Oukoku e Tsuzuku Michi - Chapter 545

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Chapter 545: Road to Kingdom ② Once You’ve Eaten Poison, Might as Well Lick the Plate —Preview

The cavalry and wagons depart rowdily with me in the lead.

It is a little earlier than when the citizens start waking up.

Some run out of their houses to check what is going on, but there are not enough to be called a crowd.

Those who came outside also have no clue what’s happening.

「There is no formal ceremony or send-off by the people. Although noisy, our sortie is rather inconspicuous.」

Myla mutters.

I was going to reply with something cool, but thinking about it now, we don’t really do many spectacular displays.

「Most of our sorties are sudden after all.」

Celia purrs when I scratch under her chin, and then a wagon unexpectedly runs up to me from the rear.


Kicking open the door was Nonna.

She pinches the hem of her dress as she steps down from the wagon and runs in a wild manner I’ve never seen before――――then trips.

「Uwah, she landed right on her face.」

Celia reflexively grabs her own nose and winces like she could feel the pain.

Nonna should be fine though, since she has her breasts to act as cushions when she falls forward.

In fact, it’s probably more dangerous if she sticks her hands out.

「Although there are many things I want to say, let me say this one thing. If Aegir-sama loses, I and the children and the stupid Carla……and all the maids that Aegir-sama secretly laid hands on, are all finished. Everyone will be tormented to death!」

She sits the twins Anastasia and Bartolome on Schwartz and sends them to me.

Bartolome is oddly timid and Anastasia is……smiling a little, what an incredible daughter.

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