Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Both Sides Heavily Wounded

“Void Breaking Slash!”

Waves of Qi completely constricted Long Chen . That sword seemed completely unstoppable .

That was Ying Hou’s most powerful sword technique . Long Chen knew that it was definitely also an Earth class Battle Skill, and it was even more terrifying than the one he had used before . The powerful aura completely locked him in place .

Facing death, Long Chen’s mind was completely calm . He entered a strange state at this moment . He seemed to have grasped everything within heaven and earth . Ten thousand laws and Daos, every single creature and object, everything was clearly captured within his mind right now .

He felt as if he had already escaped from his body and was looking on as an observer .

What Long Chen didn’t know at this time was that his FengFu Star had become completely static at this time as if it was waiting for some kind of enlightenment . It was a shame that Long Chen hadn’t noticed .

Spiritual qi rushed towards his twelve cyclones . They explosively grew and a cord-like energy surged through Long Chen’s meridians to enter the broadsword in his hands .

“Split the Heavens!”

Strange lines appeared over the broadsword and it seemed to come alive . It cut through a mysterious arc, imposing just like an overpowering dragon . This was Long Chen’s strongest attack .

BOOM! Waves of Qi exploded outwards . Both of them were sent flying back, blood filling the sky .

Long Chen’s broadsword had been sent flying back hundreds of meters, only stopping once it sunk deep into a boulder .

Vomiting out blood, Long Chen felt that his whole body was about to collapse and his aura plummeted .

A dozen cuts appeared on his body from which blood unceasingly flowed out of . But what was worse was that his entire body’s meridians had been cracked, just a bit away from completely breaking apart .

And this was after Long Chen had gained the experience of using Split the Heavens last time . So when he used it this time, he had used his entire body’s meridians in order to brunt the explosive force that came from it .

But because he had used even greater force that last time, he was really only just the slightest bit away from truly becoming a completely crippled person .

It was possible to regrow a small portion of destroyed meridians . That was because you could follow the ‘memories’ of the meridians before it . But if all the meridians in the body were destroyed, even with a Pill God’s memories, Long Chen would be completely powerless to fix it .

The current him was now unable to use even the slightest trace of spiritual qi . His cracked meridians were unable to bear any force at the moment .

On the other side, Ying Hou’s condition was not that much better than Long Chen’s . The sword in his hand had shattered explosively, its fragments cutting into both of them .

If it was just outer wounds then Ying Hou would still be able to use his powerful cultivation base to suppress them . But having used his most powerful attack just now, he had lost control of the extremely toxic poison inside him . Only the slightest trace of that corrosive poison had entered his heart just now .

But just that slight trace caused his heart to show signs of withering . That completely terrified Ying Hou and he hastily used his spiritual qi to defend against the poison’s invasion .

Long Chen took a deep breath and slowly stood up . Going over to his broadsword, he pulled it out of the rock, and slowly began to walk over to Ying Hou .

He could see a bit of blackness on Ying Hou’s forehead . That was one of the signs that the poison had reached his heart . It also meant that Ying Hou was like him and couldn’t use his spiritual qi .

Now he would use his powerful physical body to go kill Ying Hou .

Long Chen wanted to rush over and split him in two, but his body was unbearably weak . Blood was flowing from the dozen wounds caused by Ying Hou’s shattered sword . If it weren’t for his powerful physical body, he would have already run out of blood . But even so, bursts of dizziness caused him to feel as if he might faint at any time .

But he couldn’t fall just yet . Even though he was already out of energy, his eyes were still calm without the slightest trace of emotion as he slowly walked towards Ying Hou .

“Ying Zhao, now the one who will die is you . ”

Long Chen raised his sword and slashed down at Ying Hou .

Ying Hou was worried to see that Long Chen still had the strength to come attack him . He hastily rolled to the side . When the broadsword slashed right past his cheeks, it was so close that he could feel the icy coldness coming from it .

“Damn, he actually still has so much strength!”

Ying Hou’s expression finally changed . That was the first time he had felt fear from an insignificant Qi Condensation ant . He was especially afraid of Long Chen’s completely calm eyes .

Long Chen was just like a deep well . He only revealed the slightest bit on the surface, but as for how deep he was, no one knew .

Ying Hou could sense the steady killing intent overflowing from him . Now he was at an absolute disadvantage . Without his spiritual qi, he was not a match for Long Chen’s physical body .

“Just treat it as you being lucky today!”

Ying Hou coldly sneered and actually turned to flee .

“You want to run? Leave behind your life first!”

Long Chen shouted and charged forward in chase .

However the broadsword in his hand was too heavy and he was actually unable to catch up . In just a few short moments, he had already lost Ying Hou’s tail .

Seeing Ying Hou disappear, the anger on Long Chen’s face faded to be replaced by relief . He suddenly felt the world spinning around him and his vision blackened as he lost consciousness .

Ying Hou was celebrating that Long Chen was unable to catch up to him . Long Chen’s physical body might be powerful, but his attacking strength resided with that broadsword .

Now that broadsword had become a burden and caused him to be unable to catch up to him, letting Ying Hou relax . However he didn’t know that Long Chen was actually completely spent . He had used up all his final energy to put on an act to scare him off .

In the end, Ying Hou really was duped . After fleeing madly for a while, Ying Hou suddenly felt his heart begin to violently beat . He realized his own spiritual qi was starting to run out and was unable to suppress the poison .

He hastily took out a couple medicinal pills and swallowed them . The Snow Toad Yaowan’s medicinal energy was already starting to decline . But it had only countered an incredibly small portion of Long Chen’s poison .

He would definitely still die if he didn’t promptly neutralize it . Now Ying Hou could no longer even bother to think about Long Chen . His own life was more important .

Over two hundred miles were traversed by him in just a day . He finally left the forest and arrived at a camp . Ying Hou let out a breath of relief when he saw the camp .

When the patrolling guards saw Ying Hou covered in blood and on his last legs, they were all scared stupid . Was that really the Ying Hou who was practically like a god to them?

Ying Hou grabbed one of those guards who appeared to be a squad leader and hastily spit out, “Split up your troops and sweep the entire forest . When you see him, you must kill him . Bring me… back to the capital…”

After saying that, Ying Hou was unable to persevere and fainted . That squad only then reacted, quickly carrying away Ying Hou and sending a report to the higher-ups .

Returning back to the third day after Long Chen had killed Xia Changfeng . The fourth prince held a secret report and a light smile appeared on his face .

“Long Chen, you really didn’t disappoint me . ”

Lightly putting down the report, he raised a cup of tea on the table and calmly drank a sip . Suddenly his door was opened and a white-robed man walked in .

Seeing that white-robed man, the fourth prince smiled slightly . “I’ve already prepared some tea for you . But you came a bit later than I expected so it might not be perfect . Please, have some first and don’t take offense . ”

That white-robed eyes had been icy cold and filled with killing intent, but because of the fourth prince’s words, he became somewhat startled .

“You know who I am?” he icily asked .

“I know a bit . ”

“Then do you know why I’ve come here?”

“To kill me,” lightly replied the fourth prince . Those words which would cause a person’s heart to jump in fear were actually said with extreme calmness .

“If you know I came here to kill you, why are you so calm?” The white-robed man’s eyes narrowed .

“Because I know you can’t kill me . ”

“Haha, if I wanted to kill you, even all the people in the capital added together would be unable to stop me,” coldly laughed the white-robed man .

“It’s not a question of being able to block you . That’s because I don’t need to block you; I know you won’t kill me . ” The fourth prince was completely certain .

“Oh? Well I’d like to hear a bit more about that . ” Apparently the white-robed man had become a bit interested in what the fourth prince had to say .

“For one thing, I bet that Xia Changfeng wasn’t the most cooperative partner . He was an imbecile, and so he had to die . ”

“ . . . Continue . ”

“Now you have a better partner, someone who can serve you much better, someone who can complete twice the work with half the effort . ”

“You mean yourself?

“Correct . ”

“And your proof of that?”

“The proof is that I have an overall comprehension of your guys’ plans . I know how you can win without the slightest blood . ” The fourth prince was completely sure of himself .

Seeing that the white-robed man didn’t say anything, the fourth prince continued, “You’ve been setting your plan in motion for over twenty years . Ever since the beginning when you sent my mother to marry the Phoenix Cry Emperor, you’ve done everything extremely carefully . Your goal was to not attract too much movement .

You used me and my mother to succeed in controlling the entire Phoenix Cry Empire . The Emperor is already dead and the Empress Dowager is under my mother’s control .

The people who know this secret are all our people, with the exception of Long Tianxiao . So the only person that we need to worry about is Long Tianxiao .

But Long Tianxiao has refused to surrender to us after all these years . He seemed to have also sensed some clues that raised his guard . He has always refused to return to the capital .

So right now, Long Tianxiao is the greatest obstacle in your plans . Am I correct?”

The white-robed man frowned . “Everything you said is useless . You might as well have not said anything . ”

The fourth prince smiled slightly . “What if I said that I could resolve the problem of Long Tianxiao? Would that still be useless words?”

“You can do that?”

“I’ve never done anything I wasn’t sure of . I was born in Phoenix Cry, destined to be a chess piece . I’ve already endured the lifestyle of underhanded schemes that cannot see the day . So I want to cooperate with you . I’ll help you handle Long Tianxiao, and you help me become Emperor . ” The fourth prince’s breathing became a bit heavy at this point . Obviously this was an extremely tense moment .

Although he was also a prince, he had really been born into this world with a mission to be a spy . He would forever be like a ghost, never allowed to see the true light .

He had been suppressed for too long . He needed to be set free . When he had seen Xia Changfeng’s abusing his power arrogantly like an idiot, he had decided that he would kill that bastard and make himself the white-robed man’s partner .

The white-robed man looked at the fourth prince . “What’s your bargaining chip?”

The fourth prince celebrated inside when he saw that the white-robed man hadn’t declined . Full of confidence, he handed something over to him .

Seeing that thing, the white-robed man was shocked .

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