President Wife is A Man - Chapter 153

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Chapter 153 – Intimacy

In recent days, there have been more and more people visiting the bookstore. Besides customers purchasing books, there were many readers as well.

Jiang Qi was slowly getting busier. After having lunch with Ke Yan, he would immediately rush back to the store. At times, Ke Yan would follow Jiang Qi to help out too.

After work, Ke Yan drove the car to Jiang Qi’s bookstore. Opening the front door, he saw that there were still 2-3 people in the store.

And Jiang Qi was currently counting the money the customer gave and packing the book nicely into a bag.

Seeing that Ke Yan came, he looked around the shop to see that there were still people in the shop. There were a few children with their parents downstairs and some people upstairs.

Since they were customers, he couldn’t chase them out, so he could only say to Ke Yan, “Wait a little while for me.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll wait. No need to rush.” Ke Yan stood in front of Jiang Qi. There was a cashier desk between them.

Zhu Zi Hao came downstairs, carrying books. He saw a man dressed in a suit standing in front of the cashier desk, lowering his head to look at Boss. Boss was seated on the chair behind the desk, raising his head and chatting about something, smiling really sweetly.

Zhu Zi Hao realised that as long as Boss was with this man, he would be a different person and would laugh often.

Regarding the identity of that man, Zhu Zi Hao had not a single piece of knowledge. He only knew that he was handsome.

Putting the books properly, Zhu Zi Hao couldn’t resist glancing at them again. He saw that the man suddenly bent his waist towards Boss and touched his face. Zhu Zi Hao felt complicated. Why did this move seem so…. Um, intimate?

The reason Ke Yan suddenly touched Jiang Qi’s face was because Jiang Qi’s face was very red and he couldn’t help but to touch it. Jiang Qi was startled, “What are you doing?”

Ke Yan raised his brows, “Touching you.”

Jiang Qi touched his own face. “What’s wrong with my face?”

“Why is it so red?”

“Might be because I stayed in the heated room for too long.” Jiang Qi said as he stretched.

Ke Yan watched as he flicked Jiang Qi’s forehead.

After waiting for a while, most of the customers were gone. Jiang Qi wore his coat, preparing to leave work.

Walking out of the store together, Jiang Qi closed the door and said to Zhu Zi Hao and Wang Xiao Yu, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you, Boss.”

After the farewell, Jiang Qi quickly got into Ke Yan’s car. It was too cold outside.

Wang Xiao Yu carried her bag and left, while Zhu Zi Hao looked at Jiang Qi and Ke Yan’s car. Were they going home together?

Lin Zi Rui had no days off this weekend, so he arranged for one tomorrow, because he was going to invite Big Brother and Second Brother to eat at home. Tonight, after washing up and sitting on the bed to watch tv, Lin Zi Rui said, “Shao Yu, I’m thinking of inviting Big Brother and Second Brother over to eat tomorrow. It just so happens that my rest day is tomorrow, so I’ll buy the groceries during the day and you’ll cook at night. How’s that?” Lin Zi Rui couldn’t cook as well as Yang Shao Yu.

“Okay. Wait for me to end work before buying groceries. I’ll leave work earlier tomorrow.” Yang Shao Yu wanted to go to the supermarket with Lin Zi Rui.

“Okay then. I’ll call my brothers tomorrow to let them know.” Lin Zi Rui laid in Yang Shao Yu’s arms, pulled the blanket up a little higher, and watched tv with satisfaction.

The next day after breakfast, Lin Zi Rui sent Yang Shao Yu off to work at the door. While waiting for the elevator, he instructed, “Drive carefully on the road. I’ll wait for you to return before going to the supermarket. I’m going to sleep at home.” Lin Zi Rui didn’t get sufficient sleep these few days.

“Okay, go and sleep quickly. I’ll call you in the afternoon. You must get up to eat lunch.” Yang Shao Yu nagged.

“Ding——” The elevator arrived. Lin Zi Rui passed the suitcase to Yang Shao Yu. “Got it, go to work.”

Yang Shao Yu didn’t say anything else but suddenly lowered his head to give Lin Zi Rui a kiss. Lin Zi Rui was frightened and patted Yang Shao Yu’s arm. “We’re still outside.”

“I want to kiss you.” Yang Shao Yu kissed him once more before entering the elevator, and before the elevator door closed, he sent Lin Zi Rui a flying kiss.

Lin Zi Rui was amused and went “pfft” as he laughed. After the doors closed, he planned to return to the house, but when he turned around, he saw that the neighbour’s door was open. It was a woman carrying her bag as she stood behind him. Lin Zi Rui was startled and went red when he recalled the scene of Yang Shao Yu’s kisses. He reckoned that the neighbour must have witnessed everything and didn’t dare to enter the lift.

Lin Zi Rui speedily ran to his home and exhaled after closing the door. It was really embarrassing. Might as well take a nap.

Lin Zi Rui slept for the entire morning and only woke up in the afternoon when Yang Shao Yu called.

“Shao Yu……” Lin Zi Rui muddled-headedly answered.

“Little lazy piggy, get up quickly. Your favourite dish that I ordered should be arriving soon. Continue sleeping after you eat.”

“Got it. You too, go and eat.”

“Okay. Oh right, have you called?” Yang Shao Yu was afraid that Lin Zi Rui would sleep till he forgot about his task.

“What call?” Lin Zi Rui yawned.

“To call Big Brother and Second Brother over for dinner.” Just as he expected.

“Ah, I forgot.” Lin Zi Rui just remembered. He wanted to call in the morning but forgot all about it after Yang Shao Yu’s kiss.

“Then I’ll hang up first. Call me after you eat.” Just at this moment, the doorbell rang. The food should have arrived.

Lin Zi Rui hung up. Although Yang Shao Yu felt a little helpless, he found it amusing. Lin Zi Rui wasn’t so muddle-headed previously, but after getting together with him, it slowly leaked out.

After Lin Zi Rui brought the food in, he found his phone and called Big Brother Lin.

“Big Brother, have you eaten?”

Big Brother Lin was excited the moment he saw that it was a call from Lin Zi Rui. He must be calling about the meal.

“I’m eating with your Second Brother now.”

It was Zi Rui’s call? Second Brother Lin looked at Big Brother Lin.

“Oh. Let’s have dinner together at night. We haven’t managed to eat together since the last time we agreed.”

“Okay, is it tonight? Your Second Brother and I will be there on time.”

“Okay, then I’ll send the address to you. Come over once work ends.”

“Okay.” Big Brother Lin naturally knew the address already since he even went there secretly before, but he didn’t dare to say so.

Hanging up the phone, Lin Zi Rui first sent the address to his brother, then started to eat.

After eating, Lin Zi Rui decided to stop sleeping. He remembered Shao Yu mentioning that Jiang Qi opened a bookstore opposite the company. Since he was waiting for Shao Yu to finish work before going to the supermarket, he could go to Jiang Qi’s store and wait there. Like this, they didn’t need to rush and could buy the groceries before Big Brother and Second Brother arrived.

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