My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1903 - Someone Else’s Bride-To-Be

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Chapter 1903: Someone Else’s Bride-To-Be

Xu Feiyang’s cold demeanor warmed.

He was actually quite handsome and had very prominent facial features. However, due to his cold and intimidating demeanor, most ordinary girls did not dare approach him.

At this moment, Xu Feiyang’s gaze toward Wu Pingting was very soft. Only he knew that he was thinking about Nangong Nuannuan. She was the little girl who had stood up for him when he was most vulnerable.

“Brother Yang! Brother Yang!”

Xu Yunyun called out twice. Xu Feiyang noticed Wu Pingting’s burning gaze before he retracted his own.

“Huh? What?”

Xu Yunyun’s expression was a little odd. In the face of Xu Feiyang’s question, she smiled and answered, “Nothing. It’s just that I saw you staring at Pingting so intensely. It was embarrassing her.”

Wu Pingting was truly embarrassed.

After all, she was always attracted to good-looking people—and Brother Xu happened to be very handsome. Anyone would blush if they were to be stared at by such a handsome man.

Xu Feiyang realized that he had lost his composure and smiled at Wu Pingting. “I’m sorry.”


Nangong Nuannuan and Chi Yang walked through the door and called out to Wu Pingting. She stood up and immediately walked over to them.

“Nuannuan, Big Brother Chi, you’re back? Come over quickly! Let me introduce you.”

Nuannuan had originally planned to leave with Chi Yang immediately after treating Wu Pingting so they could continue with their pleasant vacation. However, in the end, she could not turn down Wu Pingting’s persistent attempts at asking her to stay. Nuannuan finally agreed to stay in Sea District for three days and let Wu Pingting be her tour guide and take them around. They would start tomorrow.

Nuannuan had gone to spend this afternoon with Chi Yang alone.

She had initially planned to only return in the evening. However, early in the afternoon, Wu Pingting called her to say that her best friend was coming to visit. She told Nuannuan that her best friend was also a huge fan of Nuannuan and really, really, really wanted to meet her.

To satisfy Wu Pingting’s small request, Nuannuan and Chi Yang did not go far for their afternoon outing. They visited a nearby scenic spot and shared some snacks before rushing back.

Upon returning to the Wu residence, Nuannuan was led to Xu Feiyang by Wu Pingting.

The moment Xu Feiyang saw Nuannuan, he froze.

This was the face that had remained in his mind ever since she saved him in prison. In the 6 months since, this face had carved itself into his mind and engraved itself on his heart.

During his time in prison, he had heard from the warden that Zhong Nuannuan was imprisoned for murder. Her mother had even hired murderers to kill her in prison.

Upon being released from prison two months ago, the first thing he did was not avenge himself but go to find Zhong Nuannuan and avenge her.

He decided to track down the person who framed her so he could get them imprisoned. He vowed to make them suffer ten times more than she had—even if that person happened to be her family member.

However, after only one day of investigating, his dream was shattered.

The girl named Zhong Nuannuan turned out to be the daughter of the Nangong family, the wealthiest family in Emperor District. The Phoenix Man of the Zhong family had mistaken the pearl for a fish’s eye. The Zhong and Jiang families had already paid for the crimes they committed more than a decade ago.

Zhong Nuannuan’s fiance in Jiang District, the captain who had parachuted into Jiang District, turned out to be the commander-in-chief of the Eagle Special Forces and the grandson of Chi Yuansheng, the only grand marshal of Camino. Thus, the Nangong and Chi families were very happy with this marriage and were about to carry out their wedding plans.

The only girl in his life who had touched his heart had become someone else’s bride-to-be after his first and only time meeting her.

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