Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 2468 Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass

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Chapter 2468 Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass

The giant clump of clouds covered up whatever was inside, but it was possible to hear some vague dragon roars coming from within.

Those clouds were no ordinary clouds. They were filled with immortal qi. It seemed that there was a kind of mysterious law protecting this place.

Based on Tian Xiezi’s memories and the marker that Mo Nian had left for him, Long Chen examined the clouds for a moment before diving right in.

The moment he entered, he felt as if he had been drawn into a spacetime channel. The sound of dragon roars and spatial fragments tore through his ears.

A giant drake suddenly charged toward Long Chen, its claws tearing through the spacetime channel. Long Chen immediately felt a sensation of mortal danger fill him.

A black bone saber cut through its claw and the rest of the drake, cutting it in two.

Long Chen was shocked. That drake had definitely been an existence above the Netherpassage realm but had still been instantly killed.

He knew that this was a spacetime illusion. It seemed that these clouds had recorded fragments of the history that had passed. What he was seeing was nothing more than images of what had happened in the distant past.

However, although they were just images, they had their own sound and pressure. The pressure that they replicated was enough to crush ordinary fourth step Netherpassage experts. Not even Samsara power could stop it.

The void continued to rumble. Long Chen felt as if his body would be torn apart, but his physical body was strong enough to resist it.

Long Chen didn’t activate any defenses. He used his body to experience the scenes before him. They were extremely chaotic, and he couldn’t even see the battle clearly. He only caught glimpses of torn-up corpses flying.

There were corpses of giant dragons, as well as experts from a strange race in black armor with black bone blades. This was a bloody battle of existences above the Netherpassage realm. Dragon blood dyed the ground.

For some unknown reason, Long Chen was filled with killing intent toward the experts in black armor. He didn’t know whether or not the true dragon essence blood in his veins caused him to be fond of the dragon race and hate their enemies.

Suddenly, the visions faded and everything fell silent. Long Chen appeared in a desolate world. The scent of blood hung in the air along with the aura of decay.

Looking around, Long Chen’s heart pounded. White bones filled this world.

Every single one of these bones was gigantic. They were half-buried, with the other half piercing into the sky.

A light crack rang out beneath his feet when he took a step. He saw that a withered bone had been shattered by his step. He didn’t know what bone it was, but it was bigger than a house.

Long Chen rubbed one of the fragments and muttered to himself, “It wasn’t the erosion of time that weakened them. The divine runes of the bone were taken away, resulting in its power being stolen.”

Ahead of him was a dragon skull. Examining it, he found that the skull had been pierced by something, and the dragon core had been taken away. The divine runes within the bones had also been absorbed. Not one thing of value had been left behind.

Although he was a bit disappointed, he assumed that this was normal. If there had been any treasures here, they would have long since been taken by others.

“Mo Nian didn’t leave any further marks. Either he didn’t have the time, or there was no time.” Long Chen observed the surroundings. After not finding anything that Mo Nian could have left for him, he began to carefully advance.

“Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass!”

Long Chen suddenly noticed a strange grass covered in scale-like patterns growing within one of the dragon bones.

“In a land of hidden dragons, where the soulstar remains, a spirit grass can grow, becoming a divine dragon medicine.” Long Chen’s heart pounded hard. A recording of this precious medicinal ingredient appeared in his mind. “It seems that this dragon must have been extremely powerful when alive. Even after death, not all of its power was sucked away. The remaining energy was enough to give birth to a Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass.”

This was an exceedingly rare medicinal ingredient. It was said to only have a possibility of growing within a dragon cemetery. When a dragon died and their soul essence merged with astral energy, this grass could sprout.

It was impossible to grow on the Martial Heaven Continent. Hence, even the ancient records of the Martial Heaven Continent didn’t have it. Long Chen only recognized it due to the Pill Sovereign memories.

Its extract could be absorbed and after that, the dragon race would view the one absorbing it as a member of their race. They would not be attacked, and they might even be able to control a divine dragon.

The dragon race mentioned here referred to the true dragon race, so it did not mean that the other dragon races with impure bloodlines would respect it the same way. Perhaps they might be a bit more amicable, but there were records of dragon races killing each other.

The reason that Long Chen was so excited over it was because he could refine it into the Dragon Body Star Soul Pill. This was a pill that could transform a person’s constitution and allow them to grow infinitely closer to a dragon’s power.

The Dragonblood warriors had absorbed the essence blood of the metal devouring evil dragon. After cultivating the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art, their physical bodies had grown many times stronger, making them into true Dragonblood warriors.

However, there was still an immense difference between their bodies and the bodies of actual dragons. This pill could change their constitutions, fully activating their dragon blood to reforge their bodies. Long Chen also believed that it would allow them to cultivate faster and easier with the Dragon Blood Body Tempering Art.

The reason his body was so powerful was because his body had been completely reforged by the azure dragon essence blood. If the Dragonblood warriors had the Dragon Body Star Soul Pills, they could also reforge their physical bodies like him.

However, reforging the physical body required constantly tearing it apart and rebuilding it. It would be a very painful process.

“I wonder if I can grow it in the primal chaos space?”

The Hidden Dragon Soul Star Grass only grew within the corpses of dragons, relying on the leftover energy from when the dragon was alive to survive. Once it left the corpse, it wouldn’t be long before it withered.

Long Chen carefully transplanted the grass into the primal chaos space and saw that it didn’t show any signs of withering. Instead, it seemed slightly invigorated.

“The primal chaos bead really is my greatest treasure!” Long Chen almost cried out in excitement. The primal chaos bead’s power was truly heaven-defying.

Long Chen carefully plucked off a few roots and found that those roots continued to grow. In other words, he could grow them in large numbers.

However, their growing speed was too slow. Who knew how long it would take before he had enough?

“I’ll need to find some corpses,” thought Long Chen. Without powerful corpses to feed the primal chaos space, let alone the Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass, he wouldn’t even be able to grow the Heavenly Qilin Demon Trees.

Long Chen continued onward, finding more and more skeletons. However, he didn’t find more of the Hidden Dragon Star Soul Grass as the conditions for it to grow were too stringent. The fact that he had obtained one was a pure coincidence.

At first, he saw only dragon bones, but he gradually started to see bones of some other race. Their bones didn’t seem different from human bones, but they were black and looked like steel.

“They didn’t even let off their own people.” Long Chen examined a few of those corpses and saw sharp penetrating wounds. Based on the position, it seemed that they had been stabbed through their hearts.

These bones had their divine runes taken away as well, and were extremely weak. Just a touch caused them to shatter.

“Should I use a soul art to see if I can dredge up some fragments?” Long Chen started to form hand seals.

“Are you crazy? You want to intentionally infect yourself with more karma? Do you not want to live any longer?” cursed Evilmoon suddenly. “What is there to look at? These are the Heaven Devouring Black Armor Corps, a race that devours others to advance. They possess a devouring law similar to my dark evil dragon race’s devouring ability.”

“The Heaven Devouring Black Armor Corps? What are they? I’ve never heard of them before,” asked Long Chen.

“There are lots of things that you haven’t heard of before. Let me tell you, don’t randomly look at things that you shouldn’t look at. If you don’t want to be chased down by the Heaven Devouring Black Armor Corps during your next heavenly tribulation, you shouldn’t look for trouble. Who knows if they have some curse waiting for others to touch when they die? Perhaps you might not even last until your next tribulation,” said Evilmoon.

Evilmoon clearly had an understanding of this race, and it even seemed to be afraid of them.

With Long Chen’s Spiritual Strength, he could grasp remnants of auras and laws to look at some fragments of spacetime in the surroundings. However, that would invoke karma.

It was different from the scenes that he had seen when entering. This was him actively attempting to draw them to himself. Normally, a passive glance wouldn’t invoke karma.

“Don’t bother with these meaningless things. This Ten Thousand Dragon Nest could only be made by someone on the level of a dragon king capable of subduing ten thousand dragons. Hurry up and investigate the depths. I sense a powerful aura, but it’s been covered up. I’m sure that there’s a treasure inside,” said Evilmoon impatiently.

Long Chen agreed and decided to speed up. As he passed by the countless bones, a giant entity appeared up ahead. It was like a star floating in the sky.

“That’s the dragon nest. We’re almost in!” shouted Evilmoon.

Long Chen quickened his pace. The closer he got, the more apprehensive he grew. Dragon might exuded from the nest, quickening his blood flow. Various dragon scales were starting to appear.

“Control your aura, or the one inside the dragon nest will sense you,” ordered Evilmoon.

Long Chen slowed down. At this time, he noticed that it was like a spherical gem. There were countless holes throughout it, and it seemed like a maze.

Following Evilmoon’s directions, Long Chen entered one of the caves. As soon as he entered, the world changed. He got into a new space, and before he could even see his surroundings, a black bone blade slashed toward him.

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