My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1372 - Presents

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Chapter 1372: Presents

Selina pursed her lips and said, “How low can the Shi family go? I can’t believe they got people from the subdistrict administrative agency to stir up trouble. They might as well pour some dead rats in Tianheng Holdings, no?”

“Tianheng Holdings is a proper business. All the procedures are perfect and complete, and we’ve never delayed payment for the taxes that should be paid. It won’t be easy for them to use Tianheng Holdings against us. Let them be,” Aiden explained rather proudly.

“That’s disgusting,” Selina replied angrily. “Boss, do you think we should just let it go too?”

Nangong Nuannuan, who had been walking leisurely between the two, was suddenly summoned into the conversation. “What’s the big deal? Selina, get me ten thousand rats and throw them into the headquarters of Fortune Group.”

Selina’s eyes lit up, and she burst into laughter. “Yes, Boss! Yes, Boss! For their disgusting attempt, we’ll show them what it means to be disgusted! Um… but I might have to pay someone else to catch the rats.”

“There are plenty of rats in the countryside. They’re all hiding in the cave for the winter. Send some New Year red packets to the surrounding villages and ask them to help us catch the rats.”


Aiden, “…”

Once again, his belief was reaffirmed—no matter who they provoked, it must not be their big boss.

Other than being vengeful, no matter how many disgusting ideas you came up with, her ideas would be a hundred times more disgusting than yours.

The Shi family seeking to mess with them was just a small matter. Nuannuan did not tell Old Master Nangong about it.

The three went home after having lunch outside.

Pushing the door open, Lil Ling’er ran toward the door happily. “Auntie’s back!”

Behind Lil Ling’er were Da Bai and Lil Sun.

Today, the two little buns were both wearing red clothes with Chinese knots embroidered on them. Lil Ling’er was especially adorable today—she tied two very beautiful retro red tassels on each side of her hair, making her already fair and cherubic face glow like glimmering dew.

“Lil Ling’er, Lil Sun! These are my New Year’s gifts to you!”

Since she adored these two little buns, Nuannuan bought them the most presents. She could not bring the clothes, shoes, toys, and snacks down the car all by herself. Aiden and Selina’s hands were also full.

Hearing the two children yell “Auntie”, a few of Nuannuan’s brothers in the room came out to greet them.

“You guys are here too? Great, you can help me get the things in the car.”

Three of the Nangong family’s six elder brothers had already arrived. Upon seeing this, they immediately followed Nuannuan to the car and took out all the bags.

The three of them only drove one car out, but they returned in three. It was obvious how much Nuannuan had bought.

Even though Nuannuan’s seniors did not lack anything, everyone was very happy because Nuannuan was the one who bought those presents.

Nuannuan accompanied Bai Liyue for a while, changed her wound dressing, and played two rounds of chess with the old master. After she was defeated, she went to the kitchen and made a few rounds. Every time she went in, Second Uncle Chi and Second Uncle Nangong would let her steal a bite and do a taste test for the food. It was so delicious that Nuannuan nearly swallowed her tongue. After that, she exchanged a few moves with Nangong Li, Nangong Yun, and Nangong Zheng. Finally, Nuannuan and her three brothers brought the two little buns outside to set off firecrackers.

Since the courtyard was designed in a forest theme and flammable, they decided to set off the firecrackers outside.

Before the firecrackers were lit up, the two kids started a snowball fight.

Lil Ling’er could not defeat Lil Sun, so she quickly squealed at Nangong Zheng to help her.

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