Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2385 What is Most Important?

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Chapter 2385 What is Most Important?

“Stop, stop!”

The pockmarked elder banged his wooden seal, but the sound was drowned out by the clamor that he himself couldn’t hear it.



The elder furiously activated his cultivation base, resulting in his stone platform shattering. A qi wave spread throughout the hall.

Only then did Long Chen and the others stop. The world fell silent, but there was still rumbling in people’s ears. It was as if rats were running around in their ears. Quite a few law enforcement disciples were unable to endure it and ended up vomiting.

They knew that they couldn’t vomit here, so they ran outside. But in their dizziness, quite a few of them ended up crashing into each other and couldn’t make it out.

The law enforcement disciples rarely fought in battles. Although their cultivation bases weren’t low, their endurance wasn’t high enough to handle this.

Long Chen pointed at those disciples. “Do you see? I was testing using sound waves to drive away demonic beasts. I have secretly learned some tips from the Illusive Music Immortal Palace’s Zither Fairy. I’m not bragging. This is just the start. I believe that with my talent and the hardworking nature of my brothers, I can use sound waves on the battlefield and drive away demonic beasts without spilling a single drop of blood. At that time, my name would go down in history. Who would dare to look down on me? I would have made a great contribution to the human race. I was using these sound waves to help the third legion. If it weren’t for us, would they still be standing here? They would probably have turned into beast dung if it weren’t for us.”

“What nonsense! This is a random clamor! What use can it have?” raged the pockmarked elder.

“It has no use? Alright, brothers, work a bit harder. This time we’ll show our true skills. Three, two, one…” Long Chen waved his hand like a conductor.

“Stop, stop!” This time, even the white-haired elder couldn’t endure it any longer. “We admit that it has some use.”

Although he wasn’t afraid of such sound waves, it was truly irritating to listen to. This was a sacred place not suited for such things.

He realized that Long Chen was a crafty fox who had prepared a way out for himself. No one could do anything to him over this.

“Elder Jiang, you…” The pockmarked elder’s expression sank.

“It is meaningless to stay on this topic. Even if Long Chen’s sound waves were unable to harm the demonic beasts, they were able to draw some of their attention. It cannot be said that he just watched as they suffered.” The white-haired elder sighed.

Seeing that, Long Chen felt some praise for him. This elder was quite smart. He had seen through this play of his.

If the pockmarked elder continued to argue about the sound waves, Long Chen could play him to his death. In the end, his final excuse was that even if the sound waves weren’t an attack, they could lessen the pressure of the third legion. That was better than nothing. If he declared that he hadn’t just watched, what could they do?

The white-haired elder didn’t want to waste time on this, so he stated it directly. He knew that the pockmarked elder was unable to beat Long Chen.

There was no way to place this criminal charge on Long Chen. The pockmarked elder asked a few more questions, and Long Chen answered them perfectly. He even had proof to back himself up.

“Alright, this meeting can end here. You can all leave.” The white-haired elder finally ended things. The pockmarked elder had tried to find holes in Long Chen’s story several times, but Long Chen hadn’t given him a chance, causing him to get angry again. There was nothing of value to be gained from continuing.

Helplessly, the pockmarked elder could only announce the end of the meeting. Everyone left. When everyone was outside, Long Chen saw Ye Lingfeng and patted him on the shoulder.

“Let me express my sympathy for you. I was going to advise you not to do things to harm others with no benefit to yourself in the future, but it doesn’t look like you’ll have a future. You should prepare your will. Find a place with fengshui and dig a hole. It won’t be long before you’ll be able to use it.”

“Long Chen, I won’t let you off.” Ye Lingfeng’s face twisted into a sinister expression.

“You won’t let me off as a ghost? In terms of power, you aren’t a match for me. In terms of intelligence, well, you don’t have any. In your next life, remember to reincarnate with a brain,” said Long Chen. He then left with Shen Chengfeng and the others.

They returned to the Long family’s territory. The warriors erupted into cheers.

“Seeing Ye Lingfeng’s twisted expression really was satisfying.”

“Those bastards have always bullied us. Now we’ve landed a strike back. Hehe, do you think he’s going to die?”

“He tried to draw demonic beasts over to kill us and instead it resulted in thousands of his people dying. If he doesn’t get executed, it won’t be able to placate the people’s anger.”

Thinking of how Ye Lingfeng was going to be executed soon, they were all excited. That fellow was hated by all of them. He had constantly bullied them as much as he could.

“You’re overthinking it. Ye Lingfeng is most likely not going to be executed,” said Long Chen.

“What? After something so big, how can they not execute him?” asked Shen Chengfeng. If he had been the one to do such a thing, he would definitely be executed.

“Let me put it to you this way. Normally, Ye Lingfeng would definitely be dead. What he did this time was so stupid that there is no cure. The Ye family has no need to protect him.”

“Exactly. That’s what I was thinking,” said Shen Chengfeng.

“However, you haven’t considered how this is a competition between the Long and Ye families. If Ye Lingfeng is executed while fighting for the Ye family, it would be considered the Long family’s victory. That would be a blow to the Ye family’s morale. Those in the same position as Ye Lingfeng would probably be afraid for themselves. To make them feel at ease, the Ye family will definitely make sure that Ye Lingfeng survives. They won’t let the Long family’s victory seem too apparent. I only told him that he would die to anger him. Of course, if he dies from fright, that would be best,” said Long Chen.

“No way!” Everyone was disappointed. He wasn't going to die? That made them feel uneasy. That fellow was like a viper that might strike at any moment.

However, they recognized that this was reality. Their excitement faded.

“What are you so dejected for? It’s not a bad thing that Ye Lingfeng isn’t dying.” Long Chen smiled.

“What do you mean?” Shen Chengfeng asked hastily.

“Since he’s not dead, we can keep playing with him. We can play him to death. Think about your current value. Do you need to be afraid of Ye Lingfeng?”

“That’s right, we have plenty of points now to equip ourselves. We don’t need to be afraid of the third legion. We are also more united and know how to fight with our lives on the line. We don’t need to be afraid of them!”

Every one of the warriors now had a stunning amount of wealth in their hands. Since the investigation had reached this point, it was already their victory. Even if Ye Lingfeng didn’t die, they didn’t have to give back those points. Despite not being amazingly talented, they had always been fighting with their lives on the line and knew how to work hard. The eighth legion was about to soar to the point that they no longer needed to fear the third legion.

“Elder Long!”

Just as they were talking, Elder Long and the other Elder walked over. Shen Chengfeng and the others hastily bowed.

Elder Long said, “The parliament’s conclusion is more or less done. Ye Lingfeng didn’t make any mistakes with his strategy. Instead, it was a vice commander whose orders were wrong, resulting in a calamity for the third legion.”

The warriors looked at each other with bitter smiles. Long Chen was right. The Ye family had pushed all the responsibility onto a vice commander to save Ye Lingfeng.

Elder Long continued, “Ye Lingfeng is to be punished with three hundred flogs and imprisoned for three days. He will be demoted to vice commander.”

Long Chen smiled. “Elder Long, I don’t care about his death. What I want to know is will there be a reward for the eighth legion after fighting so bravely and gaining so much merit despite the danger to their own lives?”

Shen Chengfeng and the others looked down in embarrassment. They hadn’t done anything during this time, let alone risking their lives.

“Of course. It is definitely going to be a bountiful reward. I will give it to you all directly. Long Chen, the Deputy Elder wishes to see you, so you should go,” said Elder Long with a smile.

Long Chen followed the path that Elder Long indicated, and he arrived at the peak of a spirit mountain. The Deputy Elder was sitting all alone, looking at a distant mountain range as if in deep thought.

“Long Chen, what is most important in your heart?” The Deputy Elder sighed without looking back.

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