Nine Star Hegemon Body Art - Chapter 2734 Bone Scraping Torture

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Chapter 2734 Bone Scraping Torture

The Heaven Executioner. Only a few people knew his real name. In the divine families, he was only called the Heaven Executioner.

He was officially the manager in charge of the justice department, but so much time had passed that people had forgotten this position. The Heaven Executioner had become his name.

Long Chen looked at the Heaven Executioner with icy killing intent. Back then, when he was just a baby, someone had cruelly taken his Spirit Root, Spirit Blood, and Spirit Bone. It was this pair of evil hands that had destroyed his family.

Only now did Long Chen notice golden threads throughout his entire body, and every thread was connected to his meridians and bones. He was like a puppet being strung along.

He had lost his ability to recover. Every trace of Blood Qi, every trace of Spiritual Strength was sucked away by those threads, leaving him powerless.

“Long Chen, you’re beaten. You have no chance of turning things around. Just surrender. Your father was even stronger than you back then but was unable to escape these bindings. In the end, he was sent away. You should just give up. You can’t escape, and don’t even think that someone will come save you. This is the Heavens’ Devastation World. It only has a single connection to other worlds, and that entrance exists in the divine families’ ancestral lands. Furthermore, that entrance is a top-secret even amongst the divine families. There are definitely less than ten people aware of it. Even if the Martial Heaven Alliance learns that you’re in our hands, they can’t do anything, especially since we’ve closed the channel connecting the Martial Heaven Continent to us. They can’t get in, but even if they did, they would have to tear down the entire divine families to have a chance of finding the entrance. But do they have that power? The Martial Heaven Continent has declined. You should know just how strong we are,” said the Lord Saint.

Long Chen nodded. “It’s true. I never expected that the divine families were so powerful. So the so-called dark era’s battles were a scheme. The divine families were the true spies. No wonder you would always hide whenever the Sovereigns appeared, and there are no records of you participating in battles. How unfortunate that I don’t have the wisdom of the Sovereigns and failed to notice this. Since I’m in your hands, there’s nothing to say. I just don’t understand, are you attacking the Martial Heaven Continent simply for slaughter?”

The Lord Saint shook his head. “That’s a secret. Until the final moment, no one can speak of it. Don’t bother thinking about it. Even if you did learn this secret from my mouth, what would you do? Are you even capable of reporting it to the Martial Heaven Continent? Even if you give us your secrets, all I can do is protect your life. I won’t let you go back to the Martial Heaven Continent and ruin our plans. Let’s get back to the topic. I’m giving you your last chance. Hand over your secrets, and I will let you live.”


Long Chen laughed. The Lord Saint cocked his head. “Is it very funny?”

Long Chen shook his head. “I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at my father.”


“I’m laughing at the soft heart he had. He was so softhearted that he didn’t kill you, not knowing that this person that he had mercy on would have no mercy on his son. Isn’t that funny? Hahaha!” Long Chen laughed, his voice full of ridicule.

“Shut up!” The Lord Saint furiously shouted, “I’ve given you your chance, but you refuse to accept it. If I didn’t pity the two of you, both of you would have been immediately killed!”

“Haha, what a joke. My father spared your life back then. This is what he gets in return? You act so noble, but you’re just a hypocrite. Just looking at you disgusts me. You wish to know how I cultivated to my current level without my Spirit Blood, Spirit Root, and Spirit Bone? You wish to know how a group of normal people like the Dragonblood Legion rose to the peak of the martial path? You want to know why the five Sovereigns chose me to carry on their legacies? Haha, do you think I’m a fool? You think you have an absolute advantage, but your eyes tell me that you’re filled with unease. The Martial Heaven Continent still has many secrets that you’re unaware of. Any one of those secrets could cause your plans to fail. My guess is that if things do fail, you will face your own inescapable tribulation? And you play such childish games to dredge out my secrets? Keep dreaming,” sneered Long Chen.

“You…!” The Lord Saint pointed at Long Chen furiously, but his furious gaze contained a trace of worry.

He really was uneasy. The Sovereigns were connected to the greatest secret of the Martial Heaven Continent. Even after so many years, they hadn’t managed to pierce that veil.

The five Sovereigns all viewed Long Chen highly. There must be some reason for that. If they killed Long Chen, that secret might be forever lost.

The Martial Heaven Continent was the core of the star-field. Although it was on the verge of destruction, it was not a normal world. Even on the verge of death, any life that was facing demise would unleash all its power at that final moment to fight back.

Long Chen very likely knew some of those core secrets. If they could obtain those, their plans would go even smoother. That was why they viewed his secrets as something that they had to obtain.

For Long Chen to completely see through his intentions like this embarrassed the Lord Saint. This embarrassment became anger, but he was also powerless.

“You really refuse to recognize kindness. I’ll give you one month to think it over. After one month, if you still refuse to accept, don’t blame me.” The Lord Saint snorted coldly and turned around.

The Lord Saint clenched a jade pendant. With a special hand seal, a channel appeared in the void. He stepped into that channel and then vanished.

“One month? The Lord Saint truly thinks lowly of me. I won’t waste any time.” The Heaven Executioner laughed. He suddenly scraped his blade across Long Chen’s arm.

Long Chen’s entire body quivered. Although it was just a light graze of the blade, it made Long Chen feel like he would crumble.

“Haha, not bad, you don’t even make a sound. Hehe, I really like this part of you and your father. But I really want to know just what it would take to make someone like you scream.” The Heaven Executioner smiled with a kind of perverted excitement. It was as if torturing people was a pleasure to him.

The Heaven Executioner cut his blade across Long Chen one, two, three, an uncountable number of times. Long Chen’s body constantly spasmed, but he didn’t say anything. His icy eyes stared back at the Heaven Executioner.

Suddenly, he spoke, his voice like a devil’s curse. “You should pray to the heavens that you don’t land in my hands.”

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