Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1888 - The Desirable Result

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Chapter 1888: The Desirable Result

It could’ve been because Bai Yanchuan’s parents were waiting eagerly for their son to get married when the two ladies showed up at their doorstep, but they were flustered.

The two older people looked at Huo Sanyan from top to bottom, thinking that she was their son’s girlfriend.

“May I know what the purpose of Miss Huo’s visit is? Are you perhaps… looking for our son?” Bai Yanchuan’s mother asked with a broad smile.

“No. We have something important to talk about.”

Huo Sanyan spoke with a serious tone and told Bai Yanchuan’s parents about Ning Luoxiao’s pregnancy.

“That’s the whole story,” Huo Sanyan sighed after finishing the story. “Your son did that to her while he was drunk and has no recollection of it. Now that she’s pregnant, I hope your family can take up the responsibility. Xiaoxiao is like my little sister, and this recent event is doing her more harm than good. She thought about abortion, but I stopped her before she could make the decision. We came here today to hear your opinions. If the two of you don’t want the baby, then we’ll just pretend none of this ever happened.”

Huo Sanyan emphasized that Ning Luoxiao was like a little sister to her, prompting Bai Yanchuan’s parents to take the situation more seriously.

But to Huo Sanyan’s surprise, the two older people were already stunned by excitement when they heard that they were going to have a grandchild.

They’d always hoped that Bai Yanchuan would get married and have children, but their son never listened to them, and it worried them a lot.

Now that a lady was saying that she had Bai Yanchuan’s baby inside her, it was impossible for them to not be happy about it.

They would be idiots to reject their grandchild that was already in the making.

“No, we want the child!” Bai Yanchuan’s mother quickly said. “We’ll head over to the lady’s family tomorrow to talk about the wedding! My son will have to take up the responsibility!”

“Thank you for your understanding.” Huo Sanyan smiled. “Oh, and one more thing. I hope you don’t let your son know about this yet. I’m sure that he’s not going to accept any of this.”

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t have a say in this!” Bai Yanchuan’s mother laughed. “Just let me handle him.”

With Bai Yanchuan’s parents’ answer, Huo Sanyan left with a satisfied heart. She then went to look for her second sister.

Huo Sanyan found Huo Erqi at Baodilan’s main store in Estan. Huo Erqi had been waiting for her arrival ever since she got the news.

“Hey, sis, how have you been?” Huo Sanyan asked as she hugged her sister.

“Good. How’s everything on your end?” Huo Erqi asked.

“Are you doubting me? There’s nothing I can’t handle in this world, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Huo Erqi laughed and started to show Huo Sanyan the collections in the store.

Huo Sanyan then stood in front of a display case.

“How about this?” Huo Erqi asked.

In the display case was a diamond ring. The diamond was secured by a rose-shaped shoulder with two leaves on the side.

“It’s so pretty! Let me try it!” Huo Sanyan requested eagerly, knowing that it was the ring that Ye Xun had custom made for her.

“Look at you!” Huo Erqu laughed as she asked one of her attendants to open the display case.

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