My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1047 - Lesson Learned

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Chapter 1047: Lesson Learned

Gu Mingyan’s shock was not an act.

In this life, her greatest asset was Huang Yuhang.

He was a smart, ambitious, and patient child. Therefore, to pave a bed of roses for Huang Yuhang, she had pampered Huang Yuhan from the start. She raised Huang Yuhan into becoming a stupid shrew.

However, Huang Yuhang was completely different from Huang Yuhan. At a glance, everyone could tell that he was a young master from a prestigious family.

So, how could she let anything happen to her son?

“Hang’er, how are you? Are you hurt anywhere? Tell Mommy.”

Huang Yuhang struggled to get up, but Gu Mingyan screeched, “Don’t sit up yet! Let Mommy check if your ribs are broken.”

“Elder Sis, how could you do this? Do you know how happy Big Bro and I were when we heard Mommy tell us that we still have an older sister? Even if you hate Zhong Qianqian because of Big Sis Nuannuan, isn’t our Huang family a victim too? If we hadn’t been deceived by Zhong Qianqian back then, we wouldn’t have had such an unhappy experience with each other either. Elder Sis, can’t you take into account that we’re related by blood and talk to us nicely?”

Although Huang Yuhan was a shrew with a bird brain, Gu Mingyan had always made her remember one thing—never reveal her shrewish nature in front of people who were more powerful than her.

Therefore, even though Huang Yuhan was angry that her elder brother was being treated like this, she did not lose her cool as she did at the auction.

After all, Nuannuan’s six elder brothers from the Nangong family were there. Perhaps any of them might take a fancy at her?

Therefore, like a trembling little white flower in the wind, Huang Yuhan put on a pitiful front.

Selina was disgusted by Huang Yuhan’s attitude. She sneered and walked toward her.

“Didn’t I tell you to stay far away from me the next time you see me?”

Huang Yuhan looked at her elder brother who was still unable to sit up after receiving Selina’s kick. She screamed and ran away.

When Selina saw that Huang Yuhan had run away, she wanted to let her off easy. However, that disgusting Huang Yuhan actually ran over to Nangong Ze, who stood next to Nangong Nuannuan, and begged him with an anxious and pitiful expression on her face, “Big Bro Ze, save me, please! Help me persuade my sister!”

Selina, “…”

Nangong Ze, “…”

Everyone, “…”

“Do I know you? Why should I save you? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to ask me to save you? Are you pretty? With a face that looked like you grew up dipping your face in urine, how dare you have the nerve to hit on handsome men? I don’t even dare help you.”


Nangong Nuannuan, who stood at the side the whole time, could not help but burst out laughing.

Yep, that was the reason why she hated Nangong Ze so much.

In her previous life, Nangong Ze had always helped Zhong Qianqian. Even though he could not defeat her, he had always spoken harshly to her. His tongue was truly poisonous.

However, in this lifetime, the sharp-tongued Nangong Ze became someone on Nangong Nuannuan’s side. Seeing Huang Yuhan’s face transform from red to purple from his rebuttal, Nangong Nuannuan could not help but laugh without reservations.

A face dipped in urine…

She could not have described it better herself!

At the same time, Selina walked over and asserted herself before Huang Yuhan. She was almost a head taller than Huang Yuhan!

“It seems like you haven’t learned the lesson that I taught you last time. Then, you have to learn your lesson this time.”

After saying that, Selina did not care whether Huang Yuhan was a weak little girl or otherwise and landed a full punch over at the urine-dipped face.

Huang Yuhan could not even let out a scream before she flew several meters away and fainted from the pain.

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