Predatory Marriage - Chapter 332

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Predatory Marriage — Chapter 332. Ishakan Takes Over Her Mind (4)

Translator: Atlas / Editor: Regan

Tears streamed from her eyes at the intense pleasure. Saliva flowed from her mouth, but she could not close it, unable to contain her cries. Ishakan sucked at her lips.


Leah was so overwhelmed, she couldn’t even speak properly. Again and again, she begged him to slow down, but Ishakan wouldn’t stop. He tormented her until she was moaning like a wild animal, all her shame forgotten.

“Oh, I, I love it…!”

Ishakan kissed her at those words, gently tugging her n!pples with his fingers. Even though he wasn’t thrusting into her hard, it still felt so good, his steady stroking was making her lose her mind.

She felt his manhood throbbing inside her, and Leah tightened on him, squeezing her inner walls to spur him on. She felt his whole body stiffen behind her, and his teeth sank into the back of her neck.

That slight pain only goaded her pleasure. Leah was trembling right on the edge, and her backside wiggled against him involuntarily. His strong arms encircled her, and Ishakan moaned in her ear.


Inside her, a sticky heat suddenly erupted, and Leah cried out his name.

“Ahhh…ahhh, Isha!”

Her body shuddered as she cl!maxed.


Remembering that moment, Leah covered her mouth with her hand. After that encounter, she hadn’t been able to bring herself to go near the mirror again for some time. Every time she looked at that mirror, she remembered that vision of herself and the look in Ishakan’s eyes. It made her shiver.

The memory also made a tingling sensation fill her belly, and Leah sighed. Maybe she somehow had beast’s blood in her, too. It was the only explanation for why she thought so often about s3x.

Wandering briefly through her rooms, Leah slipped through the glass door that opened on the balcony, to cool off without actually going out for a walk at so late an hour.

But even this did not distract her. It only made her remember Ishakan’s visits in the middle of the night. The patter of pebbles thrown against the glass door, the man who entered her room as if it belonged to him. The strange intruder who had crossed all boundaries and ended up taking hold of her heart. – Posted only on NovelUtopia

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. His absence was unbearable, like a chill wind blowing through her heart.

Her hand pressed against her chest as Leah walked over to the closet and took a shirt from inside. It was one of Ishakan’s.

Leah hugged it tightly, then burrowed into the closet, pulling out more clothes, greedy for his scent. Piling them on the bed, she lay down among them, breathing the faint scent of tobacco, the distinctive smell of Ishakan’s body. The scent made her lower body tighten. Leah rubbed her face into his clothes.

Ishakan had taught her how to [email protected], but she never did it alone. Not just because she was embarrassed, but because she did not even feel the urge without him.

As she preferred to repress the s3xual desire that Ishakan had worked so hard to instill in her, Leah had no choice now but to wait for him, and hope he came home as soon as possible. She closed her eyes.

“Ishakan…” She sighed wistfully.

And then she froze. She had the sensation of eyes upon her, watching her from somewhere. Her room was one of the most severely restricted places in the palace. Not even Mura could enter recklessly after Leah had gone to bed.

Goosebumps prickled her skin. Quickly, Leah sat up and looked around, and caught her breath. Golden eyes were glowing in the dark. He was watching her as if he were tasting her with his eyes.

She let out the breath she had been holding.

“Oh…” She murmured, as her heart began to speed up.

“I was wondering what my wife was doing while I was out.” Ishakan smiled. “I would never have imagined such a welcome.”

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