Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2467 Startling News

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Chapter 2467 Startling News

It wasn’t just Long Chen who was surprised to hear about the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest. The other Heavenly Dragon warriors were also startled. They had never heard of it.

However, just the name was enough to inspire reverence. Everyone looked at Shen Chengfeng.

“I only heard this name accidentally from one of senior Feng Fei’s attendants. They told us the direction they were going, and there’s a mark on the map with the character for Ten Thousand. I didn’t know what it was at first, but when they mentioned the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest, I knew that’s what it was. However, senior Feng Fei told us to scatter and look for our own opportunities here. I suspect that the Ten Thousand Dragon Nest is too dangerous for us, but I also saw that mysterious fellow from the Corrupt path, Di Feng, Dongfang Yuyang, and a few others rushing over in that direction. You shouldn’t waste any time and hurry over, or all the good things will be taken away by them,” said Shen Chengfeng.

Long Chen felt a bit of warmth in his heart. The eighth legion belonged to the divine families but still had some brotherhood with him.

Long Chen didn’t believe that Shen Chengfeng hadn’t heard any news about the scheme at all. He also saw a few complicated expressions amongst the Heavenly Dragon warriors. He knew that they had definitely received certain orders.

Despite the orders, Shen Chengfeng still exposed such a secret to him. He definitely viewed Long Chen as a brother.

Long Chen patted Shen Chengfeng’s shoulder and nodded toward everyone. “Brothers, I’ll remember this favor.”

Long Chen’s lightning wings flapped, and he sped off. He encountered several waves of the Martial Heaven Continent’s experts, with one being from the Corrupt path that he conveniently wiped out.

As he was traveling, he saw two groups facing each other. When he saw that one of them belonged to the ancient family alliance and the other was from the Mo family, he chose to hide himself in the void. He didn’t see Mo Nian, but he did see Liu Zongying. Both sides had weapons drawn. The atmosphere was extremely tense.

“You can go.”

The leader of that group of the ancient family alliance was a white-robed man with a sword on his back. His expression was complicated as he looked at Liu Zongying.

“Senior apprentice-brother Jin Lin, you…!” The people beside the white-robed man stared at him in astonishment. The Mo family were the traitors of the ancient family alliance. Their side had more people, so they would definitely be at an advantage if they fought.

The white-robed man shook his head. “The grievance back then was so long ago that no one can say who was right and who was wrong. The truth has been erased within the river of time. With the Martial Heaven Continent on the verge of destruction, this kind of fight is meaningless. If young master Di Feng asks, I will take full responsibility.”

Liu Zongying smiled. “The Quicksword Jin Lin stands up to his reputation of a heavenly genius sealed during ancient times. This sharp vision is admirable. The truth from back then truly isn’t important. What’s important is how many people still care about that truth.” Liu Zongying turned to the other experts wanting to fight. “Don’t feel indignant over missing such a great opportunity. I’ll tell you frankly that the Mo family’s power is not something that you can imagine. If you did choose to fight, you would be the ones to suffer.”

“Bullshit! You traitors, you dare to be so arrogant? The great Blood Emperor saw through your arrogance back then, which was why your Mo family was attacked! You shouldn’t even exist in this world-!”

The speaker didn’t even get a chance to finish speaking. Liu Zongying raised a hand, and a hole appeared in that person’s head.

Liu Zongying’s movements hadn’t appeared too fast, but they had been so smooth and graceful that it was wonderful to see.

“That fellow Mo Nian actually managed to transmit his divine energy to her. Is he not afraid of harming her?” Long Chen was the only one who saw it clearly. He saw that the reason she had managed to so easily kill that person was because her attack had contained divine energy.

That person’s corpse slowly collapsed to the ground. Killing intent rose from the other disciples of the ancient family alliance. Battle was imminent.

In the face of their killing intent, Liu Zongying snorted, “The Mo family’s rise can no longer be stopped. The Mo family is going to take back its dignity. Senior apprentice-brother Jin Lin, thank you for your kindness, but the Mo family will not accept anyone’s pity. Even after that bloodshed, even through the years of fleeing, did we ever lower our heads? Mo Nian might not be present, but I, Liu Zongying, am. If you want to kill the Mo family’s disciples, come try it.”

Liu Zongying’s forceful appearance possessed even greater charisma than Mo Nian’s mischievous laughing style. Her fearless determination was similar to Qu Jianying.

Long Chen nodded. Liu Zongying was truly a heroine who would not accept other people’s pity, nor would she allow the Mo family’s disciples to leave in front of people’s disdainful looks. That was an insult to the Mo family.

Jin Lin had good intentions, but he had said one thing wrong. That was to say that he was allowing the Mo family’s disciples to leave. That implied that they were the weaker ones. Liu Zongying thanked him for his good intentions, but she would not accept them.

Jin Lin’s expression changed. He felt as if he didn’t have a way out.

His hand reached back, but in the end, he didn’t unsheathe the sword on his back. He shook his head and walked away, taking the blame, not wanting to take on the infamy of bullying a woman. He was a sword cultivator with a sword cultivator’s pride.

The other disciples of the ancient family alliance clenched their teeth but left with him. Jin Lin’s position in the ancient family alliance was very high.

Clapping rang out and everyone looked over. Liu Zongying was delighted, but the ancient family alliance’s disciples’ expressions all changed.

Long Chen was clapping. “A sword cultivator is truly a sword cultivator. This pride is worthy of praise. It is this pride that saved all your lives. If you had attacked, your names would only exist within the continent’s history.”

The ancient family alliance’s disciples’ hearts clenched. They were pale with fear.

Considering the point that the ancient family alliance and the Martial Heaven Alliance had reached, Long Chen had more than enough reason to kill them right here if he wanted to. They had joined forces with the Corrupt path to ambush the Martial Heaven Alliance, even leaving people behind to disturb them. These people all knew of it.

“A cultivator must cultivate the heart. To cultivate the heart requires cultivating the mind first. A cultivator without a brain will sooner or later die to someone else’s scheme no matter how strong they are. You’re all very lucky to have a sword cultivator who protected your lives, but luck won’t look after you forever. Go, and hopefully the next time I see you, you won’t have given me a reason to kill you,” said Long Chen.

Jin Lin cupped his fists toward Long Chen, leading the ancient family alliance’s disciples away. When they could no longer see Long Chen, those disciples finally realized that their backs were already covered in icy sweat.

“Congratulations to Mrs. Mo for your divine power.” Long Chen turned to Liu Zongying and greeted her with a laugh.

“Congratulations my ass. That Mo Nian has been corrupted by your bad example. Mo Nian was originally very obedient, but he started growing more and more wanton after encountering you.” Liu Zongying’s smile vanished and was replaced with a glare.

Long Chen stared at her. Did her conscience not twinge when she called Mo Nian obedient? Mo Nian had always been the way he was.

“You should hurry and join Mo Nian. Be careful. Mo Nian said that the divine families didn’t just send Feng Fei. There’s another one whose power is not inferior to Feng Fei. The divine families are acting mysteriously. They definitely have their own goal,” warned Liu Zongying.

“The divine families actually have another such expert?” Long Chen was startled.

Liu Zongying said, “Mo Nian was following Di Feng’s tracks. Due to digging up the Di family’s ancestral tomb, he has a special method to track him. Mo Nian wanted to kill him alone, but Di Feng was rushing on his own, while Mo Nian had to look after us, slowing him down. When we caught up to them, Tian Xiezi, Di Feng, and the others had entered the Life and Death Spirit Spring. But they weren’t the first batch to reach there. Another group had already left. Using one of his new divine abilities, Mo Nian saw someone enter with Feng Fei. In any case, the divine families have been very secretive over this Star Field Divine World, so Mo Nian left a marker for you to chase after him. With his cultivation base, I wouldn’t be too worried about him, but if that person with Feng Fei is on the same level as her, then it will be dangerous for Mo Nian to fight against both of them.”

Liu Zongying couldn’t help being worried. If it was a one against one, Mo Nian should be able to run even if he couldn’t beat Feng Fei. But if he was surrounded, he wouldn’t have a chance to run.

“Alright, take care. I’m going right now.” Long Chen nodded. Waving goodbye, he continued on his way. He saw quite a few scars from battles along the way, and he also saw some disciples from the divine families.

Those disciples were clearly surprised upon seeing him. He also saw the third legion’s commander in the distance. When the commander saw Long Chen, he shot up.

However, he didn’t actually attack in the end. Ignoring him, Long Chen continued on his way. With them all being in the fourth step, he no longer cared about them.

As Long Chen sped off, he used his divine sense to keep an eye on the third commander. He saw that the latter had taken out a jade tablet. Most likely, he was reporting his location.

“Hmph, the divine families really are treacherous. They’re afraid of me fighting over the treasures? Then let me see just what kind of treasures are worth being so careful.”

Long Chen snorted and continued on his way. After a day’s worth of travel, a giant ball of clouds appeared ahead of him.

“This is the place.”

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