Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2387 Ye Zhiqing

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Chapter 2387 Ye Zhiqing

That person was the son of the head of the ancient family alliance, Di Feng. He had just walked over to the transportation formation and was talking with the people beside him when someone came out of the transportation formation. Before he could even see who that person was, his face stung and he was sent flying.

“Long Chen!”

Seeing that Long Chen was the one who had just come out of the transportation formation, Di Feng was shocked. He hadn’t expected to encounter him here.

“Haha, it’s been a long time, Di Feng. Even after so long, I see that your cultivation base hasn’t grown, but your face has certainly thickened. My hand hurts.” Long Chen shook his head, staring at Di Feng in amazement.

This transportation formation was one of the central formations connected to various transportation formations throughout the divine families. Hence, there were quite a few people nearby, and they looked over at the disturbance, staring in shock at them.

“Long Chen, how dare you run rampant amongst the divine families! Are you looking down on the divine families?!” Suddenly, a middle-aged man walked out of the group that was with Di Feng.

“Just this is called running rampant? That means that you don’t understand me. You don’t even know how amazing I look when I really run rampant,” said Long Chen.

“Long Chen, you killed my son and still dare to run over to the divine families! Let me see just how long you can stay alive here!” cursed the woman.

“Your son? Who are you?” asked Long Chen.

“You…!” The woman’s face twisted. She was Di Long’s wife, as well as Di Xin’s mother. Back then, Long Chen had killed Di Xin right in front of her.

Now that he was acting like he didn’t recognize her, her fury soared. “My son was Di Xin! Long Chen, I will not permit you to live in this world! As long as I, Ye Zhiqing, exist amongst the divine families, I swear you will not have a peaceful day. If you’re smart, you’ll immediately scram back to the Martial Heaven Continent. Then you might live a bit longer!”

Long Chen now understood why the Ye family was so against him. It seemed that it was caused by this woman. But then when he thought about it further, that didn’t make sense either. How could a woman who had married out into one of the Martial Heaven Continent’s families have any status amongst the Ye family? How could she influence her entire family’s position?

Long Chen shook his head. “I’m not smart, so I think I’ll stay here and see what tricks you have up your sleeves.”

Long Chen felt that it was odd that Di Feng would appear here and that Di Xin’s mother would be with him. In terms of names, Di Feng had to call her mother as well. Di Feng had great restraint and most likely curried this woman’s favor. Had he really managed to enter the Ye family thanks to playing on Di Xin’s mother’s hatred for Long Chen? If that was the case, then there really would be something to play with.

“Who is causing a ruckus here and being disrespectful to senior Zhiqing?”

Just at this moment, a large man walked in, wearing golden armor. That was the armor of the Heavenly Dragon Legion, and the number two was marked on it. He was the vice commander of the second legion.

This man actually bowed slightly to Di Xin’s mother before turning to Long Chen and frowning. “Are you that newcomer who likes to cause trouble, Long Chen?”

“Do you have any teachings?” asked Long Chen.

“I am warning you. This is the divine families not the Martial Heaven Continent. Having come here, you had best follow the rules. Don’t provoke a calamity. Many people already don’t like you, understand?”

“I don’t care if people don’t like me. If people don’t like me, why are they constantly coming to me? Do they have an illness?” sneered Long Chen. Ignoring the large man, he walked away. When passing Di Feng, he coldly said, “My mood’s pretty good today, so I’ll leave your head on your neck. When my mood isn’t good, or maybe when it’s too good, I’ll remove it for you.”

Today, his time was precious. Long Chen walked off, wanting to maintain his good mood from getting to look at the divine families’ treasury.

“You are too arrogant!” The large man’s expression sank, and he suddenly grabbed Long Chen’s chest. He was surprised to find that Long Chen didn’t dodge, allowing him to grab his collar.

Sneering and assuming that Long Chen didn’t even have the ability to dodge, he was about to pull him down when a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the air.

With a grip on his wrist, Long Chen slammed him into the ground. The hard bricks were supported by a formation, but this smash still left cracks in them.

The large man hacked up blood. He hadn’t started circulating his spiritual yuan or summoned his manifestation. After all, this wasn’t the place for a big fight. He had just wanted to teach Long Chen a little lesson. As a result, he was injured from the impact due to having no protection.

“I’ve been arrogant for a while now. So what? You don’t like me so you want to put me in my place? Unfortunately, you don’t have the ability to do so,” sneered Long Chen.

Those who wished to fight in close range with him had to be unafraid of death. His combat experience had been built up through fighting on the battlefield, but this vice commander’s power was also not bad. After all, someone who could become the vice commander of the second legion had to be powerful.

However, the warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion were used to fighting enemies of other races. As a result, their experience against human opponents was a far cry from Long Chen’s. In one move, he was subdued.

The surrounding people’s jaws dropped. This sudden turn had caught them by surprise. Things looked to be over before the fight even started.

The vice commander was lying on the ground, still hacking up blood. Although he wasn’t dead, his injuries did not seem light.

Long Chen patted his hands a few times as if he had just done something insignificant. He was about to leave when a mass of Heavenly Dragon warriors surrounded him. There were hundreds of them.

“You dare to humiliate our second legion? Do you really think you can leave just like this?!” barked one of the warriors.

“What? Are you going to treat me to a meal? Or are you trying to extort money from me?” asked Long Chen disdainfully.

Someone helped up the vice commander. With his breath back, he began circulating his spiritual yuan, quickly healing.

“Long Chen, you are looking down on the divine families! Do you think no one can control you here?!” shouted Ye Zhiqing.

The surrounding experts of the divine families twitched. Ye Zhiqing was quite insidious to try creating hostility between Long Chen and the divine families.

Long Chen looked at her and shook his head. “Don’t play this game with me. I’m here to look at the treasury. As for the person I slapped, he’s not a member of the divine families. How did this end up becoming me provoking the divine families? As expected, it must be thanks to you that Di Xin was raised into an idiot.”

Long Chen didn’t know her status, but he knew she was nothing good. He didn’t want to stay here any longer. Also, fighting with an old vixen put him at a loss no matter what happened.

However, as he tried to leave, swords came out of their sheaths. The Heavenly Dragon warriors pointed their weapons at Long Chen.

Long Chen’s expression sank. “Those who have pointed their weapons at me have all died. If you’re in a rush, I can do the same for you.”

Long Chen’s killing intent began to leak out. Without realizing it, his blood was heating up. After his last tribulation, Long Chen definitely felt a subtle change in his body. He was becoming easier to anger and wanted to kill more and more. His control was slipping.

With people pointing their swords at him, he felt his killing intent ignite. He didn’t know if it was his own anger or the Pill Sovereign’s will. In any case, his killing intent started to spread.

These warriors that had fought on the battlefield for years suddenly felt themselves turn ice cold. They felt that what they were facing was not a man, but a death god. Furthermore, this death god was in the midst of raising his scythe to reap all their lives.

Their nerves tightened, and sweat dripped down their foreheads and backs. Their swords began to shudder.

In all their lives, they had never seen someone with such strong killing intent. It was like Long Chen was an envoy from hell who had come to take people’s souls.

Ye Zhiqing watched as Long Chen suppressed everyone just like this. She sneered, “Long Chen, who do you think you’re trying to scare? Do you think a little bit of killing intent is enough to frighten the warriors of the divine families? I refuse to believe that you would dare to kill someone within the territory of the divine families. With your cultivation base, you’re just a speck of dust to the divine families, someone who can be wiped out with the wave of a hand. The warriors of the Heavenly Dragon Legion are true men who have fought through blood and fire! Give up your intimidation tactic!”

“That’s right! You can’t scare us. Today, if you don’t admit your mistake here, don’t even think about leaving!” Those warriors toughened up.

If someone wanted to die, no one could stop them. Long Chen snorted inside. Evilmoon appeared in his hand.

Seeing that, Ye Zhiqing smiled sinisterly.

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