Priceless Baby’s Super Daddy - Chapter 1889 - Heart Felt Extremely Delighted

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Chapter 1889: Heart Felt Extremely Delighted

The ring was made according to the size of her ring finger so it fit perfectly. Her fingers were already very beautiful but now that she wore the ring, her finger became even more beautiful.

The rays of light that shot out from the diamonds were particularly dazzling.

This may be the most beautiful ring Huo Sanyan had ever seen. She liked it so much that she felt reluctant to take it off.

“Do you know what meaning this ring holds?” Huo Erqi asked.

“What meaning does it hold?”

Huo Sanyan remembered that the wedding dress also had meaning. She didn’t know what the meaning behind the ring was.

Huo Erqi continued to say, “Ye Xun gave me these words when he first asked me to design it. One flower, one world. One leaf, one bodhi. One life, together. This is what he hopes to have with you in the future. Hope that he can grow old with you, to spend his one life together. That’s why I designed this ring using those words as a foundation. I used a leaf to contrast against the flower. You are the flower, he is the leaf. It is only by complementing each other that you are able to be together for a long time. What do you think? Isn’t the meaning good?”

“Oh! I really hadn’t thought about how every ring is a story. It also has a beautiful meaning. Erqi, thank you. This ring’s design is just wonderful. It won my heart.”

Huo Sanyan really liked it. She really wished she could walk into church and have her wedding tomorrow.

Huo Erqi felt relieved when she heard what she said. “Initially, I was even worried I wasted my time designing this ring.”

“What do you mean?”

“Nobody knew if you were willing to marry Ye Xun! I thought you would stay single for the rest of your life!” Huo Erqi laughed.

“That was so long ago. Ever since I saw my Prince Ye, my view has already changed. Right now, I won’t marry anyone else but Prince Ye!”

Huo Erqi laughed. “Have you guys already set the wedding date?”

“Not yet but our current plan is that we will get married once Prince Ye returns triumphantly.”

“That should be soon!”

“I don’t know, but perhaps!”

Huo Sanyan came to Estan and stayed the night at Erqi’s house. She tried on the wedding ring the next day and then flew back to the Dragon Kingdom.

The renovation at the Ye Residence was almost done. Huo Sanyan returned home, looked at the festive wedding room, and her heart felt extremely delighted.

However, she had to stay in the other bedroom until they finished renovations.

She called Ning Luoxiao straight away on the night she arrived home. She told her that the Bai family had already gone to the Ning family to arrange the marriage. Right now, their parents were talking about things related to marriage.

This was a good thing. Huo Sanyan laughed, “Maybe you and Bai Yanchuan might get married before us!”

“Don’t joke. I have a bad feeling about this. My only hope is that Bai Yanchuan won’t hate me too much!”

“It’s fine. You just wait to become Madam Bai!”

The two women chatted happily and then arranged a time to meet.

Following this, Huo Sanyan spent most of her time being busy with company affairs while waiting patiently for Ye Xun’s return. Moreover, she also kept a close watch on what was happening at the border.

Ning Luoxiao would notify her immediately when the network received a news report from the battlefield.

After a long time, Ning Luoxiao finally told her a piece of good news that excited her.

They were victorious at the border.

The dispute with Fei Country finally came to an end.

The Dragon Kingdom used the most powerful method to defeat Fei Country, expelling them to the remote far west.

This was truly news that was worth having a national celebration for!

Huo Sanyan was very happy. Victory at the border meant Ye Xun would be making his triumphant return. This was wonderful. She’d already finished preparing to welcome him from his triumphant return.

Following this, Huo Sanyan waited with concentration for everything to go smoothly. It was the same on Ning Luoxiao’s side. She had already moved to Bai Yanchuan’s house, Above The Waves.

The day of Bai Sizi Company’s inauguration arrived. Huo Sanyan attended the ceremony. She had initially wanted to bring Ning Luoxiao along but she suddenly got cold feet and didn’t dare to go.

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