Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 968 - An Irresistible Deal

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Chapter 968: An Irresistible Deal

Seeing Meng Chao pop up, Ice Storm coldly asked, “Who exactly are you?”

Ten sharp leopard claws popped out of her paws, looking as if they were going to scratch his mandrake blossom.

Meng Chao blinked.

Finally couldn’t hold it in anymore?

This was very normal.

Although his limbs were well developed, an advanced orc’s mind was definitely not simple.

The training skills he had displayed over the past few days, as well as his astonishing ability to control the field, including the ability to retract the sound waves into a line and transmit them to the target’s cochlea point-to-point, had far surpassed the standards of a mouse citizen, even an ordinary clan warrior should have the standard.

For ice storm to be able to endure until now, he could be considered very patient.

Meng Chao ignored the frost that appeared between his opponent’s sharp claws. He grinned and said, “If I were you, I wouldn’t ask this question.”

Ice Storm narrowed her eyes, and two dangerous ice flowers blossomed in them. “Why?” she asked.

“Because this question is not important at all.”

Meng Chao calmly said, “It’s as if I’m also very curious about who you are. It’s said that you’re a warrior of the clan with a glorious bloodline, but at the same time that you have great combat strength, you haven’t learned any commanding skills or commanding skills.

“You’re said to want to command a battle gang or even an entire battle group, but you don’t have the slightest interest in training and commanding.

“You’re said to have broken away from the clan and fled the territory of the Gold Clan. You came to Black-corner City because you had no other choice, but you’re unwilling to join the strongest local Blood Hoof Clan through the Blood Bestowing Ceremony.

“You’re said to be an extremely rare snow leopard warrior, but according to my observation, the feline characteristics on your body don’t seem to be that of a leopard. Instead, it’s more like an extremely special albinism.

“Also, your tail is often swishing behind your buttocks, sometimes bristling and sometimes taut. In the eyes of ordinary people, it looks very natural.

“However, after dissecting thousands of monsters… wild beasts, in my eyes, the movements of your tailbone and tailbone muscles seem very out of place as if this is not your own tail at all.

“Look, there are so many suspicious points on your body. It makes people doubt whether you’re really a snow leopard warrior.

“But did I ask? Did I investigate your identity? Do I care whether you’re an advanced orc or another race? No, right?

“Because these questions aren’t important at all. No matter who you are, or even if you’re not a human, as long as we can trade fairly and work together, it won’t stop me from respectfully calling you ‘Lady Ice Storm.’”

Ice Storm’s face was originally crystal clear like a work of art that was carved out of white jade.

When she heard Meng Chao’s words, her face went ghastly pale, and her fur stood up and trembled as if it had been electrocuted, especially when she heard Meng Chao point out the flaw in her tail.

Her tail was like a broken tree branch that instantly drooped down.

For a moment, cracking sounds sounded out from the four corners of the infirmary.

Sharp icicles drilled out of the icicles at the corner of the wall and aimed at Meng Chao like spears

Ice Storm’s killing intent blew out layers of ripples in the large medicine vat, as if it was a mini storm.

Meng Chao’s eyelashes were not disturbed by the storm at all.

He still looked at Ice Storm calmly.

“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you directly?”

Ice Storm was puzzled by his confident look.

The icicle that protruded out like a tusk did not pierce down directly.

“I can’t think of any reason why Lady Ice Storm and I have to fight to the death.”

Meng Chao shrugged and said, “Although we don’t know each other, after spending the past few days together, we at least know that we’re ‘definitely not each other.’

“First of all, I’m definitely not a secret agent, spy, or assassin from the land of Holy Light. The reason is very simple. There’s no one like me in the land of Holy Light who has black hair, black eyes, and strange appearances. Even if we can find him, it’s impossible for those old-fashioned people who are overly illuminated by the Holy Light to send spies like me to infiltrate Picturesque Orchid Lake.

“Therefore, I’m definitely not an enemy of the Turan people.

“Secondly, judging from my appearance, it is impossible for me to be from the Gold Clan, let alone have anything to do with the snow leopard clan. Therefore, whatever grudges Lady Ice Storm has with the Gold Clan’s wolves, tigers, and leopards, it has nothing to do with me, and I am not your enemy.

“Thirdly, by the same logic, judging from my wounds and miserable appearance, it is impossible for me to be a member of the Blood Hoof Clan and have nothing to do with Casanova Bloodhoof whom you are deeply afraid of. No matter what you are planning in the dark, I will not stop you. Maybe, I can even help you.

“By the way, today’s battle is enough to prove my ability. I am the one who can bring you victory.

“In conclusion, I can not think of any reason why you would cut off the only helping hand that is extended to you when you are in such a dangerous situation where even half a step is enough to destroy your body.”

“How do you know that I am in a dangerous situation?” Ice Storm asked through clenched teeth.

“If you weren’t in danger, you wouldn’t have allowed me to spout nonsense here. You would have torn my mouth apart long ago,” Meng Chao said indifferently.

Ice Storm took a deep breath.

She felt that Meng Chao’s suggestion was very attractive.

“Relax, Lady Ice Storm. I sincerely want to be your friend and not your enemy. Otherwise, I could have gone to Casanova Bloodhoof just now and told him that your tail is fake. If I’m not wrong, this is also the reason why you’ve been refusing to let me flex my muscles and adjust my strength, right?” Meng Chao said with a smile.

Ice Storm jumped up once again.

If it wasn’t for the warning in the depths of her brain telling her not to attack this black-haired, black-eyed, mysterious guy so easily, she would have used an icicle to stab him.

“Yeah, why don’t you go find Casanova?”

Ice Storm didn’t understand, “With your ability, even if Casanova gave you a drop of blood and lured you into the Blood Hoof Clan, it would be a piece of cake. As long as it wasn’t too excessive, Casanova, who has the support of the entire Blood Hoof Clan, would be able to satisfy you.

“I can’t think of anything that Casanova can’t give to you, yet he insisted on looking for me, a lone outsider.”

“Yes, there’s one thing that Casanova Bloodhoof can’t give to me, and that’s fairness.”

Meng Chao said indifferently, “What I’m Looking for is a partner of equal size who can mutually benefit each other, and not an object of loyalty. What I want is a fair deal, and not some Blood Bestowing Ceremony. Then, I want to become a pawn that the Blood Hoof Clan clutches by the throat and can’t help themselves. You should be able to understand what I mean, right?”

Ice Storm was silent.

Of course, she understood what Meng Chao meant because it was exactly what she wanted.

“What… do you want?” Ice Storm finally wavered and asked cautiously.

“Resources and information.”

Meng Chao said, “To be specific, golden fruits that contain rich energy, as well as the flesh of totem beasts. Of course, secret medicines like these that have excellent healing effects, the more the better.

“As for information, don’t worry, I won’t pry into any privacy or secrets. At most, when you’re free and in a good mood, it’s enough to answer some common sense questions of mine, Lady Ice Storm.”

“I’m not in a good mood.”

Ice storm said, “I have a feeling that in the next ten days to half a month, I won’t be in a good mood.”

Meng Chao smiled and said, “Since it’s a fair deal, of course, I’ll do my best to repay you, Lady Ice Storm. Why Don’t you ask me what I can bring you?”

Ice Storm snorted coldly and didn’t want to talk to Meng Chao.

The female snow leopard warrior felt that every time she spoke to Meng Chao, she would be dragged even deeper by Meng Chao. In the end, she would be eaten alive by this damn Reaper.

After being tempered by the fire of apocalypse, Meng Chao’s skin was thick enough. He said to himself, “I don’t think that you really want to lead thousands of troops and slaughter everyone in the Battle of Glory, right, Lady Ice Storm?

“If you only want to gain a certain degree of independence and have enough resources to arm an army, you will have to command at least one battle gang, which will be the size of hundreds to thousands of people. According to the rules of the Blood Skull Arena, you will probably need to win two to three more group battles.”

Although the military technology of the Turan civilization was relatively advanced…

The military structure was very extensive.

Generally speaking, there were only four levels: battle teams, battle gangs, battle groups, and legions.

Military units of the same level were also of varying sizes.

Basically, they were all based on settlements, families, or clans as the core strength. They would then bring along a large number of slave soldiers and servant soldiers and send them out in disorder.

If the clans were more powerful and brought along more slave soldiers and servant soldiers, a battle gang could have a scale of thousands or even tens of thousands of people.

If it was a small or medium-sized clan, they would only be able to gather a few dozen clan warriors. They would only have three to five sets of totem battle armors. Then, they would bring along a hundred or so rat civilian servant soldiers. They could also be considered a battle gang.

No matter what, commanding a combat gang would give them the opportunity to act alone, such as plundering towns, harvesting grain, cutting off the enemy’s supply lines, and so on.

When they were alone, the commander of a combat gang had a high degree of freedom.

It was unlike the smallest military unit, the battle team. Most of the time, they had to obey the orders of the higher-ups and wait for the higher-ups to distribute weapons and military grain.

Finally, Ice Storm was moved.

In a semi-transparent state, her almost frozen eyeballs turned around with difficulty, and she stared at Meng Chao.

“As long as you provide me with sufficient resources and information, I can help you win three more matches,” Meng Chao said bluntly.

Ice Storm wanted to refute his nonsense.

However, the unrestrained victory just now was still vivid in her mind.

Before stepping into the arena, who would have thought that her team of unimpressive-looking motley crew would be able to emerge unscathed and win perfectly in the face of the fierce-looking rat servants of the Ironhide Clan?

Ice Storm scratched herself with her claws unwillingly.

She knew that she had once again been convinced by this mysterious and dangerous guy.

“Casanova is not a fool.”

She could only resist in vain. “He has already begun to suspect me. He will soon realize that I am not personally training and commanding him. He will come looking for you.”

“It doesn’t matter. I know very well that with my appearance, strength, and temperament, it is impossible for me to hide in the crowd for a long time. I only need your help to cover up a little and delay it for a short period of time, Lady Ice Storm.”

Meng Chao calmly said, “When the time comes, just ask Lord Casanova Bloodhoof to look for me.”

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