My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots - Chapter 878 - Talent

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Chapter 878: Talent

“I witnessed her fierce and peculiar acupuncture methods. She looked like she would rupture the aorta and successfully kill anyone who hasn’t died from a heart attack. However, she didn’t even hesitate. After inserting a few needles, the Old General’s condition was under control. After inserting a few more, the Old General woke up and chatted with everyone as if nothing had happened.”

All the specialists, “…!!!”

When Nangong Renyi came out, everyone fell silent.

Seeing this, Nangong Renyi asked smugly, “See, Old Hong? I told you that everything’s fine, right? My granddaughter is no ordinary person. Since she claims that nothing’s wrong, then we should take her word for it. She definitely won’t lie to me.”

Old Hong, “…”

She was Old Marshal Chi’s granddaughter-in-law, yet OLd Master Nangong insisted on calling the girl his ‘granddaughter’ so casually. Those who did not know better would think what a wonderful granddaughter he had there. Yet, he was the only one there who knew that Old Master Nangong only got this after begging her in tears. Moreover, he just acknowledged her a while ago.

He could not understand what the old generals were thinking.

After that, the hospital director led the old master away for a leg examination.

After the examination, the specialists were shocked.

“Old General, you said that your granddaughter treated your legs and heart with acupuncture. How old is she now? Where is she working right now?”

“Old General, can we see your granddaughter? Her techniques in acupuncture are nothing short of amazing! If she’s willing to pass down this technique, think about the people who can benefit from this!”

“That’s right. That’s right. Old General, can we ask your granddaughter for advice?”

“Stop, stop!” Nangong Renyi said, ” Even though medicinal expertise is a great thing that benefits the country and the people, you guys are people who care considered experts, professors, or specialists. Will you willingly pass down the secrets of your trade so easily?”

Everyone, “…”

“If you can’t make yourself do it, why should my granddaughter pass on the secrets of her trade? Isn’t that asking too much? So, stop whatever it is that you plan to do! However, I’ve heard that my granddaughter wishes to further her studies at a medical university after her National College Entrance Examination.”

The hospital director’s eyes lit up when he heard that.

“Old General, you must let her join us at the Military Medical University! The Military Medical University will definitely spare no effort to nurture a talent like her!”

Originally, Zhong Nuannuan had planned to take the entrance exam to the Military Medical University. However, Nangong Renyi did not intend to tell the truth. After all, Nuannuan was his granddaughter. How could he let her enter the university through normal examinations like a typical Jane Doe?

If she did not receive any of those generous offers or scholarships, why would Old Master Nangong let her go in such an aggrieved state?

“This… I’ll inform her about this soon. However, let me be frank, if I convince my granddaughter to come to your school…”

“We’ll definitely provide her with the best resources! After all, she’s already an expert in the field of traditional Chinese acupuncture. We’ll spare no resources to nurture a talent like her!”

“Okay, that’s good!”

After a series of examinations and assurances that everything was fine, Nangong Renyi decided to head back. He even said that he needed to urge the whole family to have a meeting to discuss the banquet.

On the other side, Nangong Shu had no choice but to call Nangong Qin and ask him to return to the Nangong family mansion. Then, he called his wife and children, asking them to come along. The old master had important instructions for everyone.

At this moment, Nangong Qin had already retrieved Zhong Qianqian from the detention center. He was prepared to bring Zhong Qianqian and Gu Mingzhe to the hospital to give the old master a surprise. However, they were about to reach the hospital when they were notified that the old master had returned to the family mansion. Nangong Qin had no choice but to return home.

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