Peerless Battle Spirit - Chapter 2347: Unsightly

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Chapter 2347: Unsightly

"Now!" Li Qitang yelled.

The two young men spat out their blood essence and swiftly performed hand seals. They then pointed at their blood.


A blinding light burst out with blood-red runes spreading into a huge formation. It soon released a suppressing force which wrapped around Qin Nan's body like a snake.

Qin Nan tried to move, but he realized how unusual the formation was. He was unable to break free in a short amount of time with the strength of his flesh.

"Kid, do you think we can't do anything to you because you have a strong will of heart?" Li Qitang rose into the sky and summoned a pagoda.

The pagoda had nine levels, each had an old man with a blurred face sitting at the entrance. It was emitting a formidable aura.

It was an ancient Dao-Seeking Weapon.

"Wonder Pagoda of the Gods, sealing off the Heavens!" Li Qitang released his Master Force into the pagoda.


A mystical chime echoed between the Heavens and Earth.

Brilliant golden rays burst out of the eyes of the old men on the pagoda. They simultaneously shoved their right palms at Qin Nan.

Qin Nan felt the winds and the clouds shifting as the ground shook vigorously, followed by various rare phenomena.

He soon felt himself under a great pressure, as if huge rocks were collapsing onto his heart, making it extremely difficult to breathe.

Qin Nan raised his brows.

He had truly underestimated Li Qitang.

The direct descendant of the Li Clan did have many tricks up in his sleeves. The Wonder Pagoda of Gods was specifically effective against the will of heart.

"How are you going to stop me now!?"

Li Qitang's hair drifted wildly as he rapidly executed a Dao-Seeking Art and summoned starlights from all directions which formed a giant sword in his hand.

"Light splitting the land, sword of the deities!"

Li Qitang's will skyrocketed as he slashed forward.

It felt like stars were being born and shattered continuously. The sword intent was mystical and illusionary.

"Not bad."

Qin Nan slightly nodded.

His eyes sharpened in the nick of time.

He completely unleashed his will of heart.


A magnificent light burst out of him and soared into the sky.

"Mm? Is that..."

Li Qitang and his men widened their eyes.

The Wonder Pagoda of the Gods was immediately under enormous pressure. The old men rose to their feet and uttered loud chants like some kind of an ancient curse.

"Do you think you can suppress my will with a single artifact?" Qin Nan spoke thunderously.

His magnificent will of heart remained the same. It surged recklessly at the pagoda.


The rift shook vigorously.

The Wonder Pagoda of the Gods exploded into pieces in merely two breaths. The lights diminished and faded away.


Li Qitang's expression shifted. He immediately felt a great danger approaching.

He quickly withdrew the slash and backed away without any hesitation to avoid being struck by the will of heart.

His men stared at the scene in disbelief.

Was the young man really so powerful?

"I didn't expect your will of heart to be so strong. I've underestimated you," Li Qitang said gloomily.

"You're wrong, my will of heart isn't the only thing that's powerful," Qin Nan said.

He executed all the arts in his body.

His aura immediately reached an overwhelming level. It felt like an immortal mountain had landed in front of Li Qitang and his men, placing them under enormous pressure.

Li Qitang and his men even had a strange feeling that they were going up against a Ruler of Dao instead of a Master of Dao.

"How did you..." Li Qitang's voice was trembling.

He always thought Qin Nan was just someone with insane luck, but he did not expect the man had already mastered an extraordinary path of cultivation.

Qin Nan glanced at Li Qitang calmly as he stepped forward.


The strange blood-red formation exploded into pieces.

The two young men who were maintaining the formation vomited blood and backed away in astonishment like they had just taken a huge blow.

Qin Nan took another step forward. The forbidding aura Li Qitang had established collapsed.

The aura Qin Nan was releasing immediately surged in all directions and shook the entire lake.

Countless beasts let out uneasy cries.

Qin Nan remained silent, nor did he use a different art. He simply approached Li Qitang one step at a time.

However, Li Qitang and his men felt like a peerless ruler was slowly moving toward them. Every step he took was sending a chill down their spines.

"What...what are you trying to do? I'm telling you, I'm a direct descendant of the Li Clan. You are carrying the Soul Locking Lamp. If you kill me, my clan will know you did it. The Li Clan won't forgive you..." Li Qitang blurted out with a pale face.

Qin Nan finally stopped in his track and said, "Don't you worry, I won't kill you, not because of who you are, but because your clan has helped me a lot. I'm going to feel bad if I kill you now."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with disdain, "I've seen too many of your kind who abused your background and talents to act atrociously and bully the weak."

"Don't you know how unsightly it is?"

"A truly strong cultivator will never act like you."

"It's surprising that you have achieved the Master Realm, but at this rate, you will never be able to achieve the Ruler Realm. It's only a matter of time until someone else kills you."

Qin Nan withdrew his aura and flew into the distance.

Everything returned to calm.

Li Qitang and his men fell to the ground in relief.

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A while later, the two young men asked Li Qitang, "Young Master Li, how are you doing?"

Li Qitang did not respond. He was staring at his trembling hands.

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