Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 51

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Episode 11 – Night of the Prophets (3)

I was in a deep sleep. It was a long-awaited good night’s sleep.

[The effect of the deep sleep has completely restored mental power.]

[Some of your exclusive skills have been updated.]

I checked my clock and saw that it was already 4 p.m.

Once Dongmyo Station and the surroundings areas were occupied last night, the accumulated fatigue settled firmly on me.

[Currently Occupied: Chungmuro (Main Base), Myeongdong, Dongdaemun History and Culture Park, Dongdaemun, Dongmyo, Sindang Station, Cheonggu Station, Yaksu Station, Sinseol-dong Station ]

Thanks to eating the Dongmyo Group, I now had nine stations. Now I just needed one more and the King’s Road scenario would be over.

Just a bit more and I could achieve one of the key goals of the beginning scenarios, King of No Killing.

Once I came out, Jung Heewon and Lee Hyunsung were waiting for me.

“We are ready. When will we go?”

“Please wait a moment.”

I looked towards the men who were heading towards me.

“Did you sleep well?”

Last night, I decided to have all members of Dongmyo join my group. The two men in front of me was the result of that decision.

Jung Minseob bowed to me and opened his mouth.

“…Please keep me alive.”

“Me too, me too. Sob!”

Originally I planned to kill Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob, but I changed my mind. These two were useful until I completely wiped out the prophets.

I put them in the Chungmuro Group and evolved the colour of the flag to ‘brown.’

From the brown flag, it became possible to restrict the actions of the group members.

[You have exercised the right of the representative.]

[Group members Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob have restrictions on their behaviour.]

Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob’s expression changed at the emerging system messages.

“One, from now on, you can’t tell others about my identity.”

“Yes, yep!”

“Two, you must unconditionally submit to my commands and you aren’t allowed to act individually without my permission.”

“…Of course.”

[Group members Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob are willing to accept their limitations.]

[This restriction is a ‘life’ restriction.]

[If they break the restrictions, group members Lee Sungkook and Jung Minseob will die.]

I nodded and said.

“Well… okay. I don’t know when my heart will change, but everyone work hard. I will decide while watching you.”

The two of them gulped and made hilarious faces. I didn’t know what they were thinking. In any case, they wouldn’t have been able to stick to Yoo Jonghyuk so it was better to stick to me.

“By the way, Representative-nim. What should we call you in the future…?”

“Call me like you are now. But call me Yoo Jonghyuk in front of the other prophets. Ah, Jung Minseob.”


“Give me the Fugitive’s Mask.”

Jung Minseob was upset but eventually gave it to me. Anyway, I had to pretend to be Yoo Jonghyuk if I wanted to go to the Night of the Prophets. This ‘mask’ would be a preventive measure for a situation I didn’t know.

After a moment, the muscles on my face moved in a bizarre manner as my appearance started changing. It felt a bit weird but I soon got used to it.

“Huh, this is the real appearance of Yoo Jonghyuk.”

“Very handsome… The revelation wasn’t wrong.”

These bastards…

I wanted to snap out but I closed my mouth. I didn’t need to be angry over something like this.

That reminded me, it would be better to know the details of these guys just in case.

“Jung Minseob, what is your attribute…”

At this moment, a system message flashed in my head.

[The history of this person has been updated.]


I tried to use Character List once again as a test.

[Character Information]

Name: Jung Minseob

Age: 25 years old.

Constellation Support: Cursed Gladiator

Private Attribute: Light Projection (Rare), 1089th Person to Get Off (General)

Exclusive Skills: Sword Training Lv. 2, Powerful Blow Lv. 2, Berserk Lv. 3, Memory Enhancement Lv. 5]…

Stigma: Repay Grudges Lv. 1

Overall Stats: Physique Lv. 18, Strength Lv. 16, Agility Lv. 12, Magic Power Lv. 10.

Overall Evaluation: An incarnation that possesses good comprehensive skills and attributes. His sponsor is a bit lacking but his ability as a warrior is considerable. He would’ve been one of the 12 apostles if he had been a bit more patient. He is very regretful.

…What did it mean that the Character List was updated?

A person I wasn’t able to see the attributes window of yesterday suddenly became a character.

He was a prophet. In other words, a character outside the novel. Why did he suddenly change into a character?

“Oh, my attribute is…”

“No need.”


I also confirmed the attributes of Lee Sungkook.

Fortunately, his attributes were the same. Hypnotist and 9th Person to Get Off… The latter was garbage but the former was a pretty good attribute.

“Give me your smartphone.”

“Yep! Here it is.”

I received a smartphone from one of them and connected to the chat room.

Ah… the Internet didn’t work. Yesterday it was disconnected…

[The character ‘Han Donghoon’ used ‘Wide-area Internet Lv. 5’ on your smartphone.]

[The device’s Internet is now available.]

As soon as I thought it, the Internet was connected. I glanced towards the tent where Han Donghoon was located. There was a vibration from the smartphone, indicating that a message had arrived.

I’m going to believe in you just once.

Maybe something changed with Han Donghoon after what happened last night. I had been really worried about it so I was glad.

I sent a reply to Han Donghoon.

Thank you.

Sooner or later, I would have a chance to talk to him. I once again opened Lee Sungkook’s smartphone to the Prophets chat room.

[Chat Room]

[List of participants: No. 9, 15 I feel like Dying, 124 Let’s Drop Off, No. 763, 887 Get Off, No. 645… a total of 36 people.]

I looked at the numbers in their names and got a sense of who they were. But something was strange.

“…36 people?”

Jung Minseob answered my question.

“All the prophets in the room stopped reading early. There are no apostles.”

I see.

“By the way, Representative-nim. Didn’t you say it yesterday? ‘You should’ve read to the end’… then do you know all of the Book of Revelation?”

I looked at the expectant Jung Minseob and laughed.

I knew. Do you know?

“You won’t regret taking my line instead of Yoo Jonghyuk’s.”


After a while, we headed to Anguk Station while avoiding the surrounding conflict areas.

It was because the Night of the Prophets was scheduled to be held.

I spied on these guys through Lee Sungkook’s smartphone.


No. 519: Really?Yoo Jonghyuk is coming this evening?

No. 67: There is no doubt.No. 9 and No. 1089 said it yesterday.

887 Get Off: The 9th is a newcomer but I can believe it if it is the 1089th…

124 Let’s Drop Off: This time they will all be behind us.

887 Get Off: No. 124, you are in Seoul ㅋㅋ How can those jerks fall behind you?

124 Let’s Drop Off: Ah, except for me of course.Local residents, victory ^ ^ v

887 Get Off: I would like to be a regressor…If I had read the novel at that time…No, if I had only read up to 50…I’m jealous of those apostles scum…

15 I feel like Dying: But don’t you think the people who read over 50 chapters are abnormal??I don’t know how they read to over 50. ㅋㅋㅋ

124 Let’s Drop Off: Real psychos ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


As expected, humans who hid behind anonymity would reveal the truth. Perhaps the number before the nickname was where they stopped reading.


No. 888: But are you sure there is no txt version of this novel?

No. 124: A few days ago, I searched the Internet and there was really nothing left…Ahh…A novel without a txt… (tears)

No. 763: Even if you had a copy, you wouldn’t share such a fraudulent thing.If I could really sell my soul, I would buy it.


The idea of trying to read Ways of Survival popped up. These guys, they should’ve read it with me at that time.Now they didn’t know the days ahead.

We’ve arrived.”

I was about to say, “What, already?” when I saw the platform of Anguk Station in front of me. The prophets who arrived in advance could also be seen.

But something was strange.

“Nobody has occupied this place?”

“Yes, it is a promise between the prophets. It could be dangerous to meet at an occupied station. It is sort of like the DMZ.”

Then a prophet approached and waved.

“Hey, No. 1089!”

“Oh, it is No. 763 hyung.”

Jung Minseob waved and welcomed the person.

“How have you been? You face doesn’t look good?”

“Well spotted. The Tyrant Kill is giving me hell.”

“I told you not to advance towards the Dobong side. Why didn’t you listen…”

No. 763 glanced towards me and his face suddenly stiffened.

“P-Perhaps… he is…?”

Jung Minseob nodded.

No. 763’s eyes showed astonishment.

“I-It is really an honour. Yoo Jonghyuk-nim!”

The uproar caused the scattered prophets to gather one by one.

“Is that…?”

The prophets ran together and pushed in front of me. There were also a few female prophets.

“He looks better than I imagined! I am No. 998!”

“It is great to meet you, Yoo Jonghyuk-nim! I’m No. 1055!”

This… I felt like a real king. Their shining eyes wanted to win my favour somehow. I wondered what they would all look like when they realized I wasn’t really Yoo Jonghyuk.

Most of them weren’t worth paying attention to. Their knowledge of the future was dim and their abilities were poor.

Yet there were some prominent people.

“It was very impressive when you fought against Demon King Asmodeus in the second regression.”


“It was mentioned briefly in the Book of Revelations… now that I’ve met Yoo Jonghyuk-nim, I feel like hearing about it from you.”

Ways of Survival started with Yoo Jonghyuk’s ‘third’ regression and all the stories from the second regression were treated as recollections.

Yet this guy knew about Asmodeus? Why was he so impressed when he didn’t read until the end?

“Who are you?”

“I am No. 1168.”

Then he almost read to the 50th chapter. Perhaps he was the one who read the most out of those present.

No. 1168 asked me, “Excuse me, is it Yoo Jonghyuk-nim’s third turn right now?”

“That’s right.”

“Ah, as expected…”

Some prophets had dark expressions.

Yes, I knew.

Ways of Survival was an infinite loop so those who discovered that it was early on in Yoo Jonghyuk’s regressions would be quite disappointed.

These jerks, they only got the cute side of Yoo Jonghyuk in the beginning… in any case, those who didn’t read until the end weren’t satisfied.

Then there was a disturbance behind me.

“Lee Hyunsung-nim!”

“Steel Sword Lee Hyunsung?”

Lee Hyunsung blushed as he was surrounded by people.

“W-What are you doing? I’m not the Steel… I’m not that!”

“Wow, just like a real revelation. Look at those biceps!”

“Ohhh! So taut!”

Lee Hyunsung had a good-looking face and was quite popular among the female prophets. At that time, one passing prophet showed interest in Jung Heewon.

“Excuse, perhaps… are you Maritime Admiral Lee Jihye?”


“Then are you…”

“I am Jung Heewon. Why?”

“Ah, I see.”

The disappointed prophet moved past Jung Heewon towards Lee Hyunsung. Jung Heewon looked at the situation and spoke to me in Group Chat.

Why… isn’t anyone interested in me?

Heewon-ssi isn’t famous in the future.


So do well from now on.

I turned away from the miserable Jung Heewon. I came to the Night of the Prophets for a reason. I couldn’t waste time talking like this.

“Where is the weapon?”


“The weapon you have hidden. I will check it first.”

“Ah, here it is.”

The 763th prophet excitedly moved to the centre of the platform and removed the cloth covering something. There was a big stone present.

I remembered the moment I saw the meteor shower on the roof of the theatre. No, wait a minute.

“Is that a meteorite?”

“Haha, that’s right. At this point, Yoo Jonghyuk-nim might not know… according to the Book of Revelation, it contained a powerful weapon.”

“A weapon?”

“Yes! That’s correct. Maybe it is a weapon like a top ranking star relic.”

“Doesn’t the meteorite need hatching time and can’t be used now?”

“Haha, we have a rotation that will provide magic power. It will hatch tonight at the latest. We have been working on it for a few days…”

I became colder as I looked at this proud bastard.

A red pattern. It was nonsense. This thing shouldn’t be known until at least the fourth regression?

“Which bastard gave you the information?”


“That person who brought the meteorite to you.”

“Oh, that… No. 1124, he was the first one…”

No. 1124? A person who stopped reading early on knew this information?

“Where is he?”

Jung Minseob looked around the place and muttered.

“Uh… I guess he hasn’t come yet.”

The informant didn’t come. I thought for a moment before opening my mouth.

“We have to get out of here.”

It was a trap.


“Right now.”

This was the first time I got a cold sweat since Ways of Survival became a reality and since meeting Yoo Jonghyuk the first time.

This was a weapon? Who was stupid enough to think like this…

I glanced around at the prophets staring at me with naive eyes. Then the platform started vibrating.


I looked at the trembling ‘meteorite’ and stepped back. I had come here to sweep away the prophets, only to be the one swept away.

“W-What is this?”

Jung Minseob made a stupid noise.

Dammit. The fourth scenario hadn’t even ended and the ‘disaster’ of the fifth scenario was about to appear.

I shouted toward Jung Heewon and Lee Hyunsung.

“Run away!”

This was why I couldn’t trust those who didn’t read to the end. Due to these damn people who got off early, today became all wrong.

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