Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2238 The Sovereign Seal Breaks

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Chapter 2238 The Sovereign Seal Breaks

Tian Xiezi’s voice resounded through the air. The Dragonblood warriors’ weapons instantly appeared in their hands.

The Righteous and Corrupt paths had such deep hatred for each other that only blood could wipe it away.

“If you dare to repeat what you just said, I’ll make sure you disappear from this world forever,” said Long Chen. His words were concise and incredibly domineering. When looked at Tian Xiezi, his gaze was like calm water.

“This fool, how does he get so easily provoked all the time?” Beitang Rushuang cursed.

Tian Xiezi was clearly intent on disturbing Long Chen so that the latter wouldn’t be able to focus when the battle started.

This was just a test. Since Long Chen had gotten angry here, then once the Blood race’s army arrived, he could casually say some random stuff to infuriate Long Chen. Such a simple trick actually worked on Long Chen?

Tian Xiezi sneered. He was about to repeat himself when Xie Wentian suddenly pulled on him, most likely speaking spiritually with him. Tian Xiezi stopped, but the disdain on his face grew, irritating them.

“Boss, should we eliminate them?” asked Xia Chen.

“It’s useless. They’re too far. If we attacked, they would just slip away. It’s not worth the effort,” said Long Chen.

He could see that Tian Xiezi had encountered some kind of fortune, causing his combat power to grow greatly from when they had previously fought. If Tian Xiezi had repeated himself, then Long Chen would have gone to personally test him.

If Tian Xiezi had repeated such words of malice, Long Chen would have had enough reason to attack without the divine families being able to do anything.

The feeling that Tian Xiezi gave Long Chen was different from before. His aura had clearly transformed, becoming darker. However, Long Chen wasn’t afraid.

Tian Xiezi looked away, sitting down and closing his eyes to meditate.

Since Tian Xiezi didn’t speak again, Long Chen also wasn’t in a position to attack.

Long Chen looked over at the Ximen family’s experts. Ximen Tianxiong had come, but he hadn’t said a word. He expressed neither hostility nor friendliness.

At the rear, there was a disturbance when the Dongfang family’s people arrived. Dongfang Yuyang had also come, and countless experts looked at him with odd expressions. Spiritual fluctuations began to weave through the air as they began to secretly discuss him.

Although no one was able to tell what they were saying, it definitely revolved around how the sea demon race had attacked the Dongfang family and slapped Dongfang Yuyang in the face.

Dongfang Yuyang had failed to harm Long Chen and was instead attacked. For such a thing to happen to the Dongfang family, it was both shocking and comical.

Dongfang Yuyang didn’t react at all, and his expression was as calm as if nothing had happened. He was still graceful and elegant.

However, when Long Chen looked at him, Long Chen’s pupils shrank. Dongming Yu stood beside Long Chen and noticed. “Big brother Long Chen, what is it?”

“Dongfang Yuyang is strange. He’s giving me a hair-raising feeling. He has most likely gained control of some kind of forbidden energy,” said Long Chen heavily.

That energy was something that gave Long Chen a familiar feeling, but he wasn’t able to figure out what it was.

Kun Pengzi had also arrived, and his eyes now held a world of lightning. He was like a lightning god, and lightning followed him, wrapping around his body.

Long Chen found that all of them had made huge advancements after the last battle. They were like completely different people. All the resources of their respective factions must have been piled upon them.

However, the most shocking of them all was Di Feng. He had not just awoken his Spirit Blood, but his manifestation was also vaguely visible behind him without him summoning it.

The current Di Feng no longer had eyes full of rancor and hate. Instead, he was full of confidence. When he looked at Long Chen in particular, battle intent soared out of him. He sneered, “Long Chen, put on a good show, or I’ll be disappointed. I’m greatly looking forward to our next battle.”

“Even a widower can smile so happily? Di Feng, it seems that you really hope for your life to end,” responded Long Chen.

Most of the time, a man would have too many wives and concubines to be called a widower when one of them died. But some women were so powerful that their men could only have one wife, and when that woman died, her husband would be called a widower.

Di Feng’s followers, who were people from the Blood Emperor’s family, glared at Long Chen, their eyes full of killing intent.

“Long Chen, don’t be so arrogant! Once the time of the Heavenly Divine Writ passes, we will personally cut off your head as vengeance for our mighty Emperor’s daughter!” shouted one of the elders from the Xue family.

“Idiot, that woman was killed by me, Mo Nian. What does it have to do with Long Chen? If you want to find vengeance, you can come to find me.” Just at that moment, Mo Nian’s figure appeared, a bow on his back.

Mo Nian came all alone, but for some reason, his bow was no longer blazing with divine light. However, its aura had become even more frightening.

“You’re both accomplices in the death of Xue Luocha. I will personally cut off your heads to appease her noble spirit,” said Di Feng coldly.

“Up to you. It’s meaningless to say such things now. You know what you’ve done to my Mo family, so adding some more enmity into the mix doesn’t do anything. A blood debt must be paid in blood,” said Mo Nian indifferently.

Mo Nian walked over to the Martial Heaven Alliance’s camp. He said his greetings to Qu Jianying and the old man before finding a place to watch.

As time passed, more and more experts arrived. However, they all stood at a great distance, not daring to approach.

The Sovereign seal grew dimmer and dimmer. Through the Sovereign seal, it was possible to see countless figures gathering within a twisted space.

All kinds of sharp cries came from the other side of the Sovereign seal. It seemed that the other side was gathering and raising their morale. Those sharp cries made people tense up.

The Blood race’s invasion would signify the start of the dark era. The Martial Heaven Continent was about to enter a long war for survival. Countless people would be fighting, and no one could guarantee that they would survive.

The figures on the other side gradually grew clearer as the seal dimmed. When the endless army of the Blood race became visible, everyone gasped.

There was no way to estimate their numbers. They were simply endless, looking like fiends that had crawled out of hell, blood runes revolving around them.

Although their form was similar to humans, their eyes were scarlet. Looking into their eyes, people smelled death.

“This is the Blood race? They looked even more frightening than the devil race…”

Perhaps it was because they looked so similar to humans. In any case, there was a sense of unease. Their gaze was especially bloody.

Separated by a flimsy barrier, they also looked into the Martial Heaven Continent’s side. They roared like hungry Magical Beasts demanding fresh meat. A wild light appeared in their eyes.

“The Yin Yang World is no longer the same as when we entered. Back then, it was full of thrumming life, but now, it’s dark and sinister. There’s only death. Why?” One of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples spoke up, his voice shuddering. He had once fought alongside Long Chen in the Yin Yang World, but the current Yin Yang World was a barren land without the slightest blade of grass growing.

“The Yin Yang World is split into the Yin World and the Yang World. We entered when the Yang World was facing the Martial heaven Continent. But the Yin Yang World revolves, and now the Yin World is facing us. The Yin World is a land of death and also the favorite environment of the Blood race. Everyone, you have to be careful. When the seal breaks, the Yin World’s Death Qi will pour into the continent. But you don’t need to worry. That will just be temporary, and by activating your domain, you will be able to block it. The opposing laws of the Martial Heaven Continent will stifle the Death Qi,” warned Qu Jianying.

“There are so many of them, and their auras are all so powerful. Will senior apprentice-brother Long Chen and the others be alright?” asked one person worriedly.

“Be at ease, to say that it won’t take the slightest effort from them would be bragging, but this shouldn’t be anything to the Dragonblood Legion. The main thing is what comes later,” said Mo Nian.

The Blood race’s army roared, baring their fangs at the Dragonblood Legion which was closest to them.

As the commanding general of the Dragonblood Legion, Guo Ran stood at the front. He arrogantly beckoned to the Blood race and then patted his butt at them.

The Blood race’s experts seemed to understand what Guo Ran was saying, and they charged forward.

As a result, since the Sovereign seal had not yet broken, thousands of them were instantly blown to bits.

“Hahaha!” Guo Ran laughed arrogantly. If the Blood race only had this level of intelligence, he wasn’t worried.


Just at that moment, the Sovereign seal seemed to have used up its final bit of energy and exploded in a rain of light.

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