Power and Wealth - Chapter 761: Going to the Central Party School!

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Chapter 761: Going to the Central Party School!

Next morning.

Light breeze, and the temperature had dropped slightly.

Guang Ming Subdistrict Office. Dong Xuebing had not received new orders from the District, and he returned to work as usual. The Subdistrict situation had stabilized. Aftershocks from the earthquake still happen now and then, but they are not severe. Most of the Subdistrict Office staff had returned to work at the Subdistrict Office. Dong Xuebing saw the cafeteria had collapsed when he returned. Its roof was gone, but the other office buildings were fine.

“Ah, Director Dong!”

“Director Dong, why are you here?”

“Good morning, Director.”

The staff greeted Dong Xuebing when they saw him, and they wondered why is he back at work? Why is he not resting at home?

Dong Xuebing nodded. “Good morning. Help me inform the department Leaders to come to my office for a meeting.”

“I will inform them now.” A staff replied.

The staff kept looking back at Dong Xuebing as they left. They are trying to see if he was made out of steel. Everyone had heard how he escaped death, and he should be crushed even if he is made from steel. How can he be ok after being trapped under tons of debris for so long? He climbed out from under the debris himself, and he even saved a person on his way back. Which human can be as tough as him?

Director Dong and what he did cannot be explained with logic.

No wonder everyone calls Director Dong the God of Plagues. Whoever provokes him will get into trouble. Look…. Even the District Party Secretary and District Organization Department Chief were dismissed because of him.

Everyone is glad to see Dong Xuebing walking around normally.

Side building.

Work Party Secretary Office.

It’s been a while since Dong Xuebing returned to his office, and he suddenly felt unfamiliar. He smiled and lit a cigarette at his desk before clearing his work. When Geng Xinke, Zhou Yanru, Pang Gang, and the rest arrived at his office, he started to assign work to them. This is not the time to rest yet. Although the search and rescue operations had ended, they still had to rebuild the Subdistrict.

Today, Wang Yuling is very quiet. It might be because of Wang Anshi’s dismissal. On the other hand, Geng Xinke seems to be in a good mood because Geng Yuehua has been promoted to be Nan Shan District Party Secretary.

After assigning the tasks, the meeting ended.

Ring… ring… ring…. Dong Xuebing’s handphone rang.

Dong Xuebing answered. “Hello.”

“Director Dong, I’m Ma Jian.”

“Oh, Secretary Ma. What is it?”

“Mayor Geng asks you to come to the District Party Committee now. If you are not feeling well, I can….”

“Ok! I will go over it now. Thanks for calling.”

“Don’t mention it.” After these few days, Ma Jian’s attitude towards Dong Xuebing changed.

Dong Xuebing immediately drive the Subdistrict Office’s Santana to the District Party Committee Building after hanging up. When he arrived at the compound, many people greeted him politely when they saw him.

“Hi, Director Dong!”

“Don’t push yourself too hard, and watch your health.”

“Director Dong, are you free this evening? Want to have dinner together?”

Dong Xuebing is not used to this and quickly returns their greetings.

Everyone’s attitude towards him had changed completely compared to one month ago. The District Party Committee had announced Geng Yuehua would be taking over as the District Party Secretary, and Dong Xuebing had saved her and several other District Leaders’ lives during the earthquake. Everyone is grateful to him, and they stop avoiding him.

At this time, a familiar person walked out of the office building.

This person is Ping An Subdistrict Office Director Chu Qinghua. He looks gloomy and looks like he has just been scolded. He looked worse when he saw Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing saw him and greeted him with a smile. “Director Chu.”

“Director Dong.” Chu Qinghua forced a smile.

Chu Qinghua had spoken sarcastically towards Dong Xuebing when they met the last time. In the end, Dong Xuebing proved his prediction was correct. He had done the right things by forcefully removing the advertisement boards and publishing that article. This is why Chu Qinghua doesn’t want to see him. He quickly left after greeting Dong Xuebing.

Dong Xuebing glanced at Chu Qinghua’s back and entered the District Party Committee Building.

Dong Xuebing went to the secretary's office first. Ma Jian is still Geng Yuehua’s secretary.

“Secretary Ma, is Secretary Geng in her office?”

Ma Jian stood up and smiled. “Yes. She is waiting for you.”

Dong Xuebing knocked on Geng Yuehua’s door and entered.

Geng Yuehua, in a ladies' suit, is reading a report with a frown.

Dong Xuebing did not disturb her and sat down after closing the door.

Geng Yuehua signed the report a few minutes later and looked at Dong Xuebing. “I heard you had returned to work this morning.”

Dong Xuebing smiles. “Yes. I can’t stay at home when there is work to do.”

Geng Yuehua stares at Dong Xuebing coldly. “Are you trying to defy my orders?!”

“Of course not.” Dong Xuebing quickly explain. “I know you care for me, but I have recovered. I am fine now.”

Geng Yuehua threw a document on her desk. “Whatever.”

“Why are you getting angry?” Dong Xuebing laughed. “Oh, I still have not congratulated you on your promotion. Is this Wang Anshi’s former office?”

Geng Yuehua nodded.

“Why didn’t you change to another office?” Dong Xuebing asked.

“That’s not important.”

It is tedious to chat with Geng Yuehua, and Dong Xuebing felt they don’t have anything in common to chat. He asked. “Why did you call me over?”

Geng Yuehua looked at Dong Xuebing and threw a brown envelope at him. “By right, this should be the District Organization Department’s job. But Chief Xue had left, and it’s the same with me telling you this. Open up and read it first.” She paused for a second and continued. “You had made significant contributions with your earthquake warning article, earthquake prevention and mitigation awareness campaign, and the crackdown on illegal buildings. You greatly lowered the casualty rates in this disaster, especially in the Guang Ming Subdistrict area. The death toll in Guang Ming Subdistrict is only a single digit, resulting from your efforts. Your performance in rescuing others after the earthquake is a good example for all our staff to follow. Because of the mentioned reasons, the higher-ups decided to let you participate in next week’s Central Party School’s Division Chief training course. Your name has been approved. Get yourself prepared.”

Dong Xuebing is stunned. “Central Party School’s Division Chief training course?! I am only a Section Chief. How can I attend the Division Chief training course?”

Geng Yuehua mumbled. “This is a special approval from the higher-ups.”


“From now onwards, you don’t need to care about the Subdistrict Office’s work. Geng Xinke will take over your duties, and I am giving you one month off from work. Remember to report to the Central Party School next week.” Geng Yuehua said and picked up another document to read. “That’s all.”

Dong Xuebing is still in a daze when he leaves Geng Yuehua’s office.

The Central Party School’s Division Chief training course! Only Division Chief or Deputy Division Chief rank Leaders can attend this course! Dong Xuebing quickly understand the situation. Every province can only send a few people to attend this course, and everyone struggles to get in. He can get in because the higher-ups had given special approval for him, which means he will get promoted to Deputy Division Chief soon! Most likely, he will not return to the Subdistrict Office after this course. He will be reassigned to a new position.

Deputy Division Chief!

Dong Xuebing was promoted to Section Chief last year. He was posted to Guang Ming Subdistrict Office as the Work Party Secretary cum Director a few months ago. Now, he is getting promoted on an exceptional basis again! He had been waiting for this, and training at the Central Party School will help in his future career.

A few hours later, news of Dong Xuebing going to the Central Party School spreads.

Everyone is shocked, but they are not surprised.

Dong Xuebing’s contributions to this disaster are too outstanding, and he had saved tens of thousands of lives. Even the Chief Secretary had called to praise him, and the City Party Secretary visited him at the hospital. It’s normal for him to get a promotion.

Although Dong Xuebing had the credentials to get this promotion, many people still think he was too young. He is only twenty-five years old and has joined the government sector for around two years. How can he get promoted from a Staff Member to Deputy Division Chief so fast?

What does this mean? All of Dong Xuebing’s promotions are not standard promotions. All of them are on an exceptional basis.

It might be fine if it happens once.

But happening five to six times is unbelievable!

No one else in Henan Province can promote as fast as Dong Xuebing.

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