My Vampire System - Chapter 1033 - You should be dead

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Chapter 1033 - You should be dead

When getting off the ship, some of the others thought they might have some time to rest. Even though they had slept on the ship it wasn't the same, their bodies were sore and their minds still weren't prepared for what was about to happen.

However, Eno seemed to be ready for action as soon as they had landed.

"Do not worry, you guys can relax for a bit. I can take care of Eno while he is here." Quinn said. "Besides, I'm sure the rest of you have some important things to do, we don't all need to be keeping an eye on him twenty four seven."

Although Quinn said this, a lot of them felt too uncomfortable leaving a stranger in the Cursed ship, especially one that was a vampire. However, whatever Quinn wanted they would do so and Quinn was right, they did all have their own things to do.

Now that war had started, some wanted to contact their parents and get them to move from whatever planet they were on and have them come on board the Cursed ship, where they believed it was the safest place for them to be.

"Correction, you don't need to keep an eye on me at all. I won't cause the crew any trouble, I want everyone to do things how they would do as if I wasn't here. Remember, I am here to observe just how great the Cursed faction is, I don't want you to put on an act." Eno said.

Sam gave Quinn another look, trying to see if he was really okay leaving the two of them alone. Eno hadn;t exactly been staying out of trouble, but was being nothing but trouble so far.

"It's easier this way, I wanted to get straight down to business." Quinn replied. "I had my rest at the school, so don't worry too much about me."

Even though Quinn reassured him, Sam was worried. Also what type of rest was Quinn even talking about? While at school he had run into so many troubles and even was in the middle of a fight with deadly Dalki, if anything he should be the most tired out of all of them.

Still, Sam couldn't babysit Eno all the time, and there probably weren't many on the ship that could either, so he thought this might actually be the best course of action if he and Quinn were together all the time.

'I just hope those two don't get into some type of huge argument.' Sam thought, leaving the two on their own.

As the group split off to do their own thing, Quinn went ahead in order to look for Sil, getting straight down to business.

'I wonder how Sil has been since he was sent back?' Quinn thought.

Remembering that he was a bit unstable, but it was the only thing he could do at the time.

However, while on his way to the school centre on the ship, where he thought Sil would be, he could see a small boy running towards them out of breath.

He had his hands on his knees and was gasping for air, it was clear the person didn't do much physical activity often.

"You…You…your Eno!" The boy said, lifting up his head, and Quinn could see that the person who he thought was a young boy, was actually Logan.

"Ah, I know you. You are the one from the Green family, correct? Brock has been keeping quite the eye on you and your development has been exceptional." Eno said, looking at the boy with a smile, but Logn wasn't smiling back.

Now that Logan was looking up at him, the person he had been looking for this whole time, he had frozen. His mouth was twitching but the questions just wouldn't come out, until, he eventually said a few words.

"My…My parents…did you kill them?" Logan eventually managed to stutter out.

Eno then knelt down to eye level with Logan and looked him in the eye.

"Tell me. If I said I did, what would you do?" Eno taunted him.

Quinn knew all about the situation with Logan's family, their past and their history with vampires. He was now wondering what the hell Eno was doing, saying these words.

What happened next, Quinn didn't expect at all. Logan swung his right hand out, it was his new Dalki hand that was encased in a special metallic material in order to cover it up. However, as soon as Quinn saw the movement from Logan, he didn't know why but he had moved forward.

His body stepped in front of Eno and he had blocked the attack, lifting up both his hands to do so.

'Damn, this hit is heavy, it really does feel like I'm getting hit by the Dalki.' Quinn thought, but had successfully protected Eno.

"What are you doing Quinn, after everything I have done to help you!" Logan shouted. "Why are you getting in my way, didn't you say you would help me?"

Honestly, Quinn didn't even know what he was doing. When he saw Logan attack he felt like he should have stopped it and he did.

"Logan, think about it, this isn't like you at all. You never usually act on emotion but probability, correct? So think about it, what are the chances that Eno is really the one that killed your parents. Can you be hundred percent sure it is him?" He asked.

"I can answer that for you." Eno said, putting his hand on Quinn's shoulder. "Thanks for taking that hit for me, it would have left quite the bruise if you didn't. I didn't realise you cared for me that much."

Hearing this, Quinn wished he would have just let Logan punch him up a couple of times before stepping in to stop him.

"I didn't kill your parents. The Green family has been supporting me during my entire lifetime, I'm sure you know. I was the one that had given them their power and in return they were to help me."

Now Logan was sure of it, this man really was Eno because he would be the only one that knew about this fact. Unless of course Quinn had told him, but why would he have done that?

"I am deeply sorry for what happened to them. I should have kept a better eye on them. Both your parents were smart people, I'm sure they knew they were in trouble. I thought if they did they would have tried to seek me out before anything had happened, but for some reason they never did."

Hearing this as an answer, Logan stood there not really knowing how to feel. This was the person his parents had told him to seek if he was in trouble, but now that he had finally met him, the only words he can say is sorry.

'What did I really expect though.' Logan started to think. 'That he would bring them back, was I hoping he was my parents' killer so I could exact revenge?'

It was then that Logan realised he didn't really know the answer he was looking for. This whole time he was just following his parents wishes and directing his anger at Eno, but now, he was completely lost.

'No, I can't just take what this person says as the truth. We know nothing about him. My parents might have trusted him, but they are dead because they did. I will learn and find out everything about him.' Logan thought, as he turned around and could see him walking ahead.

"Logan, if you need to speak anytime, please come and see me." Quinn said. "I am always on your side, and I have never forgotten how much you have helped me. No matter how busy I am, there will always be time for you." Quinn said.

Walking ahead, Logan wiped his face, he wasn't sure if he had shed tears or not, but did so out of reaction.

"Wait Quinn!" Logan shouted. "I'm coming with you, just for the time being. I also need to make sure it's a hundred percent not this man, and if it is, I will be sure to let you know first." Logan said. He would not make the same mistakes his parents did of trusting this man or putting the lives of his friends with this man.

Following behind, the three of them continued to walk forward and finally had entered the classroom where Borden could be seen with the kids, along with another person Quinn didn't quite recognise, but they were busy teaching the kids math.

'Well, I'm glad they found someone normal to teach them.' Quinn thought.

They saw Brock sitting at the back of the class in a seat with his arms folded. He was still wearing his butler uniform, and next to him, sitting at the very back was Sil as well. He was sat upright but his eyes didn;t seem to be focusing on the lesson at all, they looked a little hollow.

As soon as Eno entered the room, Brock shot up like a rocket and gave a bow.

"Master, it is a relief to see you in such good health." Brock said.

At the same time, for a second Sil's eyes lit up as he saw Quinn, but soon they seemed to die down again, as if he was lost in his own head. It felt like not even he could cheer up or get through to Sil anymore.

'Did going to school really make him worse? I guess it was going to school and then taking him out of it.'

After exiting out of the room, Borden had decided to come along with them and instead of looking at Sil, Eno's eyes couldn't stop looking at the short man who had hoped on top of Logan's shoulder.

"Hey, why does that man keep staring at me?" Borden whispered inside Logan's ear.

"It's because you." Eno said, not taking his eyes off Broden. "You should be dead." Eno said.


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