One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 3233 - Wedding Of The Century (18)

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Chapter 3233: Wedding Of The Century (18)

He was wearing a tailored suit that made him look tall and slender.

His hair had been meticulously styled, and his handsome facial features made him look even more stunning!

Even though they were together every day and she would fall asleep embracing him every night, but perhaps today was such a special day, coupled with the man’s formal dressing, he was more handsome than usual!

To the extent that her heartbeat seemed to have lost its rhythm.

On the side, Jun Mo carefully reminded her, “Shishi, take the bouquet? The groom has been on his knee for long enough.”

Even the bridesmaids were moved by the affection in his eyes and could not bear to make things difficult for him.

Only then did Yun Shishi reach out and gently took over the bouquet. Before she could retract her hand, Mu Yazhe put his large palm over hers and held her hand firmly. He leaned forward slightly and hugged her shoulders.

Then he whispered into her ear, “Madam, you’re so beautiful today!”

Yun Shishi felt her face burning again. She was so embarrassed that she was at a loss before the small crowd!

Youyou and Little Yichen, who were standing by the side, suddenly said, “Daddy, you can’t take Mommy away just yet!”

“That’s right, Daddy. You can’t take Mommy away yet.”

The group of people started to chuckle, being tickled by the two little guys.

The man was puzzled. “Why?”

“There! Look at Mommy’s feet.”

Yun Shishi stretched out her legs, revealing her bare feet. She looked up at him with a reddened face and reminded him, “Aren’t you going to look for my shoes?”

He slapped his forehead and immediately said, “Groom, the bridesmaids have hidden the high heels. You have to find them within the time limit. Otherwise, you won’t be able to take the bride away!”

Mu Xi said innocently, “We didn’t hide it. The two little guys did it. We don’t know where they hid it either!”

Mu Yazhe swept a glance at Youyou and Little Yichen, who feigned nonchalance as they raised their heads to look at him.


The man suddenly had serious doubts that these two guys were his biological sons.

Not even a hint?

The man ordered, “Hurry up and find those shoes!”

At his command, Lu Jinyu and Jiang Shen immediately started to rummage through the drawers.

Qin Zhou, on the other hand, was very reserved. He did not act like a beast, unlike the other two. He leisurely opened the drawers one by one, checking if there were shoes in them.

However, it was not as simple as they had imagined.

The room was a suite. It was huge. They looked in the closet, under the bed, and could not locate the shoes.

After a while, everyone returned to the center of the room, puzzled!

The shoes were hidden by the two little guys. Who knew what the rascals were thinking and where they had hidden the shoes?

All the places with storage functions had been turned over. Nothing.

Mu Yazhe immediately asked, “Youyou, you must have hidden it. Where did you hide the shoes?”

“I’m not telling you.”

The little guy was very smug, and he wasn’t going to loosen his tongue so easily.

Mu Yazhe pursed his lips and immediately walked over. Squatting in front of Youyou, he pulled the boy into his embrace and said in a low voice, “Good boy, Youyou, can you bear to see Daddy panicking? Daddy finally passed your uncle’s hurdle with great difficulty; can you bear to make things difficult for Daddy?”

“Why not?!” Youyou snorted. “If there’s no challenge at all and you can walk away with the beauty so effortlessly, wouldn’t life be too good to be true?”

Mu Yazhe held back his anger and kissed Youyou’s tender cheeks. He tried to persuade the boy, “Youyou, be a good boy and tell Daddy, okay?”

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