in unison, excitement, curiosity, doubts, and suspicion filling their eyes.

"He is the person whom Xuanyuan prophesied? Really? It doesn't look like it!"

Ling Jiu also felt uncomfortable when so many apex super-cl.u.s.tered beings stared at him. Confused, he looked at the gray-haired elder.

"Mister, what are you all talking about? The more I listen, the more confused I am."

"Young man," the gray-haired elder said slowly. "Back then, we followed our leader Chiyou to battle Xuanyuan and Shennong. Our leader was killed, and we were imprisoned by Xuanyuan in the Demon-sealing Tower."

"When Xuanyuan imprisoned us, he once said that he was from Huaxia, too, and that he would not kill but imprison us."

"Xuanyuan once said that someone would come to free us in 5,000 years. I think the person Xuanyuan said is you."

"Me?" Ling Jiu was stunned. Of course, he knew who the gray-haired elder referred to. Xuanyuan was the famous Huaxian ancestor, the Yellow Emperor.

But he did not expect that the Yellow Emperor would have said that someone would free them after 5,000 years when he imprisoned Chiyou's 81 brothers.

Was it a coincidence?

Or was the Yellow Emperor's prophecy true?

"How trustworthy do you think this is?" Ling Jiu asked Leoux.

"Prophecies are not as mysterious as you think," Leoux said. "Many living beings in the universe have the ability to predict the future. It is not difficult to understand why the Yellow Emperor could predict something 5,000 into the future."

Ling Jiu nodded slightly. "Should I let them out? What do you think?"

"You decide this for yourself," Leoux said.

"OK." Ling Jiu looked at the gray-haired elder and the others. "Do you all want to leave the Demon-sealing Tower?"

"Of course."

"We have been dreaming about it! We've long wanted to leave this damned Demon-sealing Tower."

"Please let us out, young man."

Except for the gray-haired elder, everyone nodded, their face looking sincere. They were eager and excited.

"I can free you all." Ling Jiu hesitated for a moment, then slowly said, "But I really want to know, what will you all do when you return to the outside world?"

"What will we do?"

"Needless to say, the first thing I will do is to return to Nine Li, then kill a few Clear Water Golden Crystal Beasts and feast for three days and three nights."

"I will return to Lu State. It is my hometown. I have dreamed of returning there many times. Sadly, I can only stay in the Demon-sealing Tower."

"I will take a good shower and run freely in the forest."


The 80 brothers were talking about what they would do after regaining their freedom. It sounded naïve to Ling Jiu's ears, but he could totally understand.

"I can set you all free." Ling Jiu nodded slightly. "But I have to tell you some things beforehand."

"The outside world has changed drastically in the past five thousand years. It is no longer the world you think. It is a whole new world."

"A whole new world!"

"The new system!"

"A new world order!"

"Everything is new!"

"You all are very strong. Once you go out, you will be the most powerful beings and have a tremendous impact on the outside world. So, I need you all to promise me something."


The 80 brothers looked at each other.

"Do nothing that destroys the world when you all get out," Ling Jiu said. "Can you do that?"

"That's easy."

"No problem."

"I promise you all."

The 80 brothers and the gray-haired elder nodded unison.

"I heard that the Nine Li people are men of their word. I hope you all will mean what you say," Ling Jiu said. "Of course, it doesn't matter if you all break your promise. I can recapture you all just as I can set you all free."

"Don't worry! We Nine Li people are men of our words. You have our word."

"That's good." Ling Jiu nodded slightly. A vortex suddenly appeared in the void with the wave of his hand. The vortex spun and then formed into a dimensional passage.

Everyone, including the gray-haired elder, was excited.

"Young man, my name is Cangang. Please remember my name. I will return the favor if you need me in the future."

"That's right. We will remember what you have done for us. I will surely return the favor in the future even if I have to die for it."

"I am Diexin."

"I am Zhelu."

I am Suoge."

I am Lianku."

"I am Haishe."

"I am…"

"Thank you very much, young man."

The gray-haired elder bowed. "You saved my brothers. You will be a friend of Nine Li State."

"I still have to say this, Mister," Ling Jiu said, "It is a whole new world outside. I hope you can restrain your brothers and don't create troubles in the new world."

"You have my word, young man." The gray-haired elder hemmed. "WE were defeated and our leader was killed five thousand years ago. The five-thousand-year imprisonment in the Demon-sealing Tower has eroded our ambitions. We just want to return to our hometown now and enjoy our freedom for a few days."

"That's good," Ling Jiu nodded. "Take care."

"Thank you." The gray-haired elder bowed in respect again, and then slowly walked into the dimensional passage and vanished from the Demon-sealing Tower.

The dimensional passage disappeared, and everything returned to normal again. As the ten direbeasts looked at each other, Old Kui Ox spoke. "Lord, did you just let them go like this?"

"Is there any problem?" Ling Jiu c.o.c.ked an eyebrow and smiled faintly.

"No—no problem." Old Kui Ox nodded his head rigorously. He thought it was unfair. Everyone was an ancient being and imprisoned together in the Demon-sealing Tower for 5,000 years.

Why did they have to surrender while Chiyou's 81 brothers could leave just like that?

That was unfair.

"You had better be." Ling Jiu shook his head slightly. Since Chiyou was one of the three ancestors of the Huaxian people, so, too, Chiyou's brothers. Could he demand his ancestors to surrender?

He could not bring himself to do that.

"Let's go to check out the other direbeasts."

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