My Vampire System - Chapter 1255 - Fake Family

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Chapter 1255 - Fake Family

Looking around at their situation, Vorden was trying to figure out what was going on. Whether their group had been led into a trap and now Vicky and Pai would be turning on them with their mother and father.

With the four of them, it would be a difficult fight for them to get out of.

However, judging by Vicky and Pai's quick reaction and genuine look of shock on thier face, it seemed like they had no idea what they were doing down here either. Because of this, the instincts in their bodies had fired up and were telling them to fight.

Vicky was the one who acted first, throwing out a punch. It was soon not only blocked by her mother but also for it to swiftly be knocked away. After, she pulled her arm and put Vicky in a type of lock around her neck so she wouldn't be getting away.

Pai, seeing her sister in trouble, also quickly went in to help. Still, before he could do anything, he felt a kick to his knee and his upper body falling before he was grabbed and turned around, being held from behind with both of his arms held back..

He tried to kick behind him, but they were hitting nothing but air.

'His strength, he's so much stronger than me.' Pai thought, attempting to break free.

If a normal civilian who had seen the video of the Blades fighting had seen this, they would be wondering just what was going on. Neither side had used a single ability. Surely in such a situation, they would have used one.

The reason was simple, they had no ability to use, because of the amount of time that had passed.

The Blades hadn't brought any ability users with them, so they had no powers to share. In the first place, they didn't want to drag anyone who was uninvolved in the matter. It also felt strange to carry an ability user with them just to use their power. It was a disgusting feeling, and it reminded them of the Chained, which in turn made them think of Hilston.

This was why Pai and Vicky were unable to use their powers.

It turned out, it was the same for their parents, who had been in the castle for an unknown amount of time. Even though all four of them had super bodies, they lost out in skill and power when it came to their older parents.

Regardless of their situation, both Vicky and Pai had a smile on their face because they weren't panicked at all. For there were those with them that didn't need to use any abilities at all, and even when they had thier abilities, they had put up a good fight against them.

"Let go of them you two!" Vorden shouted.

Their father made sure to point their bodies in the direction of the beasts in front of them, using them as types of shields.

"If we do, then it will leave room for you to attack us. If you take one step closer, we will finish them. We have the strength to do so." The father said.

"Do you think I care!" Raten screamed, charging forward. Vorden wanted to hold him back, unsure if their threat was real, but it was too late. The speed of the Demi-god tier beast was great, and Raten was directly behind the two of them, with two mud blades pointed towards their back.

"Stop!" Sil shouted, and the mud blades had stopped before they pierced their flesh.

'Damn it, my body listens to Sil. All those years spent being in his head, it was like my mind acted on reflex.' Raten was complaining and ready to attack again, but by then, both parents had let go of Vicky and Pai.

"I can tell. They don't want to hurt us. They're just like us. There is no reason for us to fight." When Sil had said these words, everyone there realised it was true. For some reason, they all thought they were against each other when their eyes met.

It was either them or us mentality, but was that really the case? Even the parents hesitated whether it was right to attack or not, but started to defend themselves when they saw the others coming towards them.

"We didn't come here to fight." The male Balde said of the two. "We didn't even expect any of you to be here. Please let's just talk things through. Remember, we too wanted to let go of this dreaded life."

The fact that all of them had experienced the same thing, and the cause of all their problems was one person, it felt like they could tell when and if the other person was telling the truth or not and at the moment, they felt like they were.

'Seriously, one family member caused this much trouble for all of them. Just what did Hilston Blade do to them all.' Borden thought, as the group now were accompanied by two more members of the Blade family.

Instead of calling them father and mother, they had introduced their given names to the rest of the group. The mother Blade, went by the name Tina, while the father was named Kane. It turned out that the reason for being in such a place was to pick up a few items from the storage room.

"There are a lot of items in this place that weren't good enough for Hilston, but we left them down here, of course."

The group was currently walking through a dark tunnel, lit lightly from small embedded light crystals in the ground. However, they didn't provide much light at all for the group. The Darkness made it hard to see and was adding to the spookiness of the place.

What would have been even more heart-pounding for some was the sounds that they could hear throughout. The snarling and banging noises that would ring through the tunnels.

The ground was flat and well made but seemed like it was done using an ability. Since it was made from the same material as the ground itself, rather than some type of metal.

Where this was different was the side of the walls. There were metal bars similar to a prison cell, but they weren't ordinary cells or bars. These were around ten meters in height, from the ground to the ceiling, and the bars were made from Glathrium.

Looking through one of the cages, Borden could just see glowing eyes staring back at him. Still, when Raten looked at several of them, they could be seen backing away and going silent awfully quick.

"Haha, look at those weaklings." Raten laughed. "They're scared of me, aren't they? Just wait until I get your crystals and grow even stronger."

Of course, those in the cages were beasts of high tiers, but Raten himself was a beast that was even higher than them, and they could sense that. They weren't willing to anger the beast at the cost of their lives.

"When we heard the elevator activating, we knew someone was coming down here, so we went to take a look, but we just never expected it to be you guys," Kane said.

"How, how did you get here, aren't there others that are meant to be protecting this place," Vorden asked.

"Brock let us in," Tina replied. "You know we have a good relationship with him."

Vorden thought it would have been nice for Brock to at least meet them and inform them that there were other Blades on the island or in the castle. He must have known how sensitive the situation would have been between them all.

Finally, the group had reached the storage room. There was no door or anything of the sort for protection. Like most things on Blade island. Because no one would even think of betraying Hilston while being on the island.

It was just one large empty circular room filled with Crystals and beast equipment that had been forged. Piled on top of each other as if they had no importance. The things in the room would have caused factions to have wars over.

They could even see the armour that had been given to the other Blade's who worked on the island here or used to work here.

"Well, this doesn't really help us all that much apart from the crystals," Vorden said, having a look and feeling a little upset. In the past, while having a human body he would have been far more excited to have seen such items.

"You know, there are certain beast crystals that can be forged and work on Beasts as well. So I wouldn't be too upset." Tina said.

The group started to search the room. While Tina and Kane stood by the side. They had already got what they wanted from the room, but that's when they noticed that none of them were happy with what they were finding, as if they were after something else.

"Nothing, there is nothing," Sil said, disappointed, kicking a piece of armour away. There was nothing about Hilston Blade, so what would they do now? Looking towards the two that were with them, now they were Sil's only hope.

"Did you not find what you were looking for?" Tina asked.

It certainly was a big haul for the group, and when they left the place, Vorden could inform Dennis of what they found. It could be put to good use for the war.

"Actually, we were looking for information about Hilston," Vorden said. "If we couldn't find anything here, like we have done, the next thing we were actually going to do was ask you guys.

"Why did Hilston make us all pretend to be a family? Why was Hilston desperately searching for Sil and making so many…children! Why put us through all that!" Vorden asked.

The two of them stayed silent for a while until the answer had finally left their lips.

"This is probably what you didn't want to hear, but we don't actually know the answer," Kane replied.

At that point, Sil, Vorden, Pai and even Vicky wanted to fall to their knees. Having come on this journey with them, their curiosity soon started to grow as well, but the last people that perhaps would have known an answer, didn't have one for them.

"They might not know, but I do. For I have been with Hilston, even longer than he has known himself." A voice said, entering the room. His face came into view, and they could see that it was none other than Brock.

"Do you really want to know everything there is to know about the Hilston Blade?"


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