One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love - Chapter 3358 - Sudden Changes (99)

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Chapter 3358: Sudden Changes (99)

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Some of them had lost their conscience and were not worth saving.

However, facing this innocent child, Youyou somehow thought of his mother. If it were his mother, she would probably sacrifice herself to protect the baby!

At this thought, his heart softened further.

The woman continued to plead, “Please! The child is innocent!”

Youyou was silent for a long time, as if he was considering. Finally, he said plainly, “Bring the girl on board!”

The woman’s eyes lit up, and she immediately carried the little girl to them, thanking them profusely.

Youyou boarded the aircraft while the mercenary escorted Dietris to the cabin. Only then did he realize that the man had a suitcase with him.

Even at a time that he was running for his life, this man did not forget to take the money with him.

The helicopter started up. The propeller stirred up waves and slowly rose into the air.

It was only when they were up in the air looking down at the cruise ship, that Youyou realized the ship had already broken apart in the middle.

Just as Little Yichen had said, this cruise ship had run itself into a reef. The belly of the ship had been split open by, possibly, very hard rocks and there must have been a huge hole in the bottom of the ship.

A steady stream of seawater would have poured in through the opening, the two floors below were probably submerged in seawater.

The ship was very long, and its buoyancy was affected. It gradually sank, and in the middle, due to the uneven spread of load, it began to break apart.

Youyou sat on the cruise ship with a lingering fear. He did not dare to imagine the consequences of his uncle’s men not arriving in time. In due course, the cruise ship would completely sink to the bottom of the sea.

But this was definitely not the most terrifying thing.

The most terrifying of all was the despairing crowd on the ship.

In the face of death, the selfish instinct of human nature was made evident!

Perhaps they would be trampled to death by those crazy people, even before the cruise ship went underwater.

Youyou heaved a sigh of relief, but before he could completely relax, he heard a man’s sinister laughter coming from behind him.


Startled, Youyou turned around to look at Dietris, only to see that he had woken up!

If he hadn’t been confident that the man was tightly bound and secured, he would have been very nervous.

However, the man was clearly the more disadvantaged one now. How could he still smile?

Youyou questioned him coldly, “What are you laughing at?”

Dietris smiled, revealing his sinister teeth. “I’m laughing at your naivety! What, do you really think you’re safe now?”


Who was the naive one?

Youyou snorted expressionlessly, unwilling to engage with him.

However, Dietris continued to probe, “Why didn’t you keep me on the cruise ship? I don’t believe for a moment that you’d be so kind as to really rescue me! So please don’t even suggest that you didn’t want me to die!”

To this, Youyou replied, “I let you live because we still have a score to settle!”

“Score to settle?!?”

“Oh,” said Dietris curiously. “What score are you looking to settle?”

“Mommy’s score, Little Yichen’s score, and the score between you and me! We have to settle all these!”

“Very well, I also have a score to settle with you! However, I’m afraid that we may not have the chance to do this!”

“What do you mean…”

Before the boy could finish speaking, he saw Dietris’ mouth moving. His eyes widened in confusion, but then he saw Dietris grin slightly as something dark appeared between his lips.

It looked like a piece of plastic, although it was not just a simple piece of plastic!

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