Power and Wealth - Chapter 760: Wang Anshi is dismissed!

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Chapter 760: Wang Anshi is dismissed!


Subdistrict Family Quarters.

Dong Xuebing is finally home after so long. He ignored the mess caused by the earthquake and walked to the window. He watched the crowd disperses before lighting a cigarette on the sofa. He felt fulfilled, and this is a different sense of achievement.

Although Dong Xuebing’s car was damaged, he was almost killed, and he could not see his newborn baby girl, which he did not regret.

Dong Xuebing switched on the TV and saw the recorded footage of thousands of people walking him back from the hospital on the news. He wiped his tear and took a deep breath.

Dong Xuebing took out his phone and called Geng Yuehua. “Hello, Mayor Geng. I am Xiao Dong. I heard you had visited me several times at the hospital. I appreciate your concern.”

Geng Yuehua gave a cold reply. “Yes.”

“Is it convenient to talk now?” Dong Xuebing asked.

“I am alone in my office.” Geng Yuehua replied.

Dong Xuebing immediately speaks casually. “I am home now.”

Geng Yuehua acknowledged. “I know.”

“Does the District have any work for me? Give me some tasks.”

“Rest at home and don’t worry about work. You will have lots of work to do in the future.”

“Yuehua, I know you are worried about me, but I have recovered. The doctor will not allow me to leave if there’s something wrong with me. I am almost bored to death. Can you give me some work to do? I don’t want to stay at home while everyone is busy rebuilding the District. You should know I can’t sit still even for one minute. Do you think it’s time for the Subdistrict to clear the debris and start rebuilding? I can start to assign tasks. After all, our Subdistrict has the lowest injuries among the townships and other Subdistricts. I heard from Xinke that the search and rescue operations had ended.”

“I am not the one who makes the decision.”

“Wang Anshi is still around?!” Dong Xuebing frowned. “This guy is damn shameless. How can he remain as the District Party Secretary?” He is furious with Wang Anshi and Xue Rongqing for leaving him to die at the hospital.

“I will pretend not to hear this.”

“Hey, what’s there to hide between us? I don’t care what you think, but you are not an outsider to me.”

“What’s our relationship? Tell me!”

“What do you think? Fine… we have no relationships.”

Dong Xuebing is speechless. They had slept together more than once, but she pretended they were not close. “Can I know if there are any changes in our District?”

“No changes for now.”

“Does that mean there will be changes soon?”

“This is a critical period.” Geng Yuehua coldly replies. “That’s it. We don’t have any orders for your Subdistrict. Just rest at home.”

Du…. Du…. Du…. Geng Yuehua hangs up.

Dong Xuebing can tell Geng Yuehua cares for him despite her tone and feels blessed. The doctor had told him that Mayor Geng had ordered him to dig him out from under the debris, dead or alive. This is why he was rescued so fast. She also fainted a few times at the hospital site. She must have thought he had died.

Dong Xuebing knows that Geng Yuehua cares for him despite her coldness.

When Dong Xuebing was thinking about these, the TV suddenly showed a piece of news that grabbed his attention.

“An anonymous man had submitted this Nan Shan District First Hospital collapse footage. Please take note of the details.” The TV showed Dong Xuebing being pinned in a pool of blood under a broken window at the hospital. Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong were standing beside him. It was the time after the aftershock. “This is recorded around one minute before Director Dong was buried under the hospital. Two men were beside him, and they could have saved him. But….” The men in the video quickly turned and ran out. “They did not help. Director Dong, who was seriously injured, struggled back to his feet and rushed into the collapsing hospital to save a nurse trapped inside. From what we found out, those two middle-aged men who ran away are Nan Shan District Party Secretary Wang Anshi and Nan Shan District Organization Department Chief Xue Qingrong.”

Dong Xuebing was grinding his teeth in anger. He was still feeling sore from what Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong did. These two bastards were too much!

Finally, it’s here!

The time has come!

Geng Yuehua had told Dong Xuebing that this was a critical period and there couldn’t be drastic changes. That’s why Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong were not exposed. He was rescued and discharged from the hospital, and the search and rescue operations were almost over. The media is allowed to report about them.

Dong Xuebing knows Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong will get into trouble, but he doesn’t know how severe their punishments will be. He immediately calls Yang Zhaode. “Uncle Yang, have you watched the news?”

Yang Zhaode calmly replied. “That video is not a live telecast, and I had seen it yesterday.”

Dong Xuebing asked. “Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong….”

Yang Zhaode coldly replied. “Don’t worry. They refused to save you, and they are to be blamed for causing you to be trapped under the debris. I will not let them off even if others want to help them. Moreover, many civilians there saw what they did. The District Party Secretary and Organization Department Chief had disappointed everyone. Our City Party Committee had decided to dismiss Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong. Geng Yuehua will be promoted to replace him as she had done well to issue an earthquake warning and take precautions before the disaster.

Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong are dismissed!

Mayor Geng is going to be the District Party Secretary!

Dong Xuebing is very satisfied with this outcome. He wished he could see Wang Anshi and Xue Qingrong’s expressions now. This is karma.

There’s a price to pay for every action.

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