My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 1904 - We Meet Again

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Chapter 1904: We Meet Again

He thought they would never see each other again in this lifetime. However, when he returned to the Xu family to deal with a family affair after Xu Yunyun begged him to meet her that night, he unexpectedly learned from Wu Pingting that she knew Nangong Nuannuan. Not only did she know her, but she knew that Nangong Nuannuan was very powerful—having saved both her and her grandfather’s lives.

After that, he did not know what possessed him to stay in Sea District. When he heard from Wu Pingting that she intended to apply to the Military Medical University and become classmates with her idol, he could not help but approach her.

Even though he knew that the person who had his heart already had her own fiance who was much more outstanding than he was, he could not help but want to see the woman of his dreams through Wu Pingting.

He was not thinking rationally.

Therefore, when he found out that Wu Pingting’s serious illness had actually been cured by Nangong Nuannuan, who had come to Sea District to treat her, he immediately agreed to Xu Yunyun’s request and accompanied her to visit Wu Pingting.

Nangong Nuannuan was not by Wu Pingting’s side, so he figured that a person like Nangong Nuannuan would leave immediately after curing Wu Pingting. He did not expect her to suddenly appear in front of him not long after he sat down.

Xu Feiyang looked at her face, which was so close to him. He thought that she would definitely change dramatically after being released from prison and finally being recognized as a daughter of the Nangong family. He thought that perhaps she would change her appearance to match all the other daughters of wealthy families—wearing four-inch high heels, a delicate hairstyle, and a custom-made dress. If she looked like that and appeared in front of him, he would not like her as much anymore. His obsession with her would then end.

However, the girl in front of him looked the same as she had when he first met her. She was wearing a white T-shirt, a fashionable pair of cowboy jeans, a pair of casual shoes, and a messy bun that made her hair look extremely elegant.

Although she was wearing expensive, branded clothing, her sense of fashion was as casual as it had been when they first met in prison.

However, since it was winter while she was in prison, she had been wearing more layers of clothing. Now that it was summer, she was wearing far less.

Her current appearance perfectly aligned with how she had looked half a year ago.

She was like the first ray of sunlight on a spring morning. Even if she did not smile, her mere quiet presence could warm people’s hearts.

It was a hot summer day. Even though she had just returned from her outing, she looked extremely clean and refreshed. She looked completely different from Xu Yunyun, who had just been sitting in the car. Even though she had only just gotten off the bus not long ago, Xu Yunyun had been profusely sweating since she got out until now.

“Master Xu, we meet again.”

Back when she saved Xu Feiyang, Nuannuan knew that one day, she would meet this man again.

This was because she was in Camino, after all. She could not have too many mercenaries and assassins by her side, or people would start criticizing her. She was Big Brother Chi Yang’s fiance. Even if her status as Queen had been erased, the Shi family already knew her identity. It was inevitable that they would use anything they could to slander her.

Since Xu Feiyang’s gang was the largest gang in Camino, they would be of good use in the future.

Nuannuan was very happy to see Xu Feiyang.

However, while Nuannuan was happy, some of the others were not.

Chi Yang, who had been keeping his head down ever since he met the Wu family, suddenly realized something.

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