Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2388 The High Spirited Shen Chengfeng

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Chapter 2388 The High Spirited Shen Chengfeng

“Since you all want to die, don’t blame me.” Despite knowing it was a trap, and an extremely childish and simple one at that, Long Chen jumped in, regardless of knowing that it would make him a brainless idiot.

The will inside him refused to allow him to avoid this. He had to charge through it. Evilmoon slowly collected power.

“Are you competing in numbers here?” Just at this moment, a familiar voice rang out. Shen Chengfeng and the entire eighth legion came rushing over. One sword after another came out of their sheaths as they surrounded the warriors of the second legion. After consecutive victories, the eighth legion was no longer spiritless. They were like honed blades shining with their own light.

“Shen Chengfeng, what are you intending?!” demanded the vice commander of the second legion.

“What am I intending? Can you not tell? We’re intending the same thing as the swords in your hands. Long Chen is the current general of my eighth legion, and even I as the commander have to listen to him. You want to assault my general and then ask me what I’m intending?” said Shen Chengfeng without a care.

Shen Chengfeng seemed to have completely transformed from his past cautious self. Now his words contained powerful confidence.

After Long Chen had gone to see the Deputy Elder, Elder Long had spoken to Shen Chengfeng alone. He had asked him if he now understood.

Shen Chengfeng had nodded, and Elder Long patted his shoulder, saying that the Long family needed people who were useful. Although loyalty was precious, someone loyal but useless wasn’t worth the Long family spending a great deal of effort on raising.

Through Long Chen’s display and Elder Long’s direct advice this time, Shen Chenfeng now understood what he needed to do. He also understood his own trump card.

“Long Chen was disrespectful to senior Zhiqing, and I am asking him to apologize. What is wrong with that?” shouted the vice commander.

Inside, he was surprised by Shen Chengfeng’s change. The Shen Chengfeng he was familiar with would never talk like this.

“Even if Long Chen was wrong to be disrespectful to senior Zhiqing, it would be a matter for the Heaven Executioner. When did a little vice commander gain the authority to punish others?” asked Shen Chengfeng. He turned to Long Chen. “Brother Long, don’t bother yourself with people like them. You’d just bring down your own mood. It just so happens I need your help with something.”

Long Chen smiled and put away Evilmoon. He left with Shen Chengfeng. The second legion didn’t dare to stop them. With the swords of the eighth legion pointing at them, their hearts were uneasy.

Di Feng and Ye Zhiqing could only watch as they left. Ye Zhiqing’s eyes were full of rancor. Just now, she had just been a bit away from getting Long Chen killed.

If Long Chen had killed someone here, then not even the Long family would be able to protect him. But it had been ruined by Shen Chengfeng.

“M-Mom, don’t be angry. I swear that I will definitely kill Long Chen and avenge brother Xin. Long Chen will definitely die to my hands in the future,” comforted Di Feng.

“Feng-er, you’re a good child. Don’t worry, my Ye family will fully support you. With your talent and the Ye family’s financial power, killing Long Chen isn’t something difficult,” said Ye Zhiqing.

Di Feng nodded, a sneer deep within his eyes. He held Ye Zhiqing’s arm and left.

Ye Zhiqing didn’t even look at the vice commander. That vice commander could only bring his people away with a dark expression.

“Just who is that woman? Why do you have to call her senior?” asked Long Chen.

Shen Chengfeng said, “Amongst the divine families’ main bloodline are those born with exceptionally pure bloodlines, and they are all called senior. As for senior Zhiqing, she was truly talented with a strong bloodline. However, due to her willful character, she had no heart to cultivate, wasting all that potential. The Ye family’s higher-ups were extremely angry about that. They tried to force her to cultivate, only for senior Zhiqing to run off to the Martial Heaven Continent in a rage. Somehow, she ended up falling for Di Long. The ancient family alliance originally had a certain connection to the Ye family, and later it was learned that senior Zhiqing was pregnant. The Ye family’s higher-ups almost executed her in a rage. However, they are family in the end, so they couldn’t do it. The matter ended up passing just like that, with senior Zhiqing staying on the continent the whole time. This scandal ended up slowly forgotten. However, one day, senior Zhiqing came back. Her son was killed by you, so she wanted the Ye family to get justice for her son. But that still wasn’t the time for the divine families to enter the continent, so it was set aside. This is why the Ye family is targeting you.”

Long Chen nodded. “So that’s the case. Hey, wait, you said they were family? Just how close of a family?”

“Senior Zhiqing is the great-granddaughter of the Ye family’s head. Her cultivation base isn’t high, but her status isn’t low. Ah, that Ye Yaochen, he is her older half-brother from her father’s side,” said Shen Chengfeng.

“No wonder she has so much influence. Di Long really has some abilities to pull in such a large backer. Then the ancient family alliance has received the Ye family’s support starting from many years ago. Is that why the Mo family was forced out of the ancient family alliance?” asked Long Chen.

The Mo family had once followed the Blood Emperor along with the Di family. Later, after the Blood Emperor died, it was originally the Mo family who had taken over looking after the ancient family alliance. But the Di family had suddenly brought up false charges against the Mo family, uniting with the descendants of the Blood Emperor to expel the Mo family. The Mo family was almost destroyed overnight.

Was it possible that it was after the Blood Emperor died that the Ye family had started to infiltrate the ancient family alliance and try to take control? Perhaps this was related to how Ye Zhiqing had ended up falling for someone like Di Long when the Martial Heaven Continent was filled with other men. Perhaps the ancient family alliance could be considered a branch of the Ye family.

“I don’t know.” Shen Chengfeng shook his head. Something on that level was confidential. He wasn’t qualified to know. Within the divine families, knowing too much wasn’t a good thing.

“Alright then. Didn’t you already leave? Why are you back?” asked Long Chen.

“Hehe, we were looking for you. We have quite a few points, but the items within the treasury are too dazzling. When we were poor, we wanted money. Now that we have money, we don’t know how to spend it. There are all kinds of things to buy, but we don’t know what the best ones are. We don’t want to waste it on something that won’t strengthen us,” said Shen Chengfeng.

The eighth legion had gained a huge amount of wealth, but they wanted to stretch each point that they had earned. When they had entered the treasury, they had been too dazzled to even decide on what they wanted. That was why they wanted to hear Long Chen’s opinion, resulting in them coming to look for him and seeing him surrounded by the second legion.

Shen Chengfeng had immediately interrupted them. If Long Chen killed someone here, that would be extremely troublesome. That would be a slap in the divine families’ faces. Even if the Long family wanted to protect him, they wouldn’t have a good excuse to do so.

“How many points do you have?” asked Long Chen.

“We’ve exchanged everything we gained in the last battle for points, resulting in one million and two hundred thousand points. The Long family also rewarded us with three hundred thousand points, so we have a total of one million and five hundred thousand points. The eighth legion has never before seen such wealth,” laughed Shen Chengfeng.

The entire eighth legion had been rewarded three hundred thousand points, while Long Chen had also been awarded three hundred thousand points. It seemed that this reward really wasn’t small.

“Let’s go take a look then,” said Long Chen.

Shen Chengfeng had the warriors stand guard outside. He only brought in his two vice commanders along with Long Chen.

They followed the path forward. Next, they stepped onto a bridge leading into the center of a giant stone mountain. The entire mountain was adorned with runes across every speck of it. There were guards standing on the bridge, keeping a watch over them.

“This is the only treasury inside of the divine families. All the divine families’ experts come here to buy things that they need. This is an important place, so Long Chen, try to reserve yourself a bit,” warned Shen Chengfeng. After knowing Long Chen for so long, he had gained an understanding of his temper. When he was calm, he could toy with his enemies. When he lost that calm, he became a madman, and any intelligence decided to cut its ties with him.

Just now, the matter with Ye Zhiqing had been very dangerous. Shen Chengfeng was somewhat unable to understand what Long Chen was thinking by jumping into that trap.

“Don’t worry, I won’t easily attack,” promised Long Chen. “Unless I can’t hold back.”


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