One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2824 - You’re Pregnant, You Can’t Drink!

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Chapter 2824: You’re Pregnant, You Can’t Drink!

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Mu Yanchen waved her hand away. “I’ve told you to leave me alone!”

After saying this, he reached out to snatch the wine glass from Meng Qingxue’s hand.

Meng Qingxue dodged and suddenly lifted the wine glass. She pressed her lips against the edge of the glass and looked as though she was about to down the drink in one gulp.

When Mu Yanchen saw this, a thought flashed across his mind—she was pregnant and not supposed to be drinking!

Almost instinctively, he snatched the goblet from her and sent it crashing onto the ground.


The goblet shattered, and the floor was littered with shards.

Because of this scene that had played out suddenly, everyone in the room was so frightened that they held their breath. It was obvious that Mu Yanchen was really angry!

Once this man got angry, it was extremely frightening.

Everyone was too scared to speak.

Mu Yanchen was filled with rage as he roared, “Don’t you know that pregnant women can’t drink? Are you crazy?!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a woman was extremely surprised and cried out in shock.

My god!


This woman is pregnant?!

Otherwise, why would Mu Yanchen say such words?

If she was really pregnant, it wouldn’t be a difficult guess as to whose child she was carrying!

This woman’s background wasn’t simple then!

Mu Yanchen was known within the circle for being a playboy. He had had countless affairs and many women.

However, he had never allowed any woman to do anything out of line.

Pregnancy was even more impossible!

But this woman was definitely an exception!

Who exactly was she?!

More shocking was the fact that she actually dared to raise her voice and bang on the table in front of Mu Yanchen.

Wasn’t she too spoilt?

Could it mean that Mu Yanchen doted on her?

Only Meng Qingxue looked up at him and curled her lips coldly. “I only told you not to drink anymore! You’ve already drunk so much!”

Mu Yanchen was startled. He furrowed his brows abruptly. “Go home!”

“No.” Meng Qingxue reached out to pull his hand. “Let’s go home together, okay?”

“Don’t touch me!”

Mu Yanchen abruptly brushed her hand away and turned to leave.

Meng Qingxue knew that he had had too much to drink and was in a bad mood. Hence, he looked terrible.

She immediately ran out of the bar after him, only to see him standing by the side of the street. Under the street lamp, his back view seemed extremely stretched, and he looked extremely lonely.

Mu Yanchen took out his cigarette case, lit a cigarette, and took two long drags. When he heard the flurry of footsteps behind him, he turned around.

Meng Qingxue immediately walked towards him.

Mu Yanchen did not spare her another look. He turned around and strode down the street.

The girl quickly followed behind him.

The two of them walked one behind the other.

His legs were long, and his strides were wide. She was worried about the child in her womb, so she naturally could not run. However, she was gradually finding it difficult to keep up with his pace.

How could he walk so fast!?

Meng Qingxue said, “Yan Chen, wait for me, okay?”

He did not respond at all.

She became more anxious and quickened her pace. Her breathing also gradually became hurried and shallow.

“Don’t walk so fast. Wait for me, wait for me…”

She kept trying to catch up to him. There were a few times when she was so anxious that she almost tripped over the gravel under her feet!

Meng Qingxue was angry and anxious.

Mu Yanchen continued walking forward expressionlessly. He did not know what he was thinking, but his mind was in a muddle. In the midst of this chaos, it was as if he could hear countless voices going round in his head.

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