Once Human Now a Parasite - Chapter 704 - 648: The Bridge

Chapter 704 - 648: The Bridge

In total, there were 51 participants composed of 6 races; Humans, Demons, Mermaids, Dwarves, Elves, and Imoogis. (Imoogi are dragons that resemble snakes (No wings))

The grand opening ceremony was prepared by King Isadore, who spent a lot of effort into inviting famous dancers and renowned bards. The cheering of the cloud was getting louder and the atmosphere was reaching its climax, which warranted the beginning of the first stage.

The main host and the supervisor for the tournament won't be Arthur or Lucy but, surprisingly, Gutcha. The ugly pigolo looked as hideous as ever but after being granted a part of the parasite's Dark Magic, which was highly compatible with him, his cultivation increased by leaps and bounds.

Currently, the pigolo is a 4-star God Monarch and has enough power to contend against peak Overgods. Although at first, Arthur didn't fully trust him, such feelings changed with the passing of time.

The pigolo, albeit slick, was a loyal person deserving of the couple's trust. Not only did he save Saly, he also hid the two intact bodies of Arthur and Lucy in very secretive places, which granted them a second chance even if they died, which they did, by the way.

Gutcha wore a unique robe of the MoonStar Sect. He wasn't officially integrated into the sect, nevertheless, his position is higher than elders. It's equivalent to Sonia's position of Vice-Master.

"You will be teleported to a small dimension where the first stage will take place. Each stage has its rules and anyone who tries to break them or wreak havoc will be immediately disqualified."

As he said that, Gutcha pointed his massive open palm at the participants, and released a mass of Dark Magic.

"Do not resist! This is a precaution."

The Dark Magic invaded all of their bodies, without exception. Some were unhappy while others didn't care at all.

"Let us begin."

Gutcha retrieved a specially-crafted spatial stone in the form of a hexagon. It was embedded with three formations, two of them were meant to transport the participants from here to other dimensions.

It didn't take long for the preparations to be completed and the 51 participants to appear in the first stage.

They stood at the edge of a large cliff with a strong, whistling gale and an unsteady and creaking bridge which stretched for two to three hundred meters. The bridge connected two cliffs but it was in very bad condition and continuously shaking, almost about to fall.

"In the first stage, you need to individually cross the bridge. Each one of you has a maximum of three minutes and the less time it takes you, the more points you will get."

Gutcha also appeared beside them and briefly explained things before clapping his hands and displaying a disgusting grin on his frightening face.

"First one; Cosima of the Demonic Team."

The pigolo waved his hand, pulling the girl closer to the bridge, then stepping back and motioning for her to begin.


"Isn't it too simple?"

Isadore looked at the unsteady bridge then asked the silent Arthur.

"Is it?"

"Of course! They can just fly and-"

Before he could finish talking, the king saw Cosima try to fly over the bridge only for her body to plummet and crash into the ground. Fortunately for her, she safely landed back on her feet but the increasing gravity made her softly groan.

"Did you really think I would go easy and create an easy first stage? I poured my heart and soul into all the stages and not everyone can pass the bridge."

Isadore wryly laughed then glanced at the sheathed black blade.

"Those gales… are they?"

"You have keen eyes, your majesty."

"Isn't that a bit of an overkill?!"

"I only used a bit, don't worry."


"Isn't this a bit shallow? I expected something grand."

The woman accompanying Cardinal Patrick looked at the wooden bridge and sighed, clearly not impressed.

Contrary to her, the old Cardinal was frowning.

"It's not as simple as that."

He cleared his throat, briefly paused before explaining,

"Believe it or not, that whistling wind can cut you into pieces… I assume he toned it down."


The Demonic Team only had two members, both girls. Cosima and Marjory, and it goes without saying that they're both exceptional, in terms of beauty and prowess.

For even Isadore to think that they could win the tournament already proved how powerful these two young girls really are.

Nevertheless, Cosima was startled as the gravity pulled her downward with an unstoppable force. She immediately realized that flying isn't possible so she tentatively stepped into the bridge and after crossing less than ten meters, she saw incoming projectiles.

They were thumb-sized black metallic balls that flew with high-velocity. Cosima had no problem dodging the first couple of ones but the more distance she crossed, the more projectiles shot at her.

By the time she crossed half the distance, hundreds of those metal balls were coming from the front. The bridge was narrow and unsteady so it became difficult to dodge everything.

In the end, Cosima used her demonic, which she didn't expect to use at the very first stage. Her eyes glowed with crimson radiance then she literally shot beams of light that pulverized all the projectiles incoming at her.

2 minutes 2 seconds, that's how much time it took Cosima to reach the other cliff. She didn't seem that tired but she looked unhappy as was forced to resort to her demonic powers so early.

After Cosima successfully completed the first stage, her comrade, Marjory, was next. Unlike her friend, Marjory was nimble and was pretty agile, managing to reach the end within 100 seconds.

A bit less than an hour later, all the teams, except Arthur's, tried their luck in the first stage. Unexpectedly, everyone succeeded, which proved how talented and capable these youngsters are.


"I will make it so that you'll be the last team to pass the first stage but, in return, I want each and every one of you to show me good results."

A few days ago, Arthur said that to the six disciples, who dropped their heads, unable to refute or argue back.

"If one of you betrays my expectations then… be prepared for a True beating. Am I understood?"

"Yes, teacher!"

The six replied in unison then got back to training.


"Next, Rosea of the MoonStar Team."

The purple-haired girl nervously stepped to the front. She didn't look that confident as her movements were brimming with hesitation. However, when remembered the punishment she'll receive if she fails or does badly, she hardened her will.

With a half-determined expression, the princess of the Magical Cherry Kingdom walked on the bridge without invoking her powers. When the projectiles started coming at her, she dodged them with absolute ease, which even surprised her.

In comparison to Lucy's absurd speed, the metallic balls were nothing at all. Only when she experienced this herself did she realize how great she became.

So, like that, Rosea reached the end of the bridge within 95 seconds. It wasn't the best time, paling in comparison to a youth named John.

This John was a peculiar youth with mysterious description. He is the only member of the Ancient Federation Team.

Speaking of the Ancient Federation, it's actually a monstrous but neutral and non-aggressive power South of Cloud Sea, right at the border. As it is situated so close to the stretching Void, not many cultivators visit it, however, the federation has countless resources and strong individuals working for it.

It's definitely a power worth befriending and that's what Arthur planned to do. He didn't expect them to join this tournament and send an exceptional young man like John.