Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 45

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Episode 10 – Future War (4)

“Push through to the flag holder!”

Based on the direction he was running from, he seemed to be the representative of the Myeongdong Group. They had joined hands with Dongdaemun.

[The Myeongdong representative ‘Kim Hyuntae’ has used the additional effect of the ‘red flag’!]

It was someone who already changed the colour of the flag. Furthermore, it was ‘red.’

In fact, the key to ‘Struggle for the Flag’ was the colour of the flag. It was from white to red, navy, brown, purple and black. The flag provided increasingly better effects as the colour changed.

[The Myeongdong Group has received the buff effect of the red flag!]

[Attack and defense has increased by 5% each!]

If the flag was already red, it meant he had occupied one or more stations or had killed the flag bearer of another station.

Looking at his eyes, he seemed to have pretty good fighting power. But…

He shouldn’t have aimed for Chungmuro.

[The character ‘Gong Pildu’ has activated ‘Armed Zone Lv. 6!]

[The character ‘Gong Pildu’ has activated ‘Private Property Lv. 6!]

Gong Pildu didn’t move too late.

“Trivial pups…!”

I was glad I didn’t have to use the Command Rights. If this was the case, I could leave Chungmuro’s defense to Gong Pildu.

The eight mini-turrets fired at the same time towards the Myeongdong Group running towards the flagpole.




Pieces of flesh flew through the air. Gong Pildu was truly a scam.

“Kuuack! Huddle up!”

The Myeongdong group gathered together in a tight defense formation but it wasn’t enough to endure the shells from the level 6 Armed Zone. It was a rewarding site that made leaving him to clear the Emergency Defense scenario alone worth it.


How many shots were fired? The enhanced magic bullets caused the Myeongdong Group to be riddled with holed and collapse. Gong Pildu was scary as an enemy but strong as an ally.

“T-There wasn’t information about this!”


But there was no place for them to run away.

“Where are you going?”

[The special option of Unbroken Faith is activated.]

[The ether property is converted to ‘fire.’]


The ether blade made of flames created a wall of fire that blocked their escape. The moment that the confused people hesitated, Gong Pildu shot at them.


“P-Pierce through! Quickl…cough!”

The Myeongdong representative was hit in the head by a magic bullet and the flag was released.

Gong Pildu’s eyes shone as he found the flag. Sheesh, this brat.

“Do you want me to step on your back again?”

The running Gong Pildu stiffened.


I immediately picked up the Myeongdong flag that had fallen onto the tracks. Focus vanished from the eyes of the desperate Myeongdong Group members.

[You have won the flag of the ‘Myeongdong Group.’]

[Your white flag has absorbed the cumulative achievements of the red flag.]

[Your white flag has evolved into a red flag.]

I felt a stronger force swirling inside my body.

[You are one step closer to the King’s Road.]

The flags after the red flag improved not just the abilities representative but also the surrounding group members.

Apart from overall stats or S-grade and above items, the flag was one of the few ways to improve basic combat power. Due to this, groups aimed at stations other than the ‘target’ station.

The other ‘king candidates’ would’ve already entered a full-fledged war to change the colour of their flags.

The stronger they became, the more they could enjoy this world.

[The remaining members of the Myeongdong Group are waiting for your decision.]

I grabbed one of the wounded Myeongdong members in the area and asked.

“Why did you aim for Chungmuro?”

I had realized something when I first heard Kang Ilhun’s words. It was true that Chungmuro had just opened but it didn’t make sense for them to rush in like they had been waiting. The observations of the party and the strange look he made when he knew I was the representative..

These guys knew about this station from the beginning. I brought my blade to the man’s neck and asked.

“Tell me, who gave you the information of Chungmuro?”

The most likely people were the Prophets. The guys I met in Theatre Dungeon mentioned ‘hidden information’ that other people didn’t know.

I had been searching through Ways of Survival but I never saw the group name Prophets. If so, who were they?

There were two hypotheses.

One, due to an unknown variable, a new prophet had appeared apart from Anna Croft.

The second… besides me, there was another ‘reader’.

Honestly, I thought it was probably the latter. The ‘prophet’ attribute wasn’t so easy to obtain. Furthermore, Prophets was a plural…

Well, I could check it from now on.

I looked at Gong Pildu and said, “By the way… why didn’t you act more moderately?”

“Why should I show mercy to those running wild?”

Gong Pildu looked annoyed.

Unfortunately, the people of Myeongdong Group weren’t able to answer because they had been hit by too many bullets. As soon as I asked them a question, they coughed up blood and died.

In the end, I could only ask one person. I looked down at Kang Ilhun who was behind guarded by Lee Hyunsung. His eyes rolled uneasily while he was tied up with Binding Thread.

Yoo Sangah asked, “Was everything planned from the beginning?”

“I thought there was a high probability. As soon as the station opens, two groups will unite and attack. It was a prior promise.”

“Saying things with such a good face…”

Yoo Sangah’s expression became dark.

“Are you sorry? There isn’t going to be an alliance.”

“…A little bit.”

“Don’t believe in people too much. Things won’t be as easy as you think in the future.

“I know. Still… if possible, I wanted to believe. I was able to come here because I believed in someone.”

Yoo Sangah looked at me.

“Hey, how long are the two of you going to talk? Quickly pry the information out.”

Jung Heewon interrupted us. Indeed, now wasn’t the time to give life advice. I released the thread blocking Kang Ilhun’s mouth.

Kang Ilhun was trying to stay calm.

“…What will you do with me now?”

“It depends on how much information you can give me.”

“Are you basing the standards on usability?”

This guy talked back even in this situation, there was more to him than I thought. If so, I had to use a hard-line method…

Jung Heewon said, “In any case, the constellations see him as ‘wicked.’ How about trying torture?”

“Why bother with torture? Just kill him if he doesn’t speak.”


I pulled out my sword without hesitation. Kang Ilhun trembled as he looked up at me.

“From now on, I will count to three. If you don’t open your mouth in that time, you will die. There is no reversal.”

I deliberately triggered White Pure Star Energy and inserted the sword into the ground.



The ground was scratched with the power of White Pure Star Energy as the blade started to move towards him. Fragments of the floor flew towards his face.


The heat of the blade warmed his face as it approached his nose. In a short time, the ether blade would cut his eyeballs.


“Dongmyo Station!”

I smiled. Torture? There was no need for that.

Kang Ilhun gasped for breath and explained, “…The people from Dongmyo Station gave us information about Chungmuro.”

Dongmyo, who was there?

“Who was it?”

“He called himself a Prophet…”

By the way, this guy’s condition was strange. His eyes were rolling and his tongue hung out like a dead person. I had an ominous feeling.

Surely it wasn’t ‘Suggestion.’

“Yoo Sangah-ssi, hurry and block his mouth with a thread!”

Fortunately, Yoo Sangah’s threat blocked this guy’s mouth before it could close. Using Suggestion to control information from leaking… they were more meticulous than I thought.

On the other hand, it was easier for me to solve the problem. Suggestion was a skill that could only be used face-to-face.

I looked down at Kang Ilhun and stated.

“You are a lucky guy.”

If he was present, I could definitely identity one of the Prophets.

* * *

Before I went on the full-fledged search, I headed to the roof of the theater.

“He still hasn’t woken up?”

Maybe it was because she didn’t know I was coming but Lee Jihye shook. Yoo Jonghyuk was still unconscious and lying on her knees.

Jerk, he was the main character yet he wasn’t going through any hardship. Meanwhile, I was the tired one despite being the reader.

“How is it downstairs?”

“Don’t worry and rest.”

“Master… will he be okay?”

“He will be fine. Although there might be some trauma left.”


“His mental state is more fragile than a child’s. He will be a bit better after a good sleep.”

“It sounds like you know a lot.”

“I know him the best in this world.”

I spoke in a dry tone and pulled out some paper, writing on it with a pen. I filled it with notes and handed it to Lee Jihye.

“Don’t read it but give it to Yoo Jonghyuk when he wakes up. Do you understand?”

“…I understand.”

She said so but Lee Jihye would definitely read it. However, Lee Jihye wouldn’t be able to understand it since it was filled with things only Yoo Jonghyuk would know.

By the way, did the information on the paper also look like ■■■ for the constellations?

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ hates ■.]

Indeed. I was turning around when Lee Jihye opened her mouth.

“By the way, can I ask you something?”


“Earlier, with Master. Master and Ahjussi…”

Somehow I seemed to know what Lee Jihye would say. Damn, Lee Jihye heard as well as Jung Heewon?

I’ve been stupid. I only considered the constellations and never thought about the humans listening. Yoo Jonghyuk would laugh at my stupidity.

What was a good excuse?

“Well, that. You two.”

“What?” I decided to feign ignorance.

Lee Jihye’s expression became more serious.

“I mean, Ahjussi’s words.”

“So what?”

“Wake up you jerk! Don’t fall into those sentiments!”

Lee Jihye imitated my voice and shouted. I felt embarrassed suddenly hearing my words emerge from someone else’s mouth.

“For the first time, that.. that determination! Have you already forgotten?”


Wasn’t something strange? This child, she almost heard it at the filtered level?

“I came here because of you! Why are you alone? We are together!”

“No, wait a minute.”

“I’ve always been around you! Don’t lose hope! Think of the child!”

“That isn’t what I…”

“Why did I come here if you are alone…!”

I stared at Lee Jihye for a moment.

…No, how could she hear it this way?

“S-Something like that? Ahjussi, you and Master…”

I sighed. “Think what you want.”

“…Indeed. Don’t worry, I’ll give him this love letter!”

I shrugged and turned around. Behind my back, Lee Jihye’s bullshit continued.

“Wait! How did you give birth to a child?”

“Ask Yoo Jonghyuk.”

Yes, Yoo Jonghyuk, I leave everything to you. The next moment, indirect messages exploded in my head.

[Some constellations are greatly affected by the truth of the filtering.]

[The constellation Prisoner of the Golden Headband respects your taste.]

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ likes your comradeship.]

[The constellation ‘Secretive Plotter’ thinks it is ridiculous.]

[600 coins have been sponsored.]

…Damn, there were other idiots. In any case, I told Yoo Jonghyuk what I needed to.

I hurried through the theater. During the time Yoo Jonghyuk was the sleeping prince, I had to gain as much benefits as possible.

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