Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2293 Half-Life Half-Death Bridge

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Chapter 2293 Half-Life Half-Death Bridge

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Many lifeforms had gathered in the area ahead, but those lifeforms no longer had their old arrogance and confidence from before entering the Gates of Hell.

Without exception, they were all tense, and some of them were even quivering just by standing there. Clearly, they had gone through their own terrifying trials to reach here. They had personally witnessed countless other experts being killed. As a result, many of them felt lucky to be able to reach this point.

In front of the laws of the Netherpassage Path, they felt powerless, as if they were just randomly betting with their lives. One bad bet and they would die. Furthermore, they had no choice but to bet.

“Curious. Why are there so many paths now?” wondered Meng Qi.

Based on her observation, the sequence had gone from five forks to six forks, so there should be seven forks next. However, now there were nine. That represented a limit. Most likely, this was the final pass.

Long Chen had an idea as to why. Because he had chosen the most difficult trial on the six-way fork, they had directly entered the ninth path.

Based on his senses to the nine paths up ahead, there were only three that they could choose. The others had strange fluctuations expelling him.

The options were the first, the fifth, and the ninth paths. One was the weakest, the other was in the middle, and the last was the strongest.

“The strangest thing is that we didn’t see a single person from the Martial Heaven Continent…” Guo Ran looked around curiously.

Xia Chen bumped him, indicating to be quiet. Long Chen had sat down and closed his eyes, meditating. Hence, Guo Ran shut his mouth.

Within the Nethergod Palace, Ming Cangyue wondered, “What is he thinking?”

Leng Yueyan shook her head. “No one can ever tell what he’s thinking. There are only three paths in front of him now, but all three end up at Half-Life Half-Death Bridge. Half of those who step foot onto it will die, half will live. No matter how tough their lives are, half will still die there…”

“I understand. With the Nethergod Order, you can help them pass. I’m fine with it,” said Ming Cangyue.

“But changing the laws like that is against the position of a Nethergod. Our vengeance will be forced to come to a stop, and I’ll even receive a curse from the laws. So…”

“No need to ask. You are me, I am you. Alone, you can’t endure the curse, so I will also be affected. However, since we’ve chosen to bet on Long Chen, we should go all-out. Whether we win or lose, let’s bet,” said Ming Cangue, determined.

Leng Yueyan smiled and didn’t say anything. She clenched the Nethergod Order, preparing to help Long Chen’s group pass at the final juncture.

Long Chen had his eyes closed in meditation for a long time. Meng Qi and the others didn’t wish to disturb him. They were familiar with him and knew that he was definitely calculating something.

The other lifeforms in the surroundings made their choices one by one, entering their own paths. Their bodies vanished from sight.

Out of nowhere, Long Chen suddenly coughed up a mouthful of blood, making Meng Qi and the others jump.

“Long Chen!”

Long Chen waved his hand, indicating that he was fine. He closed his eyes once more. Meng Qi and the others looked at each other, not knowing why he would suddenly cough up blood. He hadn’t been injured before.

They could only keep standing watch. At the same time, they also focused on maintaining their peak condition.

When they closed their eyes to meditate, they found a happy surprise. Their Yuan Spirits were several times stronger compared to when they had entered the Gates of Hell.

As expected, the stronger the trial inside the Netherpassage Path, the greater the rewards. Even if their physical bodies were destroyed, at this rate, their Yuan Spirits could survive on their own.

Even without having advanced to the Netherpassage realm, they had grown much stronger. A powerful Yuan Spirit increased the power of their magical arts. As a result, their total combat power had risen without them even being aware.

In the face of the tough choice in front of them, countless lifeforms were still hesitating. This was why no one could carry out memories of this place. It was to prevent anyone from cheating. No matter who came here, they would have to rely on luck and power to survive.

As lifeforms went by, more came. However, the Dragonblood warriors continued to just stand there. Quite a few lifeforms were simply watching just like them. They either hadn’t made their preparations or were still thinking.

Eventually, Long Chen opened his eyes and stood.

“Boss, can we move out?”

Long Chen’s gaze swept over everyone. “Brothers, we are facing a difficult problem. No matter which path we take, we will still end up arriving upon a bridge. That bridge kills half of those who walk on it no matter what. It has nothing to do with cultivation base. It is entirely luck.”

Just now, Long Chen had sent the energy of his Yuan Spirit out to probe the paths ahead. As a result, the laws of this place had descended upon him, injuring him and making him cough up blood.

However, he didn’t give up. Activating the primal chaos bead, he assimilated the laws of this place. Using his Spiritual Strength, he probed the path ahead and saw Half-Life Half-Death Bridge.

He had observed it for a long time. Therefore, he had seen countless lifeforms walk across it and die, allowing him to see the problem.

“In other words, only half the Dragonblood warriors can pass? Unacceptable!” roared Gu Yang. The Dragonblood warriors were closer than brothers. They would rather die themselves than let the others die.

“Boss, is there no other way?” demanded Guo Ran. His tone was that of a question, but he knew that this was a law of the Netherworld. No one could change it.

There was no path back. They could only choose to go forward. In front of these laws, people were weak. They could only meekly lower their heads. Even if they didn’t accept it, they had to. What else could they do?

“There is another way.”

With just that one statement, the Dragonblood warriors were relieved and delighted. But his next words extinguished the flames burning inside their hearts.

“There is a way, but the odds of success are very low,” said Long Chen.

“How low?”

“We only have a twenty percent chance of surviving,” said Long Chen solemnly.

Everyone’s hearts shook. Twenty percent? That was too low.

“Does the Dragonblood Legion wish to live and die together?” Long Chen looked over at everyone.

“Fuck, we’ll risk it! The Dragonblood Legion can’t exist without half its brothers. What would be the point of living? Boss, let’s do it. Even a one in ten thousand chance would be worth it.”

“Yes, boss, we have to do it. We’ve already walked across mountains of blades and seas of blood. Let’s add this to our record too.”

“Boss, let’s not hesitate. Just direct us. We’ll live together or die together.”

The Dragonblood warriors shouted passionately.

“Alright. Then let’s flip the heavens.” Seeing those fiery gazes, Long Chen also felt a heroic feeling. “Let’s go!”

Long Chen waved his hand, bringing everyone to the easiest path.

Quite a few other lifeforms followed them. The mist covering the path was like a gaping maw devouring them.

Long Chen led his people inside without hesitation. Half an incense stick’s worth of time later, swords rained down from the sky.

Evilmoon appeared in Long Chen’s hands, and he unleashed a giant black saber-image.

“Divine ring!”

Long Chen was starting to unleash his full power. When the divine ring appeared, the laws of the world twisted and tore.

This was the end of the Netherpassage Path, and the trial had grown incredibly powerful. These sharp swords contained various kinds of energy. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, lightning, light, dark, all kinds of energy were mixed together.

When blocking the first kind of energy, the other kinds would pass through. Runes flashed through the air, falling like a rain of light. When they landed on people’s bodies, it felt like they were being smelted by a furnace of ten thousand flames.

Long Chen took the lead all on his own, shattering the strongest attacks.

“Xia Chen, endure it!” Guo Ran let out a startled cry. He saw that Xia Chen looked to be on the verge of collapse.

“I… I’m fine. I can endure.” Xia Chen was pale, but he continued pressing on. As a formation master, he focused on study. He didn’t have as much time to cultivate his body or soul.

Seeing Xia Chen on the verge of collapse, Guo Ran carried him on his back as he pressed onward.

Guo Ran was an anomaly. He was the only one whose will couldn’t be sensed by the laws here. Perhaps his will was just too weak, so the attacks didn’t bother him.

However, for the others, things were growing more difficult. It felt like their souls were about to be torn apart. If anyone felt despair, they would be doomed. This was the final trial of their will.

“Everyone, prepare yourselves! Charge through with me!”

Long Chen suddenly shouted. Stars appeared in his eyes, and white dragon scales covered his body.

“Split the Heavens 8!”


Long Chen suddenly unleashed an attack that tore through the void, creating a giant hole in space. From that hole, they could see another path.

“Quick, run!” shouted Long Chen, jumping in.

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