Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 77 - The Fifth Scenario (2)

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Episode 16 – The Fifth Scenario (2)

Looking closely, the woman seemed quite old.

Based on the wrinkles, she wasn’t in her 40s but she was at least in her mid to late 30s.

She knew me? How?

I was a bit embarrassed but I maintained my composure as I looked at the woman.

“You must be mistaken. My name is Yoo Jonghyuk. Kim Dokja is the name of the guy I hate the most.”

“…Yoo Jonghyuk?”

“Yes. So tell your leader not to talk nonsense. Just tell her, even if you’re not sure what I mean.”

I looked to the side and saw Han Sooyoung watching me with an absurd expression. I winked at her. If it was Han Sooyoung, she would know what to do from now on. The woman opened her mouth.

“I already know that you are Kim Dokja. Stop the unnecessary lies.”

[The character Han Sooyoung has confirmed that the statement is true.]

Han Sooyoung nodded towards me. This woman came because she knew for certain who I was.

“The king said that she will entrust this meteorite to you.”

It was unexpected. She knew me and now she was giving me the meteorite…

“Who are you?”

“We are the people of the Wanderer King.”

“That woman over there is your king?”

The woman nodded. I looked at the tall masked woman in the distance. Looking closely, I felt a sense of deja vu. But there was something strange.

“King… You don’t seem to have a flag?”

“The king doesn’t dwell on such things.”

…What was with this answer? The woman continued speaking. “The king said that we will take care of the disaster in the north. But she will leave the other four disasters to you.”

Before I could ask anything, the woman turned and left like her words were over.

Han Sooyoung shouted, “Hey! What are you suddenly saying? Shouldn’t you explain it before you go?”

Despite the shouts, the woman kept walking away with turning back. Han Sooyoung looked at me and asked, “What is this… do you know that woman?”

“How can that be?”

I quietly activated Character List.

[This person isn’t registered in ‘Character List.’]

[You can check the information of the person by updating Character List. Do you want to update it?]

It seemed that the update cycle was back. I nodded.

[The update has been completed.]

[Some people will be added to the dictionary.]

Then a window popped up.


[Character Information]

Name: Cho Youngran

Age: 37 years old.

Constellation Support: First Spiritualist of Joseon

Private Attribute: Escaped Prisoner (General), Officer of Justice (Rare)

Exclusive Skills: Prison Escape Lv. 3, Patience Lv. 6, Execution Time Lv. 3, Shooting Lv. 4…

Stigma: Transformation Occult Art Lv. 2

Overall Stats: Physique Lv. 30, Strength Lv. 34, Agility Lv. 36, Magic Power Lv. 28.

Overall Evaluation: The current comprehensive evaluation is currently in progress.

* ‘Starter Pack’ is currently applied.

* A growth package is currently applied.


Look at this, the First Spiritualist of Joseon?

[The constellation ‘First Spiritualist of Joseon’ is looking at you with wary eyes.]

I didn’t think there would already be a woman with Jeon Woochi as a sponsor. (Jeon Woochi was a taoist sorceror during the Joseon Dynasty. Wiki Link:)

In addition, she had the fairly good attribute of Officer of Justice, although it was less than the ‘judge.’

If the subordinate was this good, what was the king like? I immediately looked at the tall woman.

[The information of this person can’t be read in ‘Character List.’]

[This person isn’t registered in ‘Character List.’]

The moment I met the gaze of the woman in the mask, a stinging pain flashed through my head.

I reflexively looked away from the woman. My heart beat quickly.

The Fourth Wall instinctively shook.

The woman caused an even greater shaking than Song Minwoo. Despite having Self-rationalization, I didn’t want to take the risk because I wasn’t sure of the stigma’s performance.

Han Sooyoung asked me anxiously, “Hey, what is it?”

“…Never mind.”

The Fourth Wall responded to people who had an important influence on me in real life.

In other words, that woman was someone I knew. But there was only one person in this world who gave me a bigger trauma than Song Minwoo.

I see… As expected, she survived. However, I didn’t expect her to be in Seoul.

It was why she was able to make a large force and why they were wearing prison uniforms. It was convincing if it was that person.

The wanderers soon began to move.

They aligned themselves and headed back the way they came. It was a march with no hesitation. A loyalty could be felt from the group.

The leader moved at the forefront of the group.

A crown like the Tyrant King, a woman who was different from the King of Beauty.

I looked at the ruins that they moved through. There were the broken coin farms and the survivors they spared. They had placed blankets and necessities beside the survivors. The survivors watched the leaving wanderers with awe-filled eyes.

I had forgotten.

A person didn’t need a flag or to sit on the throne to become king. In this kingless world, there was still a king.


After a while, I examined the yellow meteorite they left behind.

A yellow meteorite.

The meteorite, also called the moon stone, was usually a star pierce that hovered in other dimensions.

It was truly the same as I read in the novel.

It was from the exhilarating magic power felt when I touched it, the faint light from the opaque interior and the white stripes all over the meteorite. The yellow meteorite clearly had the power to counter the disaster.

Then a system message was heard.

[The ‘moon stone’ wants to provide you with a high level strength.]

I refused the meteorite’s offer and the power returned to the meteorite.

The moon stone basically had the power of the night and the outside species would receive this power. Perhaps the cannibals who received the power of the night were able to evolve into the outside species, the werewolves.

[The moon stone’ gives off a feeling of familiarity.]

However, the real use of this meteorite wasn’t simply to evolve the outside species. Even a few hundred werewolves couldn’t prevent the future disasters.

Of course, a few thousand would help but then another disaster would come from the high number of outside species and the power of the demon kings.

“I feel like a volunteer… Hey, did you find something?”

As I was examining the meteorite, Han Sooyoung was taking care of the survivors lying nearby. It was a little unexpected but she was probably targeting coins.

[The constellations of the Absolute Good system are touched by Han Sooyoung’s good works.]

In a place filled with the demon king’s household, the dominations would be bigger than usual.

Indeed, a human’s double-sidedness was profound.

Among the constellations of the Absolute Good system, there might be the Abyssal Black Flame Dragon. The second Sponsor Selection was coming up so Han Sooyoung would be looking at him. I looked around and said,

“The avatars are useful.”

Dozens of avatars were quickly organizing the surroundings. The corpses of the outside species were burned, while the terrible cages and human butcher stores were also demolished. She earned coins while getting a nosebleed…

Han Sooyoung wiped the blood and asked, “When are you going to tell me?”


“I’m talking about that.”

I realized her question wasn’t about the meteorite. “Are you still worrying about that?”

“How can I not care?”

There were two types of ‘readers’ that she didn’t know about. In addition, there seemed to be a connection between the two. It was natural for Han Sooyoung who was the ‘last to get off’ to pay attention.

“Who knows?”

“…Don’t you know?”

“I only know the woman, the leader of the group.”

“The Wanderer King?”

I nodded and said, “That person isn’t someone who got off. To be precise, she never read the original.”

“What? Then how does she know the contents of the plot?”

“By talking directly to me.”

Han Sooyoung looked like she had been hit in the back of the head with a hammer. “You told others about the story? Why?”

“I needed something to tell her when I met her.” I gave her a moment before continuing. “Because I had nothing else to say to her.”

Maybe she sensed my dark mood, making Han Sooyoung hesitate as she was about to question me. She probably had a lot that she wanted to ask me. Who was the woman and what was her relationship with me?

Han Sooyoung was silent for a while before speaking again. “I don’t know what your relationship with that woman is but is it okay to leave her alone? If there are more people besides us who knows the future…”

I understood her concerns but it should be fine. At the very least, that woman was a person with principles and she couldn’t carelessly use the future information.

I knocked on the moon stone and opened my mouth.

“Rather, there is something more important. From now on, we will wake this up.”

“What? This thing?” Han Sooyoung watched me like I was insane. “You want to wake up the disaster?”

“Why are you so startled? Didn’t you do it before?”

Han Sooyoung had incited the Night of the Prophets and awakened the fire dragon, Lesser Igneel.

“Hey! I picked a small disaster. This one…”

“It isn’t a disaster.”

“…Then what is it?”

“It looks like you were negligent in your plagiarism. Don’t you remember? Do you really not know what will appear here when the scenario starts?”

Han Sooyoung stared at me before turning on her phone and reading her own novel.

“Ah… This, perhaps…”

“Have you realized? You copied it well.”

“Shut up. But the main scenario hasn’t opened yet. Is it okay to do this? Moreover, what if a plausibility request occurs?”

“It won’t happen.”

“The intermediate dokkaebi hates you..”

“Then I will deal with him.” Right now, he would be busy being reprimanded by the Bureau. “We will start injected mana. Based on my calculations, it will hatch in 10 hours. I will take four hours and you will take six hours.”

“Why do I have to inject mana for six hours?”

“Isn’t your magic power level higher?” At this moment, the number of avatars decreased dramatically. I noticed something. “Tell me honestly. What level is your magic power?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“It is information needed to clear the scenario.”

[The provisions of the Temporary Contract will take effect.]

Han Sooyoung’s expression distorted.

“…Level 55.”

I was honestly surprised. I thought it would be over level 40 because she could control dozens of avatars but level 5… this was almost approaching the scenario limit.

Her physique and strength were relatively low so she must’ve been putting all her coins into magic power.

“I will change it. I will take two hours. You will take eight hours.”

“Hey! That’s unfair! And now I have run out of magic power.”

I opened the Dokkaebi Bag and bought a few Intermediate Magic Power Recovery Potions.

“Then drink this.”

‘What is this?”

“Coin item.”

“…Is your sponsor huge? You are just giving something like this to me?”

“I am the one who is big.”

Han Sooyoung glanced at me. “Did you put anything strange in it?”

“Then I’ll start first.”

I touched the moon stone and started injecting magic power. 10 hours later, the guy inside the meteorite would wake up.


How long was I asleep? I opened my eyes at the sound of someone waking up.

“Hey, get up quickly! That guy has started to move!”

Han Sooyoung shouted with a nervous face while touching the meteorite.

The meteorite had started to crack.

It was a phenomenon similar to when the fire dragon broke out of the meteorite. It wasn’t an aggressive reaction but if I said one word wrong… both of us might die here.

A brilliant light emerged from the moon stone, lifting some of the darkness of the night.

It was an awakening of a powerful presence that gave off a heavy pressure just looking at it.

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