Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 76 - The Fifth Scenario (1)

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Episode 16 – The Fifth Scenario (1)

Song Minwoo’s blood dripped onto the ground.

The feeling of my blood-soaked fist was dull. Song Minwoo was bleeding but he didn’t open his eyes or talk. The shattered flesh seemed to have given up on restoration.

Han Sooyoung muttered, “A scary guy… you killed a werewolf with bare hands?”

The other werewolves had already run away or were taken care of by Han Sooyoung. I looked down at Song Minwoo and said,

“He hasn’t died yet.”

Now the Fourth Wall didn’t shake when I looked at him. I didn’t know if the trauma was resolved but I could resist it more than in the past.

[The constellation ‘One who Overcomes the Late Trials’ sends encouragement to you.]

[The constellation ‘One who Overcomes the Late Trials’ wants to give you his own stigma.]

Giving me a stigma? Really? The bounty scenario wasn’t a single constellation request so it was surprising to give a stigma as a reward.

Of course, I appreciated it.

[The stigma Self-rationalization has been acquired.]

[The constellation ‘One who Overcomes the Late Trials’ smiles with satisfaction at you who has succeeded his stigma.]

[You will now have a defense mechanism that won’t be bothered by any trauma.]

Thanks… I stared absentmindedly for a bit.

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ is grabbing his belly and laughing.]

Self-rationalization? What did this mean? Are you kidding me?

Han Sooyoung asked, “Hey, aren’t you going to kill him?”


“I’m talking about that.”

I looked down at Song Minwoo in my hands. Should I kill him? There was no burden since he was an outside species.

[The backer of Song Minwoo is looking at you.]

The constellations of Bihyung’s channel would like it if I killed him.

[Many constellations desire your revenge.]

I looked at Song Mingwoo for a while before putting him down.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Really?”


[Some constellations are disappointed with your hypocrisy.]

[Many constellations are questioning your judgment.]

[The constellation Secretive Plotter is watching your judgment.]

“You really won’t kill him? Won’t this bastard have coins?”


“Then can I kill him?”

“Go ahead. But won’t you regret it?”


I shrugged and walked towards her.

To be exact, it was in the direction that the werewolf group had run away. Perhaps their origin would be at the end of this direction. If my guess was right, the meteorite was what helped transform them into werewolves. The meteorites must be collected to prepare for the disaster scenario.

Han Sooyoung looked after me with a suspicious expression.

All of a sudden, the sound of footsteps died up and headed in another direction. It was in the exact direction of Song Minwoo.

Her avatar…

Yes. I thought Han Sooyoung would do this. I let her do what she want. In return, she would turn a blind eye to my hypocrisy.

Then after a while.

“Shit! What is this?”

Han Sooyoung gave a terrible scream and shook. I could tell the messages that were appearing in her head. Perhaps they would be messages like this:

[The 6th grade outside species ‘Song Minwoo’ has been killed and the demon king ‘Andras’ has noticed the murderer’s presence.

[The demon king Andras will remember the one who dealt the final blow.]

[The demon king Andras will search for the one who dealt the final blow.]

[Final Blow: Han Sooyoung]

Han Sooyoung looked at me with a pale face and I laughed.

“I told you that you would regret it.”

Song Minwoo was a member of the 72nd demon king, Andras’ household.


The 72nd demon king.

The constellations weren’t the only strong ones among the Star Stream.

There were some strong people who refused to be subscribes to the heavens and travelled around planets. One of these superpowers was the ‘demon kings.’

“You are a really bad jerk.”

The demon kings sought their own ‘households’, just like the constellations chose incarnations. Corrupted incarnations could choose to join the household of a demon king.

The werewolf was one of his symbols and was located at the bottom of the 72nd demon king Andras’ caste.

It was due to Andras’ blessing that Song Minwoo had the Physical Regeneration ability.

Han Sooyoung stuttered out, “H-How can I…”

“Don’t worry. Some people I know were cursed by a demon king like you but they didn’t die right away.”

“Why are you saying it now?”

Come to think of it, Han Myungoh who was cursed by the demon king, Asmodeus… I didn’t know what happened to him. Was he still alive?

“I think it is good. Andras isn’t a very high ranking demon king. If you are enemies with a demon king, you will get the favour of the absolute good constellations and get more donations. It is a good thing.”

“Will the archangels care? Besides, I don’t get along with sponsors and angels!”

Why? Was it also a demon king? I couldn’t help thinking so when I suddenly closed my mouth.

…What did she just say?

“You don’t get along with sponsors and angels?”

Han Sooyoung noticed my gaze and cursed.

“Damn, my damn mouth…”

“Do you not have a sponsor?”

It wasn’t impossible. I also had no sponsor. In fact, in the first scenario, many of the survivors wouldn’t get sponsors. To be precise, they didn’t have any choices.

However, it was unexpected that a strong person like Han Sooyoung had no sponsor.

“I didn’t choose one. Isn’t it strange to choose from the beginning? I can only pick once.”

“Well, that’s right.”

If the Sponsor Selection could be postponed, it was better to postpone it.

There were many good constellations and depended on how the person acted in a scenario, they could literally go from a ‘turd to a Mercedes.’

The Sponsor Selection occurred once after the first scenario and were regularly implemented before the ‘disaster scenarios’ occurred.

The fifth scenario was a ‘disaster scenario’ so Han Sooyoung would be able to participate in the upcoming second round of the Sponsor Selection.

I raised my hand and asked, “Who will you choose? Is there a constellation you are thinking about?”

Han Sooyoung made a confident expression at my words. “Won’t you be surprised when you find out? They are already interested in me.”

“Who is it?”

Was it perhaps the Great Sage the Equal of Heaven?

“Have you heard of the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon?”

…The black flame dragon?

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is looking at your reaction.]

I hesitated for a moment before replying, “Ah, yes. He is a good sponsor.”

The Abyssal Black Flame Dragon was the sponsor of the Delusional Demon Kim Namwoon in the original novel. The Delusional Demon was one of the best fights along with the Steel Sword, so it wasn’t a bad choice.

[The constellation ‘Abyssal Black Flame Dragon’ is looking at you with a complicated gaze.]

This guy wasn’t interested in me anymore.

Han Sooyoung’s eyebrows twitched at my nonchalant tone. “What is with this sour expression? Who is your sponsor?”

“No, it is nothing. I was just feeling envious.”



[The character ‘Han Sooyoung’ has used ‘Lie Detection Lv. 1’.]

[The character Han Sooyoung has confirmed that the statement is false]

“Is this real?”

I didn’t care about the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon. I just wanted her to get a sponsor. Han Sooyoung and this thug matched very well.

[The constellation who likes harems is cheering on you and Han Sooyoung.]

[500 coins have been sponsored.]

Han Sooyoung’s expression distorted like she heard the same message as me.

“What is this again…?”

Unfortunately, the wish of the harem constellation wouldn’t come true. Han Sooyoung and I would only be together for the next 10 days.

There was a moment of cooperation but it didn’t change that she was a threatening enemy.

“It looks like we’ve arrived.”

After a while, we reached the place that was probably the base of the werewolves.

It was near a broadcasting station. There was a bloody smell coming from the narrow forest of buildings. I heard the cries of the werewolves and people in the distance, like a battle was going on. Han Sooyoung said, “It seems that we are a bit late. Is there a preceding visitor?”

I didn’t seen any werewolves moving around as guards. Once we entered a bit further, a coin farmer that was bigger than Director Yoon’s one was installed.

The coin farms were the exclusive property of the destroyed world. I was tired of facing these sights all the time.

It seemed like the coin harvest was over because there were no surviving people behind bars.

Han Sooyoung was moving ahead when she suddenly grabbed her nose.

“Yuck, what is this?”

As we headed through the imprisonment area to the residence of the werewolves, a more horrifying sight awaited us. Severed human thighs were hanging from rubber bands. It was like pork in a butcher’s shop, making the purpose obvious.

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ has offset your emotional trauma.]

I read these scenes in the text but this was my first time actually seeing them. There was a fixed way for humans to evolve into an outside species.

Cannibalism In other words, to eat their own people.

Han Sooyoung cursed, “You fucking scum…”

Most outside species evolved accidentally. Those who couldn’t clear the ‘find food’ sub scenario usually walked this path. Once they ate a person, they couldn’t stop. Those who changed species would no longer feel guilty about killing humans.

I stated, “You look upset when you see this.”

“Of course. Who wouldn’t be upset?”

“The other prophets said you want to use your information to control the world.”

“Who said that?” Han Sooyoung sneered and added, “It is just as absurd as you calling me a plagiarist.”


“World domination? It would be good. But my first goal is to prevent the destruction. Why else did I collect the apostles?”

“The apostles were all trash.”

“They were originally trash? Is that my fault?”

Tang! Tang! Tang! Tang!

We reflexively held our breaths. There was a loud sound from in front of us. I would hear the sound of flesh exploding.


No matter how I thought about it, this was the sound of gunshots. Wasn’t the army already wiped out?

We ran towards the building towards the gunshots. Even if the army was still intact, it was ridiculous to deal with a werewolf with guns. But the sight in front of me changed the story.

Bodies of werewolves were piled up in front of me like a mountain. All of the bodies had bullet wounds. Han Sooyoung and I talked almost simultaneously.

“Attribute bullets.”

“A bullet with the divine attribute?”

I saw some people pointing guns in the distance. They were armed with modern rifles and unusually, they were all wearing prison uniforms.

Han Sooyoung nervously grabbed my collar. “Hey, do you remember me telling you that there was someone like you in Sondaemun Prison?”


“They are her forces.”

Han Sooyoung was pointing to a woman wearing a mask. It would be hard to know the sex if it wasn’t for the long hair hanging down, covering most of the body including the face.

“She is the leader. It is obvious that she is a reader but I don’t have any information on her.”

I see. They were from Seodaemun Prison… Then why wasn’t this force visible during the struggle for the throne?

Han Sooyoung opened her mouth while looking at the mountain of werewolf corpses.

“They are also wanderers. They are quite powerful wanderers… the most powerful wanderers I know.”

A woman with a gun headed straight to this side. It wasn’t the leader that Han Sooyoung pointed out.

I pulled out Unbroken Faith while Han Sooyoung prepared Avatar. The gun of the woman approaching us moved.

She leaned back and her muzzled headed to one of the mountain of werewolf corpses.


The dead bullets collapsed from the bullets. Then something hidden under the bodies were revealed.

“This is?”

There was a glowing stone that was 2m in length and height. It was one of the meteorites I needed to prevent the ‘disaster.’

The yellow meteorite was here. This meteorite was also the source of the werewolves’ strength.

The woman gazed at the meteorite before slowly turning to me.

“Are you Kim Dokja?”

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