Oh My God! Earthlings are Insane! - Chapter 969 - Devouring Armor

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Chapter 969: Devouring Armor

The proud female snow leopard warrior finally gave in.

Although she hated Meng Chao’s smile and the feeling of being led by the nose…

There was nothing she could do. Meng Chao had helped her win too many spoils of war.

After the treatment, Ice Storm brought Meng Chao to the Blood Skull Arena’s armory.

It was hundreds of arms in height and width, comparable to the largest warehouse-style supermarket in Dragon City. It was filled with mandrake fruits that could fill the stomachs of tens of thousands of soldiers and weapons that could arm them to their teeth.

The walls seemed to be made of irregular rocks, but there were mandrake branches growing freely through the gaps like vines. They covered all the “seams” and formed a backbone that was stronger than steel.

It made the entire armory as if it was made of concrete. Like other military buildings in Black-corner City, it stood for thousands of years and could still withstand the thunderous attacks.

There were too many spoils of war.

Ice storm had to let Meng Chao help her count them.

The reward for winning the team battle alone was 500 golden fruits, 5,000 pounds of totem beast flesh, 200 jars of fragrant secret medicine, as well as armor and weapons that could arm up to 100 servants—it was not just the bark and branches of the mandrake tree. Coupled with the bones of wild beasts that were randomly pieced together, they were like a heavy weapon that was made of metal.

The tens of thousands of spectators who had been excited by the battle also received a large amount of resources from Ice Storm’s battle team.

That was a tradition of the gladiator arena.

The more thrilling the battle and the more satisfying the victory, the more the audience’s fighting spirit and interest would be aroused.

For a true warrior, no matter what their identity was, the audience would not be stingy with some resources, especially those who had bet heavily on Ice Storm’s battle team and won a lot of money. Many people even spent a lot of money, up to a third or even half of their gains. They all shared it with the invincible Frost Queen in their hearts.

However, to the wild boar warrior, Poison Stinger, who had lost to Ice Storm in private, these rewards were nothing.

Although Poison Stinger had been badly beaten by Ice Storm in the arena and a large part of the One Million Steam Hammer had been torn off by the Mithril Ripper…

However, the Ironhide Clan still adhered to the most basic rule of the Turan people’s glory—one had to admit defeat when one was willing to bet.

Poison Stinger’s mother had sent a large amount of rare resources to Ice Storm with Casanova’s Bloodhoof.

Needless to say, there were regular golden fruits and totem beast flesh.

There were also ten cans of Ironhide Clan’s secret recipe, which could cast flesh into steel and raise the defense to the limit of Secret Steel Medicine.

There were also a total of fifty totem beast cores!

For the sake of the mountain of precious resources, Ice Storm felt that it was better for her to bear with it for now and “scratch the Reaper’s face” for a while longer.

However, the Ironhide Clan’s bet wasn’t that easy to take.

“You shouldn’t have torn apart the One Million Steam Hammer in front of tens of thousands of spectators.”

Casanova, who was transporting this batch of supplies to the armory, reminded Ice Storm with a gloomy expression, “Defeating a member of the Ironhide Clan is one thing, tearing apart his totem battle armor is another. This shows that you don’t take the Ironhide Clan’s totem seriously. This is a very serious provocation.

“You should know that wild boar people are a bunch of lunatics. The Ironhide Clan is even more lunatic among those other lunatics. If you anger them, they could do anything!”

Ice Storm snorted coldly.

Of course, she knew the consequences of provoking the Ironhide Clan.

However, just as that annoying Reaper had said, the worst thing was about to happen. She had no way out, so she naturally did not have any scruples.

She had to become stronger.

She had to seize every second and become stronger by any means necessary. Only then would she have a glimmer of hope to break out of the hopeless situation of certain death!

“You have no other choice now. You can only immediately carry out the Blood Bestowing Ceremony and join the Blood Hoof Clan. Only then will I be able to properly protect you.”

Casanova continued, “Otherwise, I won’t be able to bear the Ironhide Clan’s wrath for no reason.”

Ice storm laughed.

Suddenly, she felt that compared with that black-haired, black-eyed, mysterious and dangerous fellow, she had always felt that Casanova Bloodhoof was very powerful. She had a faint sense of reverence toward him. He was just an idiot.

The Reaper had only interacted with her for five days, but he had already guessed what she really wanted.

Casanova had known her for two years, so why could he not guess what she was fighting for?

The adjudicator of the Blood Skull Arena saw a hint of contempt that he had never appeared before in the depths of the female snow leopard warrior’s eyes.

He could not help but feel exasperated.

Taking a deep breath, Casanova’s gaze passed over Ice Storm’s shoulder and landed on Meng Chao, who had pounced on a large pile of resources and was climbing up and down with his butt stuck out.

His hair color that was like black flames particularly dazzled him.

“Who exactly is that guy?”

Casanova narrowed his eyes and asked, “Why did you choose such a servant?”

“How I choose the servant is my own business,” Ice Storm said stiffly.

“Moreover, don’t you think that his luck is very good?”

Indeed, for a rat citizen who was covered in wounds, to be able to escape from the destructive storm caused by two totem warriors, such luck was not only very good, it was practically a miracle.

Casanova had nothing to say.

He did not have the right to criticize Ice Storm’s attitude.

After all, Ice Storm had not received his blood. She was not a member of the Blood Hoof Clan, and he was not her vassal either.

Strictly speaking, Ice Storm was just a free gladiator.

Although she had obtained a lot of resources from the Blood Skull Arena, she had also used his amazing performance to earn a lot of benefits for the arena.

They were in a cooperative relationship, so Ice Storm did not owe him anything.

As the trump card with a brilliant battle record, she had just filled in the biggest weakness of her inability to command a small team. Ice Storm still had enough chips in her hands.

Casanova looked at Ice Storm and Meng Chao deeply, then turned around and left with a gloomy face.

Ice Storm snorted and asked Meng Chao to pull all the rare resources into the depths of the armory, which was the private warehouse of her trump card.

Then, she used a chain as thick as an arm to lock the door of the warehouse from the inside.

Then, Ice Storm took out the broken piece of the One Million Steam Hammer breastplate that she had just torn off from the arena.

She skillfully chose five secret medicines and mixed them according to different ratios. She used a carved totem beast leg bone and stirred it carefully until the secret medicine made a “gurgle gurgle” sound. Bubbles and thick smoke appeared as if it was boiling.

Then, she carefully cut open a golden mandrake fruit and peeled the jelly-like, trembling flesh out of the metal-like shell.

Half of the shell of the golden fruit was used to fill the boiling secret medicine.

The flesh was squeezed into a fruit paste and mixed into the secret medicine.

She held her breath and waited for more than ten seconds until the constantly rolling medicinal liquid had a visible change in color and faintly emitted rays of golden light.

Only then did she unfreeze the fragments of the breastplate of the One Million Steam Hammer that had been sealed by the frost and immerse them into the pale golden secret medicine.

As the golden secret medicine emitted creaking sounds, something unbelievable happened!

The fragments of the breastplate of the One Million Steam Hammer seemed to have woken up from hibernation. Countless metal threads extended out of the uneven edges and greedily sucked on the golden secret medicine.

The liquid level in the golden fruit shell was decreasing at a speed visible to the naked eye. It was as if the secret medicine inside had been completely absorbed by the fragment of the chest plate.

The fragment of the chest plate that was full of the secret medicine was obviously expanding.

The solid metal texture that was originally hard and cold turned into a full, full, and soft liquid metal texture once again.

Mysterious and complicated spirit tattoos appeared on the surface of the chest plate, as if they were blood vessels and neural networks covering a living creature.

It gradually lost its original breastplate shape and turned into a round metal ball. It was more and more active as it tried to climb out of the golden fruit shell and flee in all directions.


Ice Storm summoned her totem armor, Mithril Ripper.

In an instant, it turned into a killing machine made of silver that was half human and half panther.

After the last drop of the golden secret medicine was sucked dry by the remnants of the breastplate of the One Million Steam Hammer, the spirit tattoos all over its body were shining, and it was about to jump out of the fruit shell.

Ice Storm opened her claws that were wrapped in mithril and covered the shell of the fruit.

She caught the broken piece of the breastplate.

The broken piece of the breastplate was spinning inside the golden shell of the fruit, but it could not escape from her palm no matter what.

Six air holes were opened on the surface of the broken piece of the breastplate, and steam was spurting out.

Two streams of freezing air were spurting out of Ice Storm’s hand too, instantly turning the steam of the other party into crystal-clear ice flowers.

She was like an experienced fisherman.

Although she had caught a big fish, she was not in a hurry to pull the hook. Instead, she played with the big fish patiently and let the big fish flutter as much as they wanted to exhaust their strength.

Finally, the broken pieces of the One Million Steam Hammer’s breastplate rushed left and right for a long time, but they could not break through the frozen palm of the ice storm and gradually calmed down.

Suddenly, a few silver icicles pierced out of Ice Storm’s hand and pierced deeply into the broken pieces of the breastplate.

The broken pieces of the breastplate screamed miserably as if they were alive.

However, they couldn’t resist the enormous tearing and sucking force.

The liquid metal was like jelly, and the silver icicles were like straws. In just a few seconds, the broken pieces of the breastplate that belonged to the One Million Steam Hammer were absorbed into the body of Ice Storm’s Mithril Ripper. It was swallowed!

Ice Storm, who had swallowed the fragments of the opponent’s totem armor was as excited as if it had been injected with too much genetic medicine.

She let out a low roar like a cheetah, and her aura continued to rise. The muscles all over her body were taut, and the lines that symbolized speed, agility, and sharpness were clearly outlined by the totem armor.

What was different from before was that, at this moment, there were three air holes on the arms of her armor.

Frost spewed out like steam, compressing and stirring the surrounding air, emitting a soul-stirring roar of the cold wind!

Meng Chao, who had watched the entire process, couldn’t help but be dumbfounded.

He remembered that this was clearly the wild boar warrior, Poison Stinger’s ultimate skill.

Mithril Ripper, which had swallowed the fragments of the One Million Steam Hammer’s breastplate, had actually obtained part of the former’s characteristics!

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