My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 500 - Discovered

Chapter 500: Discovered

What happened to his Nuannuan after she got abducted by the traffickers?

He really wanted to ask her, but…

He did not dare to.

This was because he was afraid that their true identities would conflict with other. He was even more afraid that once he asked, Nuannuan would distance herself from him.

Chi Yang just stood at the door for a long time in the middle of the night, neither going in nor closing the door to leave. Until——

Yang Yi came back contentedly after spending a long time with his idol, the Queen of Spades.

As soon as the elevator door opened, he saw his big boss standing at the door.

Instantly, there was loud thumping in his heart.

‘Oh no, I’ve been discovered by Big Boss.’

However, Yang Yi was not nervous.

This was because his big boss really only asked him to protect Miss Nuannuan; he did not ask him to monitor her, let alone report all her affairs to him.

They have always performed tasks according to instructions, and outside of these instructions, they had the right to do things as they saw fit.

“Big Boss.”

“Where is she?”

Chi Yang’s gaze was still aimed at the house. If Yang Yi knew where she went, he would definitely have followed her. Now that Yang Yi had returned so peacefully, it must mean that she was fine.

Yang Yi struggled with what to say. After all, he had promised Miss Nuannuan not to tell anyone about her. However, seeing his big boss look so down, Yang Yi felt that his big boss was really pitiful for being kept in the dark about everything.

Just as Yang Yi was looking for an excuse, preparing to compromise and tell Chi Yang that Zhong Nuannuan had gone home, Chi Yang spoke up.

“Is she alright?”

“She’s fine.” Yang Yi answered immediately.

“It’s good that she’s fine, you’re doing very well. Keep protecting her.”

If she was really the Queen of Spades, someone who could perform a headshot with her gun at such a great distance, then Yang Yi’s existence would definitely not escape her attention.

Since she was willing to let Yang Yi follow her, it meant that she had accepted his protection.

His Nuannuan used this method to tell him discretely that no matter how powerful she was, she was willing to accept him monitoring her. If this was the case, what other reason did he have to doubt her?

The only thing he could do was allow Yang Yi to stay by her side and have him reassure him that she was safe.

As for the rest…

He believed that as long as Nuannuan was willing to speak up, she would tell him everything. She just had not said it because the time had not come yet.

Yang Yi did not expect his big boss not to ask anything, and was stunned for a long time before replying, “Yes!”

“Don’t tell her that I returned before she got back.”


Chi Yang turned to leave, then drove back to the military base.

With that, Yang Yi stood alone between the two doors.

He felt that this couple was really strange, since they loved each other so much, why could they not just explain their identities clearly? He believed that even if Zhong Nuannuan had a shady, hidden identity, as long as she stopped doing anything illegal from now on, with his big boss’ love toward her, not only would he not leave her, he would even help her conceal her previous Identity.


Ou Mingxi was in a very good mood today as she thought that Zhong Nuannuan must have been killed, so she drank too much in a fit of happiness. She did not even know how she left the house.

When she sobered up, she felt a searing pain all over her body, especially her face, which had a fiery sensation to it. When she opened her mouth, her whole face felt as if it was about to fall apart.

She reached out to touch her face, but what she touched was bloody flesh.

Ou Mingxi froze for a long time before letting out an earth-shattering scream.

“Come… Come… Is there anyone around? Help… Help…”

Ou Mingxi was lying on a wooden board as her whole body seemed to be falling apart in pain.

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