Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint - Chapter 92 - Singularity (1)

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Episode 19 – Singularity (1)

Since it was the first time I came to a dokkaebi’s official post, I looked at some of the documents on the table while Bihyung managed the constellations.

[Singularity Trend Report]

…Singularity? The moment I curiously turned a few pages, the documents disappeared into dust. It seemed to be a database system, not real documents.

Bihyung looked this way.

-…What are you doing?


Bihyung saw the powder on the table and looked at me suspiciously. Then he sighed and opened his mouth.

Hey, are we okay?

Why?Are you regretting it now?

That…you know.The constellations that come out using this method will quickly leave.

The fallen constellations would return to the Tokyo Dome channel. At that time, Dokgak’s revenge would begin. But that was for then.

Besides, you lied before. What the hell are you going to do?What if the subscriptions really reaches 10,000?It is already at 5,000.

I shrugged without speaking and Bihyung continued.

Wasn’t there a condition for you to not choose a sponsor when you signed the contract with me?How can you say something like this?

It will work out somehow.You can also break the contract.

I can’t do that.

Jerk… I risked my life for you yet you can’t do this?

Bihyung’s expression darkened.


Indeed, I was a fool to expect anything. I told him, Don’t worry, I have an idea.


Yes, so give me my item.Dokgak is gone so shouldn’t you hand me the item now?

Ah, that’s right.

Bihyung belatedly manipulated the system. Then after a while, a white coat descended from the air. The clean design carefully paid attention to fashion as well as combat function. I took the coat and checked the pocket first.

[The special ‘space’ feature of the Infinite Dimension Space Coat is activated.]

The advantage of this coat was that I could store various items in it without the Inventory skill. It was a good item for me since there were many troublesome items to carry such as the Ganpyeongui, Dongui Bogam and Magic Power Stove.

“…By the way, it is white unlike the catalogue photo.”

[The other colour is out of stock.]

Out of stock. How many of these items were there?

[Don’t you know? This is a mass production item.]

I checked the options of the items.


[Item Information]

Name: Infinite Dimension Space Coat ver1.1 (made by Mass Production Maker)

Rating: SSS

Description: A customized coat for returnees. Despite being a mass produced product, it was mysteriously given a SSS rating. In consideration of the returnees who can’t activate the attributes window, the additional ‘Subspace’ function can be activated from the inner pocket of the coat. Of course, the space isn’t wide so use it cautiously.


I looked at it again. Only the subspace could be used but it had a SSS rating? When considering that the ancient dragon Ignitus’s heart had a SS grade…

[…Honestly, it is just due to the influence of the maker. He is a powerful constellation.]

It made sense. The Mass Production Maker was a famous constellation among returnees… Even if the rating was a bit off, this was one of the best items to get early on.

In any case, I received it.

[Then let’s go back.]

Bihyung flicked his fingers and the surroundings started to change. I blinked once and returned to ground. Han Sooyoung freaked out and retreated when I suddenly appeared in thin air.

“Hey! Where the hell did you go?”

“I had to do something for a moment.”

“…Was it resolved well?” Sometimes Han Sooyoung had a habit of speaking like this without knowing what happened. Was it a writer’s ego? I just nodded.

“New clothes? Damn, I’m envious.” She gazed at the coat I was staring with envious eyes and then Yoo Jonghyuk, who was still unconscious. She looked between Yoo Jonghyuk’s black coat and my white coat before opening her mouth.

“By the way, are you a couple?”

“…It is just a coincidence. It is a common design.”

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is delighted for an unknown reason.]

[A constellation who likes to change gender has shining eyes.]

…Come to think of it, there were many unique constellations. Who was the constellation who liked to change gender? Did this constellation appear in Ways of Survival? I thought I should look through the novel soon.

[The constellation ‘Demon-like Judge of Fire’ is controlling the constellation who likes to change gender.]

Speaking of which, I decided to look at Yoo Jonghyuk. Fortunately, his recovery seemed to be going smoothly. His breathing was stable and his wounds were healing.

“Let’s go quickly. Before this jerk wakes up.”

Yoo Jonghyuk had fainted with two clenched fists. It wasn’t hard to imagine what would happen if this guy woke up first.


I left Gangdong-gu with Han Sooyoung. Yoo Sangah was being carried by Han Sooyoung’s avatar. She was still unconscious from exhaustion.

I had gone back to the battlefield where we fought Antinus but couldn’t find Lycaon. There was no body so he seemed to be alive. I just didn’t know why he didn’t come to me. He must be severely injured after being struck by the hatching disaster.

Han Sooyoung looked back at me and asked, “Is it really okay to leave him?”

“It’s fine.”

“But that is the Poisoner. Can you trust her?”

The unconscious Yoo Jonghyuk was left with Lee Seolhwa.

“The Poisoner originally isn’t a bad person. It is due to the Parasite.”

In many episodes where she wasn’t infected by the guide, Lee Seolhwa was called the ‘Doctor’ rather than the ‘Poisoner.’ Maybe she would be called that in this regression.

Take him and go towards Gaebong-dong.In the 5603th military division, a poor soldier will be waiting for you.

I confirmed Lee Hyunsung’s location using Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint and decided to accept Yoo Jonghyuk’s advice. I was arrogant to think I could raise my colleagues with my strength.

I had a limited time and information, even if I was a complete reader. Therefore, the best trainer for Lee Hyunsung right now wasn’t me, but Yoo Jonghyuk.

“I’m hungry. Shall we eat that?”

I pointed to a plant growing around a high-rise building.

[The 7th grade plant species ‘Yanaspleta’ is looking at you.]

Han Sooyoung looked at the huge sunflower’s eyes and cried out with fright, “…Can we eat that?”

“We have to eat it because there is nothing else. According to Ways of Survival, it is quite delicious. It is also a child and easy to hunt.”


Han Sooyoung made a disgruntled expression and soon started to summon her avatars. We cut off the stems and tentacles of the plant species. The yanaspleta was shortly disconnected from its roots and closed its eyes.

Once again, I felt like I had become stronger. Even if it was young, a seventh grade species was handled so easily.

“Han Sooyoung. Are you going to eat?”

“…I don’t know.”

“Then I’ll cook.”

I started cooking the yanaspleta like I had read in Ways of Survival. I peeled off the hard skin of the stem and sprinkled a bit of herb salt that I got from a nearby grocery store.

The inside contained pinkish flesh reminiscent of seasonal crab meat. Han Sooyoung’s eyes shone.

“What the hell is this? It is a plant right?”

“That’s right.”

“We are eating a salad?”

“Of course not. I’ll burn it.”

I roughly cut off a branch of the surrounding tree, turned the yanaspleta stalk into skewers and put it on the Magic Power Stove. I set the stove to a medium fire but it took a long time to cook because it was a seventh grade species. I flipped it around a few times and then sprinkled more salt. After some time, the smell of grilling meat filled the area.

“Hey, can you smell it?”

“Wait, we can’t eat it just yet.” I stopped her from reaching into the stove and handed her a teacup that had been warming up on the side. “Drink this before eating.”

“What is it?”

“Juice from the boiled stem. It needs to be consumed before eating the yanaspleta.”

Han Sooyoung took the cup with a doubtful expression. Then after a while, her expression became impressed. She drank all the juices and started to cut the stem.

“Eat slowly.”

“…This isn’t a joke. You can really cook.”

“Maybe only in this ruined world.”

I laughed because she looked like a five year old child stuffing her face with good food.

[Some constellations who love cooking are curious about your cooking.]

[Some constellations who like fast progress and violence are complaining.]

[The constellation ‘Prisoner of the Golden Headband’ says to keep watching.]

There was one week left until the start of the fifth scenario. The Burning Hell disaster and Disaster of Questions had been overcome, making the development smooth.

Yoo Jonghyuk would take the disaster in the west with Lee Hyunsung once he woke up while the Wanderer King would handle the north. The only thing to be aware of now was the ‘central disaster.’

I picked up the yanaspleta juice and looked at the still unconscious Yoo Sangah. “Yoo Sangah-ssi.”

Was I mistaken? The unconscious Yoo Sangah obviously flinched.

“I know your mental state right now. Come and eat this.”


“If you don’t, I will just eat it.”

Yoo Sangah didn’t rise. Then I heard a growling sound from her stomach.

“You must be sleeping. Then we will eat this. Ah, too delicious.”

“…W-Wait a minute!” Yoo Sangah cried out and rose from her spot. As expected, Yoo Sangah couldn’t just lie down after smelling the food. She consumed a lot of stamina so it was natural for her to be hungry.

I glanced over at Han Sooyoung, who was still eating. “Hey. You have eaten a lot so get up.”


“Do you have to ask?”

“…Che. You make people feel uncomfortable. I understand.”

Maybe Han Sooyoung knew that Yoo Sangah was already awake. She also knew that Yoo Sangah wouldn’t move because of Han Sooyoung’s presence. This girl was really bad.

“I will go around the area once. Don’t eat it all and leave me some. Understood?” Han Sooyoung grabbed a skewer and disappeared into the darkness.

Once she completely disappeared, Yoo Sangah slowly approached. The skewer on top of the stove made a delicious cooking sound. I gave the skewer to the hesitating Yoo Sangah. Yoo Sangah accepted it and started biting into it.

Yoo Sangah ate one skewer and barely managed to open her mouth.


There were tears in her eyes. Anyone who saw her now wouldn’t think she was that girl wielding the daggers.

“Eat slowly.”

The two daggers at her waist showed that her appearance during the daytime wasn’t a dream. It was one month since the destruction began. I felt like there was a lot of work to do.

Yoo Sangah ate the skewers silently while I also ate while watching her. The skewers were really delicious. It was as if the taste wasn’t of this world…

Yoo Sangah watched the flames blazing from the stove and muttered, “…This is real.”


“Now we can’t go back?”

“Yes, probably.”

Yoo Sangah’s hands faintly trembled. She killed humans with those hands. In order to live, her hands had taken away the lives of others.

The hand that had been covered in someone’s blood now covered her eyes. Her shoulders intermittently shook. It was probably her last pride that no sobs leaked out.

“It isn’t your fault.” I didn’t know if my words comforted her or not. I couldn’t see Yoo Sangah’s heart. Yoo Sangah started to cry. Tears flowed down her face and the skewer she was eating fell to the ground.

How much more would she cry? Little by little, her sobs died down.

The 7th grade yanaspleta showed a strong sleeping effect when eaten without taking the juices.

I looked at her for a while before opening my mouth. “It really isn’t your fault.”

These words were for Yoo Sangah.

“So…” At the same time, I spoke words not directed towards Yoo Sangah. “I hope to find out who you are, how about it?”

In the ruined city, the spooky cries of monsters were heard. It seemed like I was talking to myself. I watched Yoo Sangah while asking, “Are you going to pretend?”


“I don’t know why you are watching me but haven’t you been doing it for a while now?”

The white blade of Unbroken Faith shone in the darkness.

“I won’t hesitate to do anything to reach my purpose.” I pushed the white blade towards Yoo Sangah’s throat. “You better open your mouth quickly. Unless you want your precious incarnation to die.”

From now on, it was a game of chicken. I waited while gradually pushing the blade towards her throat. The blade was 1cm away from her throat and blood started flowing. All of a sudden, Yoo Sangah’s eyes shone.

[The exclusive skill ‘Fourth Wall’ has offset your mental shock.]

There was a guest of wind and I was thrown away from Yoo Sangah’s body.

There was a menacing presence that made my heart dull. A faint glow appeared around Yoo Sangah’s body. I looked into Yoo Sangah’s blurry eyes. Revolving in the pupils, the shadow of a distant nebula was seen. Then a voice like thunder burst inside my head.

[Insignificant human.]

I wiped the blood flowing from my mouth and grinned. They finally appeared. The damn constellations of Olympus.

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