One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 2977 - Meeting on a Narrow Path (4)

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Chapter 2977: Meeting on a Narrow Path (4)

Meng Qingxue smiled coldly as she looked straight at Song Enya, saying with no uncertainty, “Song Enya, you’re the third party who interfered between me and Yanhen!”

“I dare you to repeat that!”

“Isn’t it!?”

Meng Qingxue said coldly, “Initially, I was with Yanchen. What about you? Yes! I admit that you two are getting married. But don’t go thinking that I’m clueless about your ways and means!”

Song Enya’s face turned pale. “Don’t spout nonsense! Who are you calling a mistress?”


Meng Qingxue’s eyes were steely. She thought to herself, so you wish to put up an act?

Song Enya, you’ve been scheming against me all this while. You’ve been forcing me, using underhanded means to harm me, and even threatening my unborn child. You’re vicious and merciless, but now, I won’t back down!

At the thought of this, Meng Qingxue smiled coldly and straightened her back. She gave the impression that she would not tolerate any violation, nor would she be maligned.

She looked around and said, “Even if you people wish to be righteous, you should find out the truth before pointing fingers! Do you really believe what she says? Do you know how the child in her belly came about?!”

Before Song Enya could speak, Meng Qingxue continued, “Yes, I admit that Yanchen is your fiancé now, but he was mine to begin with! The person he loves is me, and the child I carry is different from yours! The child in my belly was given to me by Yanchen! And the child in your belly was stolen by you!”

Her words made everyone curious!

How could the child in her belly be stolen?

“What do you mean by that?”

“How do you steal a child? I don’t understand!”

Hearing this, Song Enya immediately understood what the other woman was about to say. Her body shook with anger as she yelled, “Shut up!”

“Why? Miss Song, are you feeling guilty now?! Didn’t you want everyone to judge this situation? How about this? Tell us, how did the child in your belly come about? So that everyone can judge who’s right and who’s wrong?”

Song Enya warned angrily, “Shut up!”

Meng Qingxue smiled but disregarded the warning. She turned around and said to everyone, “You don’t know, right? The woman standing in front of you is the mayor’s daughter, Song Enya!”

“Song Enya?”

“Ah! I read in the newspaper that our mayor, Song Zhengguo, has three children. His second daughter is called Song Enya. I heard that she came from a prestigious school, has an excellent educational background, and looks outstanding!”

“So it’s the mayor’s daughter!”

Meng Qingxue continued, “The child in her womb was conceived through artificial insemination! As for how the sperm came about? She stole it from the sperm bank!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the crowd broke into a commotion.


“How is that possible?”

Meng Qingxue said icily, “It’s indeed hard to believe. She comes from a prestigious family. As the mayor’s woman, she’s talented and beautiful. Why would she do such a despicable thing?!”

Song Enya screamed at her hysterically, “B*tch, I told you to shut up. Didn’t you hear me?!”

With that, she pounced on Meng Qingxue and reached out to grab her hair.

Meng Qingxue took a step back and protected her belly. She raised her hand to fend off the other woman.

The scene became chaotic.

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