Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 609 - Hell’s Blood!

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Chapter 609: Hell’s Blood!

A’Ji was sitting in a meditative position in the material storage. His palms faced upward, and he was slowly spinning in the air. At that moment, his eyes flew open.

His silver eye was like a silver lake. Now, it looked as if a meteor had struck it. Water boiled and surged, destroying Aji’s composure and confidence.


A’Ji yelped. His vitality magnetic field spread to his skin and instantly formed a beautiful spirit energy armor.

Since he had already absorbed one and a half vials of super gene medicine, the spirit energy armor did not just cover his right arm, but extended to cover even his toes.

It only took half a second to completely cover himself in armor.

In the next half a second, A’Ji casually swung his arm without even turning his head back and delivered a cut at the door of the material storage behind him.

He might not have a saber, but since he could turn his spirit energy into armor, it could elongate to form a saber of spirit flames. It was even more domineering than a heavy saber made of a Hell Beast’s spine.

He delivered a saber glare that was eight meters long and accurately hit the Broken Claw Dragon’s shoulder when it charged at him with its head bowed.

Unfortunately, the Broken Claw Dragon’s body was dozens of times stronger than a person whose joints were destroyed and who suffered from organ failure in the medical cabin.

The Broken Claw Dragon had sturdy scales to begin with, and now the Vortex’s black liquid formed a layer of slippery armor on its skin.

A’Ji’s slash only managed to make dozens of scales fly off. Most of its power was negated, and the wound left was no thicker than a finger.

The attack did not do as A’ji expected and cut the invader’s chest in one go.

“What is this monster?!”

A’Ji turned his head around and examined the Broken Claw Dragon. He noticed that it was covered in black adhesive liquid.

He had been composed before, but now, shock appeared on his face.

The Vortex controlled the Broken Claw Dragon and cackled in a human fashion again. It turned into a black bolt of lightning and charged forward.

A’Ji’s pupils shrank into two small dots. His body immediately turned into hundreds of afterimages so that he could evade the Broken Claw Dragon’s attack.

He also gathered half of his spirit flames to deliver another slash into the wound on the side of the Broken Claw Dragon’s stomach.

But the Broken Claw Dragon’s charge was just a feint.

Its real attack was in its tail, which could instantly reach supersonic speeds.

When A’Ji’s slash dug deep into the Broken Claw Dragon’s abdomen, the Broken Claw Dragon morningstar-like tail rammed into A’Ji’s chest with a force that could destroy everything.

Hence, when A’Ji drew out deformed organs from the creature’s abdomen, his spirit energy armor shattered like a fragile piece of glass after being struck by the Broken Claw Dragon’s tail, and even his chest caved in.


A’Ji coughed up blood and flew backwards. He knocked into the side of the safe.

The powerful tremor caused the remaining five gene medicines that were of darker color and had more spirit energy to crash onto the floor. They rolled all around the place.

The casings for these gene medicines were made from crystals, so there was not a single crack from manufacturing, and they were stronger than common strengthened glass. Even if they fell from this height, they would not shatter.

Still, A’Ji’s heart bled, and his eyes twitched when he saw this.

It was as if these gene medicines were even more important than his sunken chest.

The Vortex instantly noticed what A’Ji was paying attention to.

Of course, even if A’Ji did not show it, the fragrance coming out from the five gene medicines was so strong that all the other treasures in the storage paled in comparison. They had attracted the Vortex’s attention the moment it noticed them, and all of its cells were thirsting to try them out.

It secreted some black liquid and filled up the hole in its abdomen. Then, it extended its tail and opened the end to grab one gene medicine bottle.

It first brought it to its nose and take a tentative sniff. Then, it smelled the scent on A’Ji’s body.

When it noticed that there were two empty vials on the floor, it immediately came to a realization on how A’Ji’s fighting strength had suddenly increased by so much that he could even withstand a full-powered blow from the Broken Claw Dragon. It was because he had injected two gene medicines into his body.

The Vortex cackled darkly. Without any hesitation, it injected the third gene medicine into its body.


When the blue medicine entered its body, a pained but pleasured moan came from the Broken Claw Dragon’s throat.

The Vortex looked like it had climbed to the peak of pleasure. Its limbs and tail straightened, and only its claws and fangs trembled slightly.

As the medicine circulated swiftly in its deformed body, popping sounds rang out, as if a terrifying demon was about to be released.

And its vitality magnetic field grew so strong that A’Ji’s skin crawled. Cold sweat broke out on his back.

No one knew just how strong and terrifying the seven super gene medicines were more than A’Ji.

They were known as Hell’s Blood due to being meticulously made with hundreds of Hell Beasts’ blood and more than eight hundred complementary ingredients.

Even if someone dug three feet into Dragon City, they would still only find these seven vials.

The most powerful gene medicine that could be bought in Dragon City was known as Raging Dragon Blood, which was said to have come from an Apocalyptic Beast’s blood.

At first glance, an Apocalyptic Beast was stronger than Hell Beasts, so Raging Dragon Blood should be stronger than Hell’s Blood.

The problem was, there were only a handful of Apocalyptic Beasts, and they were also really brutal, so they were never captured alive.

They also had great fighting strength and vitality, so even if they ran into Deity Realm superhumans, they would usually fight until their last cell burned to a crisp.

As a result, even if humans managed to win against Apocalyptic Beasts, it was impossible for them to get a lot of fresh blood.

The blood of an Apocalyptic Beast also rotted quickly, and it wasn’t rare for the spirit energy to have been completely drained from it by the fight.

Hence, the Raging Dragon Blood only had a small portion of blood from a real Apocalyptic Beast. It was really just there as a marketing trick.

What caused the medicine to really take effect were the complementary materials made of various precious ingredients.

The seven Hell’s Blood were different.

Hell Beasts were the highest grade monsters that humans could capture and draw blood from by large quantities.

The seven vials of Hell Blood were about the size of a finger, and they were made of more than fifty tons of Hell Beasts’ blood.

Extracting the Hell Beasts’ blood had required practically all of the wealth that Saber Jin Wanhao accumulated over his life.

And the difficulties and risks he faced during the process of eliminating all the impurities and getting rid of all possibilities of rejection in the dozens of tons worth of Hell Beast blood as well as blending all the materials perfectly was even greater than secretly buying this amount of blood and ensuring its freshness.

Even though he was known as the Underground Emperor and could do whatever he wanted in the gray industries in Dragon City, Saber Jin Wanhao had still managed to create only seven vials of Hell’s Blood after spending his entire life on it.

Even if he were given another one hundred tons of Hell Beasts’ blood, it would be impossible for him to make the eighth vial.

Because many of the necessary processes to make this gene medicine no longer existed, such as Red Brows Su Lun’s mother, because this genius pharmacist was already dead.

Hence, it was obvious just how valuable the seven Hell’s Blood were to him.

When A’Ji saw the deformed monster injecting one Hell’s Blood into its body, his heart clenched in pain, and great fear also rose in him.

Hell’s Blood contained rampaging spirit energy, and normal superhumans could not just inject it into their bodies rashly.

Even arranged the Hell’s Blood injection sequence based on their density and began the injections with the gene medicine that had the lowest density and the most complementary ingredients, he had to continuously cultivate and digest it. It was only when his physical body and cell activity rose to another level that he could inject the next Hell’s Blood that was of greater density.

Yet, the deformed monster had injected Hell’s Blood 3 into its veins.

Any other normal superhuman would enter spirit energy deviation if they were injected with it. Their bodies would burn and even explode. This was an inevitable ending.

But A’Ji already knew the monster’s true form.

The Vortex had occupied the Broken Claw Dragon’s body.

The Broken Claw Dragon was, in itself, a Hell Beast, and its blood was in Hell’s Blood as well.

The Vortex was the crystallization of the monster civilization’s biochemical technology.

If this deformed creature could overcome the rampaging impact from Hell’s Blood 3 and absorb all the spirit energy inside it, just how terrifying would it become?

A’Ji did not dare think further.

The Broken Claw Dragon stumbled about like it was drunk and flailed its limbs.

Its expression was a little distorted. It appeared to be in pain but also pleasure.

The mouth on its tail opened and closed, and it bit down on its own body to tear apart its scales and armor, revealing the hot flesh underneath. It looked like magma.

A’Ji knew that this deformed monster was enduring the impact from Hell’s Blood 3 and trying to digest and absorb the super gene medicine.

This was the best chance, and it was his only chance.

A’Ji widened his eyes and let out a roar. His sunken chest started swelling up once more.

His canines dug into his lip and drew blood. There was a hint of blue in it.

His shattered spirit energy armor turned into thousands of shining sparks that surrounded him.

At that moment, due to his vitality magnetic field summoning them and restraining them in place, they gathered to him again.

But they did not cover his body. Instead, they gushed to his right arm and formed a saber glare that could cut through everything effortlessly.


A’Ji targeted the Broken Claw Dragon’s neck

The Vortex might have been disoriented by the powerful force from Hell’s Blood, but it still managed to detect the monstrous killing intent. It quickly extended its tail and opened the mouth on the end to block it.


The saber glare cut down along the tail and practically sliced it in half.

Yet black adhesive liquid connected the cut tail almost at the same moment.

As the Vortex swiftly absorbed Hell’s Blood 3, it secreted black adhesive liquid and connected the tail once more.

A’Ji scoffed. The saber glare turned and cut off the entire tail.

The severed tail moved like a viper that had its own life. It shrunk, bounced, and went to bite A’Ji’s head.

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