My Vampire System - Chapter 945 - Preparing for the future

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Chapter 945 - Preparing for the future

There were no further instructions from Bryce or the others for what Quinn could and could not do. It seemed like his request went down quite well. At least well enough to do what he wanted. Upon returning, the group was ecstatic to hear the news. They could finally go home after being here for what seemed like an eternity.

There were ups and downs with the whole group and what started off as excitement and adventure, turned into one bad mishap happening one after another. They never thought they would look forward to returning so much.

It didn't take long for those in the tenth family to make preparations. Some of them had made friends with the vampire students and were saying their goodbye's, while others were collecting a few things from their room.

In the meantime, Quinn decided to do what he could, so the tenth castle would be well protected as well, after he left. There were the castle's towers and gargoyles, and even more were built before leaving. As for other preparations, one of the first things he did was request for Logan to make sure the teleporters worked well for travelling to and from the Cursed ship.

Although Quinn also made a separate request if Logan could pull it off, the request was if they could change the destination of the teleporters at a certain point and time. Logan found it interesting, and with the new information he had learnt while studying in the vampire world, he felt like it was something he could do.

He had taken a look at the Vampire telporters, how they differed from the ones from earth. When inputting a code it would redirect you to a different location, and Logan believed he had found out how to work it, so Quinn's request shouldn't be too hard for him.

"May I ask, why do you want to request such a thing?" Logan asked.

"Things might be going well now, but preparation is the best prevention method as they say. If there was a storming of the Tenth castle that we couldn't protect, then that would mean that whoever attacked the vampires, or even the vampires themselves would have direct access to our ship. I don't want it to be a double edged sword.

"While we are away, I want the teleporters to take them somewhere else, and when we need to use them to link up to the Cursed ship. Of course, this stays between me and you. I have already instructed Paul about this, and we will communicate to him using the masks. Worst case, maybe we could make it so it requires a code as well and only tell that code to Paul, in case communications are broken again." Quinn requested.

Just like the other leaders it was time Quinn stopped playing things by the book. There was no need for him to inform them of everything he was doing, and it honestly seemed like Bryce didn't care too much.

'I'm sure he has his own worries to deal with after what you told him.' Vincent said. 'I was afraid the old man might fall over from a heart attack.'

'Isn't it strange for you to call someone old? Anyway, I don't know whether it's a good sign or a bad sign that Arthur hasn't attacked yet, but until we find out why, the vampires deserve a chance. They're not all bad.' Quinn replied.

It didn't take long until Logan had returned with some good news. He was able to successfully accomplish Quinn's request, including that of a secret code just for Paul in emergencies.

Surfaces were flat and smooth everywhere they went, and the ground wasn't uneven as if it was something that had been built thousands of years ago. The only downside was the place seemed a bit empty, since it lacked furnishings that had been destroyed from Borden and Remus's battle.

Waiting to walk into the teleporter, it seemed there were more people returning to earth than those that had arrived. Leo and Erin had decided to come along this time. Quinn felt better about this, as he had felt awkward leaving Leo behind when he had so much he wanted to do, and even had his own goal. Now it looked like he could finally move towards it.

It was also nice to see Erin standing by Layla's side. Now with Cia gone, he would have hated for Layla to not have someone close to talk too. Quinn was just far too busy to talk to everyone like he used to in the past.

Quinn also asked if Xander, Timmy or Amy would have liked to come along, and although they said they would like to someday, they didn't want to leave the vampire world just yet.

They would do so after things had calmed down in both worlds.

With everyone ready, there were those who stood opposite them giving them a send off, who were the vampire students and vampires that were trained under Leo. It almost looked like they had tears in their eyes as they gave their two teachers a big goodbye.

On top of this, there was Paul, Ashley and a few of the other soldier vampires.

"Quinn, I know I haven't said this much to you, but thank you." Paul said. "After going through what we all went through this time, I can imagine how tough it must have been for you to even get them to spare our lives." He said bowing down.

"No Paul, you are also doing me a favour by staying behind here. You have proven that you are someone who I can trust, and the only thing I hope is that you treat all those in the tenth as well as you do your men." Said Quinn.

The reason for Quinn's words were because he respected Paul's decision to stay behind with his men. This was something that didn't actually need to be done. Bryce never made it a request. Of course it was better for a Vampire Knight to stay behind. Especially if matters got out of hand, and for a leader to give them orders.

However, for Paul to volunteer this position, it felt like he had decided in his own way to help Quinn and his own people.

"I hope this time when you return, it won't be as disastrous as the last." Paul said with a smile, one of the rare times Quinn had seen it on his face.

"Huh, yeah, maybe the Dalki have attacked earth this time or something." Peter said.

"Please, don't jinx it. I'm a little tired." Layla replied.

Everyone gave Paul a salute for what he was doing, and a wave goodbye as they entered the teleporter back to earth.


At the same time, Bryce had gone to a castle, however it wasn't the King's castle he was in. Instead he was in the First castle, and a meeting had been called.

Standing at the front, Bryce had his head held down as if he was full of thoughts and turmoil. Standing in front of him were the vampires that he had invited over to have a meeting, but they weren't just any vampires. Suzan, Muscat, Prima, Kyle and Jill were all there with him.

"I believe you all know why I have called you all here today." Bryce said, gripping his fist. The others didn't say a word, but they had sweat running down their faces as they thought about what was about to come.

"If what Quinn had said is true, it means Arthur has found out the truth. I don't know when, but we must prepare for his return, and make sure we come out of this alive." Said Bryce.

End of Arc five


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