Number One Dungeon Supplier - Chapter 1174 - New Jins

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Chapter 1174 - New Jins

And even though he appeared to be extremely busy with his occupants, most people had forgotten that he was able to create 'Another Jins' to assist with his work. And now that he had Grade Up considerably, the strain on him to produce Another Jins was not as difficult as before. However, the restrictions still played a significant part where he could not exit the Dungeons and Panda Store without releasing them.

What's more was that the newly minted Another Jins were less stupid to say figuratively. Previously, they could only do one task at a time, and the System had to guide them closely to make sure that they knew what to do. If needed, the System would merely merge two Another Jins so they could perform the task with ease before splitting them again. Still, it was sufficient enough for the Original Jin since what he needed them to do were very specific tasks such as bargaining in the black market along with the buy and sell of goods.

But now that Jin had grade up in his cultivation, the other Jins were like exact copies of him, with his current knowledge and skills all combined into the copy. So effectively, the System did not need to closely handle the Another Jins and they could still do the work that he needed to do. Once the original user knew the capabilities of his cloning via astral projections, he immediately sped up his workflow.

He basically became an army of 'one' by splitting his jobs throughout the store and even the minions were unusually happy with the change. This was because they usually have quite a load of requests and suggestions that needed to be attended to. Some were very minor requests like the scientists asking Jin to test out some new equipment but some were priority one such as the training regiment of the Southerners and the Farming World war plans updates. Even the latest mission given by Jin to his personal Demon Exorcists was also dealt by Another Jin.

Furthermore, with the System's capability to connect and relay information from one Jin to another, the flawless communication between each clone had enabled the original one to have the latest intel and updates of everything. Suddenly, everything was coming together nice and quick because of the System User's ability to handle and this made his end users, minions and even Sub System Users to be happy with the current dealings of the situation.

Thus, the Cultivation Zoo Instance was able to accelerate its timeline nearer to its official opening ceremony, no doubt with the help of the latest Zoo Team and JODE Academy had already begun enrolling students while the interior infrastructure as well as the curriculum were being reviewed.

The only time the Jins were not available was when he was forced by the System to take a quick nap. As much as Jin wished to have a clone to be working on stuff as he sleeps, the System forbade Jin to do so. "Even as the User had the capability to do it, one has to look out for his mental health. The splitting of clones might be perfect iterations of yourself but they remained to be Astral projections. Your body still needs time to rest and consolidate itself before User continues with his usual work."

Jin could only assume there might be untold side effects if he was not careful and thus, he listened to what the System said and took his nap. Also the nap Jin took would usually be in a capsule but ever since the Panda Cultivator had been able to control his sludge, the System had finally approved him to sleep in his own room. (Obviously it had been renovated to accommodate time compression and dilation so he could take this time.) It even teased Jin that he could finally find a proper girlfriend and sleep with her without any issues.

As much as Jin rolled his eyes, he honestly believed at this certain point of his life, it was not the right time to settle down. He needed to assert himself as the Panda Lord to stay competitive against the other Royal Zodiac families. Not to mention, the time grace which he had was about to end within a month or so. Clearly, he was too busy to think of it since there were other things in his mind.

And by busy, he meant the continuous creation of the Virtual Reality Dimensional Instance. Even though he has a prototype ready for the Symposium, he was already two steps ahead thinking of the mass production. With the help of Ke Loong, Sea Mesh CEO, he was finally able to get some finetuning done as well as procuring an elite team of tech engineers through the System contracts.

Rei continued to work closely with the selected engineers and they provided input in order to make it viable for mass production. It was a huge step forward and Jin (with the Another Jins) had begun procuring those materials en masse to ensure that if it was approved in the Symposium, they would continue on with the global sales. But regardless of approval or not, both Jin and the System were ready to push forward.

With the advice of the Sea Mesh tech engineers, they had also started procuring the required safety certifications for the prototype. Naturally, the System was already ahead of Jin in manipulating the certifications since everyone knew how long and tedious the extensive safety review could be. It was doing just how the System had done for Jin's dungeon supplier licensing since most of these 'official' records are in major databases rather than hardcopies.

And with that in mind, Jin had started assembling the factories Pandapolis for the production of the Virtual Headset. There was no time to hear whether the Symposium approves it or not, Jin was going to proceed with the production. This was because he only wanted to use the Symposium as a platform to flex his work as well as his store's name. After all, social exposure was important especially when he noticed how influential Kraft's actions were during the Demopolis Raids.

Also, speaking of Kraft, that old crafty fox was indeed going to attack one of the biggest cities owned by the Church of the Afterlife.

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