My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1046 - Send Him Flying

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Chapter 1046: Send Him Flying

The people from the Nangong family watched Gu Mingyan performance in front of them coldly. Since she was a woman of the Huang family, the Nangong family must have investigated her long ago. However, they just could not understand how thick-skinned she was to actually show up here.

Therefore, even after Gu Mingyan finished speaking, the Nangong family members, with the Old Master Nangong in lead, ignored her.

Awkwardness crept up Gu Mingyan’s cheek a little. She smiled and said to Nangong Qin, “Chairman Nangong, I’ve always admired you. Whenever there’s an interview featuring you, I…”

Selina was utterly disgusted. She walked over to Gu Mingyan and blocked her view with her tall figure. She said to Nangong Qin, “Second Uncle, you’d better go in quickly. This woman is a shameless vixen. She will sleep with whoever is rich. Be careful because once she’s taken a liking to you, she’ll do anything to get into your bed and pester you.”

“Elder Sis, we know that you have misunderstood Mommy, so Lil Sis and I are here to see you today. Actually, Mommy never wanted to abandon you, but your father was too angry back then. If Mommy didn’t divorce our father, he wouldn’t have kept you. Elder Sis, we really hope that you can return to our home. We are waiting for you. Come back, please?”

Huang Yuhang was 18 years old this year, and he looked like a very clean young man. Different from Huang Yuhan, Huang Yuhang was very tall, and he inherited most of his looks from Gu Mingyan. He shared some similar features to Selina. At this moment, he stood upright with a face full of anticipation. No one would want to hurt such a clean and likable child who knew his way around words.

The Nangong family was quite stunned. They were not aware that Gu Mingyan had such a relationship with Selina.

However, these two children from the Huang family…

The Nangong family brothers wanted to protect Selina so that she would not be affected by these words, but Selina had already walked over to Huang Yuhang’s side seductively but somehow sloppily.

Although Huang Yuhang was already 178cm tall, he was nothing compared to Selina, who was 173cm tall and wearing a pair of heels that was 10cm tall.

Selina was like a beautiful snake that had latched onto an honest man. She inched closer and closer to Huang Yuhang.

Even though the person standing before him was his own sister, Huang Yuhang could not help but blush.

Although he looked obedient and clean, he often went to bars to fool around with women. Even so, Selina’s aura was so overwhelmingly strong that he could hardly breathe in her presence.

This… was really his elder sister?

Finally, Huang Yuhang could not take it anymore and took a cowardly step back.

Selina sneered. “Do you know what happened to your mother the last time she came to me?”

Huang Yuhang felt like this voice seemed to have come from hell. He was so terrified that his mind went blank.

Of course, he knew what happened to his mother. Otherwise, he would not be the one who started the conversation this time.

Huang Yuhang revealed an innocent smile and then said sincerely, “Elder Sis, we’re truly here for you. You…”

Before Huang Yuhang could finish, Selina kicked him.

Lifting her slender leg, she kicked Huang Yuhang’s chest at a speed that was not visible to normal people, sending him flying.

He flew five meters away.


Gu Mingyan’s face turned pale. She screamed and rushed toward Huang Yuhang.

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