My Vampire System - Chapter 1023 - Sacrifice continues

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Chapter 1023 - Sacrifice continues

A few moments before the fight with the Dalki had ended, Quinn had successfully summoned the Boneclaw out. Vincent, who was watching everything in the system, was unsure if even Quinn knew what he was doing or not, as he had just given a command from his darkest will and the Boneclaw had answered coming out to his call.

With the Boneclaw out, it dealt with the Dalki giving orders at the back relatively easily. The Boneclaw had it's full strength compared to what it was in the past and it was able to attack the Dalki army from behind, giving less pressure on Quinn.

Still, Quinn was worried about those around that were still getting attacked while fighting the Dalki. He raised his hand and used shadow lock again, protecting a bunch of students, but he had nowhere near enough MC cells to protect them all and the Dalki were taking advantage of these openings. Getting hit each time his focus strayed.

"Quinn, you need to listen to me. You can't save them all, some of them have already died and that's a fact!" Vincent said. "What you need to do now is focus on defeating the Dalki as quickly as possible. This is the best way for you to save the most amount of lives."

Quinn didn't want to admit that he wasn't strong enough to protect everyone, but he knew Vincent was right. He knew a change of strategy was needed.

There were still four Dalki that had surrounded Quinn and he was away from where all the teachers and students were fighting. Quickly, he placed a large shadow dome over the four of them.

Using the shadow hop, Quinn was able to sneak around the dome and hit them with blood crescent kicks and more, even raining down on one of them as he dropped from above blood swipes. Before landing, spinning his body he hit the side of a Dalki's head with his elbow, a fatal blow for the Dalki after all the punishment it had already received.

Throughout the whole fight, Quinn had been pacing himself so he could fight against the fifty Dalki, but now he had another goal - to defeat them as quickly as possible. The Dalki had hard skin, especially where their scales stuck out more such as their forearms, c.h.e.s.t, and head. These were the attacking parts of the Dalki and the more critical places that needed more protection.

Firing off a blood bullet from his fingers and hitting the forehead of a Dalki, Quinn realised it wasn't enough to defeat another, but firing off five of them at the same place and then charging in, Quinn was ready with a hammer strike towards the head, weakening the scales and defeating yet another Dalki.

At this point, the other two that remained inside started to punch the walls of shadow around them hoping to get away. Quinn knew this because with each strike his MC points would be depleted and too busy dealing with the Dalki that was nearly defeated, his MC points had finally hit 0. The dome was collapsing but Quinn wasn't relying on just the shadow anymore, he had his Muay baron skills, and his different stages of Qi with blood skills.

Finally, after defeating the last two Dalki, Quinn stood there with several dead Dalki lying around him and the quest complete sign had popped up on the system, telling him the fight was over.

The rewards started to come in, but Quinn didn't care about that for now. While the students were everywhere celebrating, Quinn was looking at those that were injured and being looked after. He could hear their cries of pain.

Going over to where he could hear a student screaming, several wanted to thank Quinn for what he had done.

"General Hardy, I mean Talen, thank you for saving us."

"You were so strong, I just can't believe we are still alive."

"I want to be like you someday."

Ignoring them all, Quinn eventually managed to reach the student whose mouth was filled with blood, their friend was next to them holding his hand.

"Please, please live!" She shouted.

The boy wasn't dead yet, but he was in a critical state and Quinn went down to his side.

Innu who was also looking for Quinn had rushed over to where he was to see what he was doing, and could see him making a cut on his hand.

'Quinn, what are you doing, think before you act!' Vincent shouted in his mind.

'What do you think I'm doing, I'm saving his life, I'm going to turn him!' Quinn shouted back.

'So you're going to turn everyone who is on the verge of death? Have you taken a look around to see how many people there are? You can't save them all, and how are you going to pick those that deserve to live and those that don't?' Vincent questioned.

'But how, how am I meant to just stay here and do nothing when I know I can save him?' Quinn asked.

'A life of a vampire isn't for everyone, and you can only turn a finite number of people. What happens in the future when you want to turn someone you truly care about, and you can't save them? I know you care for these students a great deal, but in every war you face there will be casualties and if you are going to go against the Dalki in a full out war, they will be forced to fight again and even more people will die.'

While he and Vincent were busy arguing away, the boy had passed, taking his last breath. It was too late for Quinn to do anything.

Innu was actually hoping to come and congratulate, even praise Quinn for what he had done. Being close to someone with that much power would be a good thing, but after seeing the student die and how Quinn and the others were so upset, he realised how selfish he was being.

'How the hell can there be this good of a person in the world?' Innu thought, as he looked at Quinn crying tears over a student that he didn't even know.

However, those tears soon started to turn into anger, as he grabbed the floor and pulled the ground into his hand, turning it into fine dust.

"Eno, if it wasn't for him overriding the system then we could have saved more lives. Did these kids really deserve to go through all that?!"

Getting up off the ground, Quinn started to look around, tossing and turning his head to see if Eno was anywhere near. He then ran through some of the students at a quick speed not holding back and looked out wide, before running through them again and searching in another place.

Quinn was moving so fast that Innu couldn't even keep track of him.

'He can move so fast and he has so much energy. This person, with mind control and more.' Thinking about all the things a single person could do, Innu's body was shaking. He wasn't sure if they should get someone like that on their side, or if knowing there was such a strong person, that it should be something they should get rid off.

Eventually, looking out north, Quinn had spotted Eno, or at least the vampire he had talked to before off in the distance.

"Peter, make sure everyone is okay. This might take a while." Quinn said, as he dashed off into the distant sand dunes and made sure not to get too close to Eno this time.

"You don't trust me now?" Eno asked. "Well I don't blame you. It's a good way to live through this world, not trusting anyone. I'm also surprised that you're not attacking me on the spot, or are you afraid, after using that much energy that you might lose?"

Quinn gripped his fist even harder, it was true most of his energy was spent. If he had to have another big fight then he would need to gather more strength, but if that did happen he still had one more move that he could rely on, the shadow overload skill that was still available.

"I think I still have enough to beat you, but that wouldn't answer any of my questions." Quinn replied.

"Very well. You have passed my test for you, and as a reward I think it's time for you and I to speak. Do you have somewhere more private?" Eno asked.

Opening up his hand, Quinn and Eno disappeared into the shadow lock space to have their one on one conversation.


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