Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2240 Earthen Net Covers the Sky

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Chapter 2240 Earthen Net Covers the Sky

The arrival of the Titanic Arm Blood race allowed the Dragonblood warriors to really start fighting. As more of them appeared, the Dragonblood warriors summoned their Dragon Blood Battle Armor, starting the real battle.

Even though there were now countless Titanic Arm Blood experts, the Dragonblood warriors were still unfazed. Their swords danced, tearing through their enemies.

“In this life, all I want is to be able to match a Dragonblood warrior. Then I could die without regrets,” sighed one of the Martial Heaven Alliance’s disciples.

Although they viewed Long Chen as an idol, a target that encouraged them, that target was just too far, so far that it felt imaginary. Now they felt like just being able to match a Dragonblood warrior was a huge wish.

“The Dragonblood warriors have fought with senior apprentice-brother Long Chen through countless brushes against death to become true experts, while we’re like flowers that grew up in a greenhouse. We still have a long path to walk,” responded someone else.

“Actually, we can also imitate senior apprentice-brother Long Chen…”

“What are you going to imitate? Do you not want your life any longer?” An Elder scolded that last disciple. If everyone imitated Long Chen, then just how many thorns would appear in the Martial Heaven Alliance?

Managing these disciples was already very difficult. Go too light and they wouldn’t listen, go too hard and they would get resentful. With how many people there were in the Martial Heaven Alliance, it was even harder to oversee them.

Although Ye Lingshan was able to suppress them, when she wasn’t present, those fellows were very stubborn, with quite a few arguments springing up between them. If they were to imitate Long Chen, wouldn’t the Martial Heaven Alliance be torn apart by them?

“Riches lie within danger. Isn’t senior apprentice-brother Long Chen the best example?” said that disciple, unconvinced.

“Don’t you need to look at your own conditions? Long Chen has always been an apex expert at every realm, and yet, do you know how many times he has brushed past the god of death? How many times has he narrowly escaped from death? Even an expert on his level barely scrapes by, like someone walking across a thin layer of ice over a bottomless abyss. And now you want to be able to dance on the tip of a blade easily like he does? Well, let me tell you, any kind of skill has hardships behind it. You see his light without seeing the pain behind it. You think he’s just brainlessly charging forward and being unstoppable? He’s a fake idiot, while you’re the real idiots. Without Long Chen’s power, if you try to copy his temper, you’ll all die miserably,” said the Elder.

What he wanted to say was that the only person who could court death every day and still live happily, from ancient times to now, was Long Chen. If anyone imitated him, they definitely wouldn’t live longer than three days.

However, some things couldn’t be said directly. If he said that, these young and ambitious fellows really might try it.

Ye Lingshan glanced at the disciples and saw their expressions of displeasure. She said, “Don’t panic, the dark era’s curtains have been pulled open by this battle, so you don’t need to worry about not having a chance to temper yourselves. I feel like true experts shouldn’t be competing for number one, but protecting their homes and families and even all lives. If you die due to a competitive streak, others will only look at you with disdain. But if you died protecting the Martial Heaven Continent, you would be a hero, and the entire world will remember your name. Think about the five Sovereigns. Which one of them relied on fighting people from the same side to get famous? Without exception, their fame grew due to suppressing the fiends from the other side. Even though tens of thousands of years have passed, their marks still remain. True heroes will only reveal their true light at such a time. The main character of this world has yet to be revealed.”

Ye Lingshan’s words were gentle and also very reasonable, instantly placating these disciples. Her meaning was clear: a Sovereign had yet to appear in this era. In the future, who would float to the top and who would sink to the bottom was still unknown.

In other words, as long as a Sovereign had yet to appear, then any one of them could become the Sovereign. As long as they weren’t ridiculously arrogant or unduly humble, anyone had a chance.

Qu Jianying smiled upon seeing Ye Lingshan suppress the dissatisfaction of these disciples with just a few words. She whispered to the old man, “I’m glad my vision wasn’t blind with old age before finding a good apprentice. She’s much better at handling things than me.”

The old man nodded. “Yes, the you from back then would have directly said: You think you’re badass? If you don’t like it, you can challenge me and see if you can take the alliance head position!”

A few of the surrounding Elders couldn’t hold back a chuckle, before feeling a chill as Qu Jianying’s murderous gaze fell on them. They hastily shut their mouths and acted like they hadn’t heard anything.

“Do you want to die?” Qu Jianying glared at the old man. He had actually exposed this awkward incident of her past in front of so many people.

The main thing though was that she had truly said it, and more than once at that. These old fellows had heard her say it too, which was why they couldn’t help laughing.

“Can I not tell the truth?” The old man acted like he hadn’t done anything wrong.

Qu Jianying could only glare. She didn’t want to get crabby with the old man’s stubbornness here, or she would be laughed at.

Although she was admiring Ye Lingshan and praising her, there was also a kind of recognition of her own vision in picking her out. Regretfully, the old man didn’t understand that. Rather than praising Qu Jianying, he took a completely different view and didn’t even know where he was wrong.

In Qu Jianying’s eyes, the old man was stubborn and insensitive. If he had just a tenth of Long Chen’s brains, he wouldn’t draw her into fights every day.

“The Dragonblood warriors have taken out their manifestations. They’re fighting at full power now,” said the old man suddenly. Qu Jianying immediately looked over to see that the Titanic Arm Blood experts had grown more numerous, and they were no longer all within the Life Star realm. Some Netherpassage realm experts had appeared in their midst.

The pressure on the Dragonblood warriors instantly jumped when Netherpassage realm Blood race experts appeared. They had no choice but to summon their manifestations.

“These Blood race experts are stronger physically than their human counterparts, but their divine abilities and magical arts are rough. Even before unleashing any big attacks, their auras fluctuate, making the attacks easy to dodge. Their true combat power is actually inferior to the human race,” said one Elder.

However, their numbers were too great. There was an endless tide of them. They also knew their own weaknesses and were using numbers to make up for them.

“That’s precisely why they want to attack us. They want our Spirit Roots to make up for their innate weaknesses. That’s what makes them the most frightening,” said Qu Jianying.

The current Blood race wasn’t too powerful. What would be powerful was a Blood race that had managed to charge onto the continent and turn the human race into tools for upgrading themselves.

The Blood race’s howls filled the air. Through the willow branches, the spectators could only get glimpses of the Dragonblood warriors. Mostly they only managed to see the Blood race.

This sight made them turn pale. In a one against one, they weren’t afraid of the Blood race. Even if it was one against ten, they wouldn’t be afraid. But the Blood race’s army could not be counted with numbers. They could only be described as endless.

In front of such a terrifying army, no matter how much combat experience you had, you would still drown. When these people thought about themselves, they wondered how long they would be able to last. One breath? Two breaths? Or would they be annihilated in an instant?

The fight between the Dragonblood Legion and the various powers of the continent had been intense enough, having involved millions of experts.

However, in comparison to the endless Blood race, they were like a streamlet compared to a sea. Now people understood what the dark era represented. In front of this endless army, it was impossible to see any hope.

Right now, they were just facing one army from one other world. This was just the Yin Yang World, and there were more connections to other worlds where the seals had yet to break. If they all broke at the same time, how would the Martial Heaven Continent stop them?

As the Blood race’s army charged out, they crashed against Liu Ruyan’s defenses. Her branches were like arrows, tearing them apart. Even those in the Netherpassage realm were easily pierced.

Liu Ruyan’s branches were both tough and flexible. It was difficult for anything to cut them. No matter how the Blood race tried, they were unable to break her defenses.

Liu Ruyan’s giant body had roots in the ground and was like a giant mountain. Blood mist exploded as her branches whipped through the air. It was a miserable sight.

The Blood race had only been attacking for an incense stick’s worth of time, but Liu Ruyan had killed a million of them.

“How does Long Chen have so many monsters under his command? That Liu Ruyan is so powerful. Why would she be willing to be Long Chen’s subordinate?”

“The rest haven’t even taken action, and they’re all monsters. Perhaps only a monster amongst monsters like Long Chen can make them all follow him.”

Liu Ruyan’s viciousness shook everyone. But then they also saw the others standing calmly with Long Chen.

A monstrous expert like Liu Ruyan was someone that any sect would be willing to pay any price to pull in. Such a figure was as rare as a phoenix feather or a unicorn horn.

However, any random person pulled from Long Chen’s side was such a monster. Furthermore, they were all completely loyal to him, and it was impossible to pull them to another side.

As more and more of the Blood race’s experts appeared, the pressure on the battlefield grew. Liu Ruyan’s barrier gradually began to shake and show signs of breaking.

Everyone’s hearts clenched. Many people had made preparations to join in if the Dragonblood Legion failed. They couldn’t allow a single Blood race expert to charge onto the continent.

“Endless Falling Wood, Earth Covers the Heavens!”

Liu Ruyan let out a cry, and forming hand seals, the earth exploded. Roots covered in earth rose into the sky.

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